Week in the Life 2015, Part Two

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And we’re back!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I kind of lost a bit of steam in the second half of the project but figured, “What the heck!” and rolled with it all the same.

(You can do that in scrapbooking, which is SO great!)

So here are the rest of my pages for this project. (Thursday, page 1, is seen above.) I took so few images that I just did one collage and a journal page. Oh yes, and the image blurred out? You can put two and two together by reading the journaling.







Notice how I combined four layer masks into one photo above? Yeah, that’s called stretching out your shots.








And that, my friends, is a look at my Week in the Life. To see part one, click here.

Once I get the prints back, I’ll share the final album in a blog post.



Cathy ZielskeWeek in the Life 2015, Part Two

25 Comments on “Week in the Life 2015, Part Two”

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    Katie Jones

    The header bar for Sunday is still what it was for Saturday, Cathy. You might want to change that up to reflect on Day 7.
    Cheeky Aidan in the bacground of the shot across 4 layer masks! πŸ˜‰
    I love your WITL pages, thanks so much for sharing them with us! I will have to be sure to share mine when I get ‘er done, in case anyone else wants a nosy into my life!
    Brilliant posts. xxx

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    Thanks for sharing & for keeping it real. And clean & simple. Inspired to get mine done. I think you, and possibly Cole, will love seeing this in his adult life. I so wish I would have had this hobby when my errant teen boy was going thru his phase.

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    I love, love, love the format you used….great way to combine journalling and photos! Do you by any chance have that available already as a digital template? Would love to do the same thing. Thanks Cathy! Love your photos and your perspective.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Connie, more or less. There are links in the supplies posted above! πŸ™‚ But you’d have to get Ali’s templates for the cool word art.

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    Kris Beauregard

    I had planned on doing WITL with the whole “community” from 8/17-8/23 then decided against it at the last minute. After seeing all the cool posts and now after seeing your pages, I am thinking that I need to re-think it!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Well Kris, you can pick any week, you know? And do it in a way that just makes sense to you. Trust your scrap gut! πŸ˜‰

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    On your very first page it says ‘a project life this’ and I think you mean ‘like’.
    Love, love your pages. Inspiring.

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    I must be ingesting too much news…it appears you have a cat head on your deck. Newly guillotined? or just a sacrifice to the gods of finance.

    btw, when Cole is 40+ that unblurred photo will be perfect blackmail when he tells his children lie…stories.

    Good week Cathy…real and documented. Isn’t that the point?? and enjoying it?? love you!

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    Yeah…..teenagers…..I warned mine (19 & 23 [still acts like one sometimes]) about the WITL project and that I’d be camera crazy for one week, and would back off thereafter. 23 was totally fine with it; 19 was, well, 19. I did warn any photos with birds would be immediately deleted, and they actually complied. Unfortunately, some of my PL shots have birds flying, along with tongue’s stuck out by their friends who have tongue studs. It’s the generation, and like it or not, it’s what’s real right now. Don’t like seeing it, but it is what it is. Love your WITL format and your photos are awesome! πŸ˜€

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    Audrey V

    Love it! I was too busy to do WITL, but now I am inspired to try at another time. I totally get the teen boy thing, I have 2 and they do not want their photo taken, even if I try a “behind the back shot” or “let me take a photo of your food, but I won’t include your face”. Jeesh, boys! And the eating habits of teen boys! Both of mine had a summer of not liking anything I made for dinner, and not taking my bait of “perhaps you might cook something that we would like more?”. Oh but we do love them regardless! It’s just nice to know that other moms struggle with the same things. Anyhoo, I just love your everyday shots, and the B&W rocks! Oh – lastly – did you decide on a car? We test drove the Forrester and liked it, but the salesman insisted that we then try an Outback and we loved it!

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    Jenny B.

    Love it! On Thursday’s observations, it says, “Today was even more ordinary that most days.” I think it’s supposed to be “than.” πŸ˜‰

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    Cathy, love, love your clean and simple style! You’ve been my inspiration since Simple Scrapbooks magazine. I have your templates you used for this project, and I bought Ali’s date stamp .png, but since I’m not doing my WITL the same week Ali did, I am going to use Ali’s stamp that does not include the dates. My question is: Do you have any idea what font that is for the dates? Or one that would look similar?

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    As usual your take on things is different and makes me think differently too. Thanks for that!

    Now, what did you do with the days/date of the week? I think in the 1st post you mentioned ‘screen it’?????

    That Subaru will last you a long, long, long time. Good purchase.

    Personally, I can’t wait to see what you develop/design for Christmas. You always make great goodies we can use in PL and DD. And lets face it, EVERYBODY likes to buy stuff for Christmas/Holidays. Bring it sister!


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    Love your pages. Love the fact that you don’t obsess over not having many photos. Love how you go with the flow. Note to self….stop beating yourself up.

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    Gypsy Chaos

    AACK! Cat head: freaking me out.
    Realizing Dan is looking straight at the cat from his photo: Oh Lord, time to step away from the monitor!
    And then…. the shot with stuff; thought it was a biology project or something equally gruesome. No, no, just taking a photo of your glass looking straight down on it, with vitamins/whatevers on the table. Phew. After Dan staring at the cat head, I was getting worried.

    Excellent work as always. I love how you share what you do.

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    You know you consider the four layer mask cheating, but I think it looks cool and I like the visual switch up.

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