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(I know, GREAT image of me, right?)

So the other day, just for shits and giggles, I decided to hit Broadcast from my Periscope app. I’ve seen a few broadcasts, namely from Becky Higgins & Co., and I figured, “Let’s see what this new fangled app is all about.”

Then as soon as I figured out how to turn the camera around, the hearts and comments started to pop up and I was all, “HOW DO YOU ALL KNOW I AM HERE???”

I’m no social media newb, ladies, but I am not super versed on Periscope.

That said, the people who showed up taught me how to: a) turn my phone the correct way, b) put my head in a more viewable position, and c) informed me I might get some creepers with that sexy tank top.

Duly noted.

I’ll admit that it was kind of fun but not all that useful, mostly because I appear much like a deer in the modern age’s headlights. I think I can do better.

So next Wednesday, August 19, at some point during the day (probably at 11 a.m. CST) I’m going to try again, but this time, if there’s any questions you have for me, leave them in the comments today and I’ll compile a list of what I can conceivably fit in and I’ll answer live on Persicope. I want to keep my broadcast to 20 minutes or less because honestly, no one needs more than 20 minutes of me in a tank top.

And I’ll get my hair done or something. Or wear the bee costume. (Just kidding. That has to wait until October. It’s WAY to friggin’ hot this time of year to wear that much black felt.)

All you need to know to catch the show? Follow me on Twitter and apparently you’ll see via Twitter when I’m live next week.

I’m sure I’ll pimp it out a bit more.

My friend said I’m the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer of Periscope.

Now that is high praise.

p.s. If you are already follow me on Periscope, you can still view the magic that was yesterday’s broadcast for a few more hours. It’s roughly 11 minutes of your life you will not get back. Enjoy!

p.p.s. Follow me on Twitter and then get theΒ Periscope app and follow me there, too! You know, for all the crazy modern technological fun. On Periscope, I’m simply @CathyZielske.


Cathy ZielskeUp Periscope

19 Comments on “Up Periscope”

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    Nicky H

    I watched yesterday so I feel like I can give two more pieces of information that might help.
    Followers don’t have to be looking at Twitter at the time someone you follow goes live. I have Periscope notifications turned on, so I get an alert on the screen of my phone when someone I follow goes live.
    Second, I have found that new followers will not see videos you have already presented at all. If they were a follower before you did the broadcast, they have 24 hours to watch. New followers will see everything you make from the time they follow you on. (Did that make sense?)
    Hope that helps πŸ™‚

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    Nooooooo, not another social media thing for me to worry about. I do FB and Pinterest pretty well. I gave up on Twitter because half the time I don’t even know where my phone is, and the other half of the time I forget to turn it on. I hate social media on my phone – FB app is better but it still is pretty bad with “current” stuff often being 18 hours old. I don’t like Instagram on my phone because the pretty pictures are too small. I like big, that’s why I have a 24 inch monitor. I do have a question I hope you’ll answer in a regular blog post sometime – I love the photos and stories you share about your kids. Having a college student myself, I’ve stopped sharing for the most part and I’d never use his name. Oh, the embarrassment! Do you get OK for each photo/story of your kids you share, or do you just have a finely-tuned radar for what will be OK and what won’t? And now that your kids are older, how has your scrapbooking changed? Thanks, Cathy! Don’t stop writing – you are awesome.

    1. #3.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Kim, I do get Okays for sharing. I mean, if I have photos from a sports tourney, Cole is usually okay with that. But yes, as they are older, they deserve more privacy, so I do ask for permission on everything now. Instagram, check. If Aidan says I can share an image, I do. Cole almost never agrees to that, so I don’t bother. Unless of course, it’s sports related, then he’s okay with it. πŸ™‚

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    Lisa Boland

    I follow you and Becky Higgins and have turned on my notifications, but I don’t get them, so I miss your broadcasts. What am I doing wrong??

    1. #4.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hmmm. Anyone out there have any ideas? I would think because you have notifications turned on, they would pop up on your phone.

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    Just watched!! What a riot! My daughter came in and watched with me, she remembers meeting you at CKU Chicago when she showed you her Green Day bracelet, lol! Looking forward to seeing more Scopes! Have a blessed day!!

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    Heather Ferguson

    OMG, Cathy, you are so fun. I’m so happy you’re on Periscope because I love getting to hear and see people’s inflections and mannerisms after reading their blogs/instagrams for so long. And as for Cards Against Humanity, we’ve decided that the card “my black ass” wins every.single.time. Have a great weekend!

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    More please! Would love to see lots more about your space – how you store supplies, how your desktop (physical & computer) is arranged, what you keep in your office as inspiration, and such. Also what are you working on? Can you share anything as sneak peaks? House tour? Short little chats about your succulents? New cute outfits? Scopes don’t need to be long or well prepared, think Twitter snippets not blog posts. Love ya!

    1. #7.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Sorry, but new cute outfits made me giggle. I HAVE NONE OF THOSE!!!!

      But yes, some great ideas here. I like the idea of short and sweet. πŸ™‚

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    Ok…you have found your medium! Your personality is so relatable and fun. You need to do more of these!!!!

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