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Several months ago, my friend Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel (long-time graphic designer, scrapbooker and founder of Scrapaneers) invited me to come on her show (part of the Champions membership) and talk type. I agreed, and as the date neared and I remembered I was going to record a show, I started to wonder, “Why do I agree to do these things?” I think it’s that introvert thing at work, but also last week I was knee deep in production on the next issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today PLUS our special card issue, so work time was at a premium.

But I have to say, I had SO much fun doing the show. It was different from anything I’ve done because all Tiffany wanted was from me is to show how I work. I got to talk about InDesign. I got to show how I work in Photoshop. She challenged me to take one display font and do something with it. In short, it was design geek stuff all the way.

And here’s the cool thing: she’s making the interview available to everyone.

The hour-long show is broken down into three chunks:

1. Our introductory convo related to how I work with products as a non-product user, and my method for building precision-based hybrid layouts.

2. My InDesign process compared to my Photoshop process.

3. Building a page from scratch using Photoshop.

I have been a hybrid scrapbooker since Day 1 back when I made my very first page (see below) and while I’ve had certainly dabbled in a lot of styles over the years, I always come back to a base design that includes type on paper in some form or another.

It was really fun to let that hybrid geek flag fly. To check out the interview, click here.

Speaking of live instruction… Scrapaneers has a cool live event coming this October. Scrapaneers Live is a one-day event featuring LIVE access to some of the best digital scrapbooking techniques, instructors and designers in the world … all from the comfort of your own computer! Pre-Admission opens on September 1. Learn more here.

Cathy ZielskeWant to see how I work?

6 Comments on “Want to see how I work?”

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    May I say that I *never* knew the option-arrow key short cut (only been using PS for nearly 20 years)? Oh my … love it. So, add that little thing to my fav key combos. Really glad you did the show – it was great having a peek over your shoulder (and I must admit, glad Tiffany challenged you – it was interesting seeing how you put together a page with just words, pictures, colour, & a fancy font).

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    Cathy, when I click on the “here” link in the “Learn more here” for Scrapaneers I get a page not found error.

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    You’re a type geek. I’m a grammatical geek. Am wondering if red wine was involved in this post at all 😉

    Can’t wait to see you at work. You’re a layout genius!!

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    Kathleen D

    I really enjoyed watching these coffee break videos as I started “trying” to use ID this year to do my PL main cards. I loved seeing you work in ID. Have you ever thought of teaching an ID class? I would be all in! I am particularly interested in how to take something I work on in ID and make it into a PS template. Is that possible or just plain stupid? Anyway, thanks for letting me “peak into your workspace”. Loved it!

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