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I have been sick all week with a nasty cold. Maybe it was that whole release after dropping Aidan off at college. Or maybe it was that heinous cold she has just the week before. Whatever the case, I’ve been working with tea, Kleenex, cough syrup and Advil as my office mates.

Last week on Facebook, I posed a question about what types of things people would like to see in digital products. One idea that surfaced was that not every product out there had to be about fluffy, light stuff. Sometimes life is hard, right? So this free set actually sprung from a new set of digital stamps that is for less shiny memory keeping.

I threw in the card about mean people because if we’re being honest, they kind of suck, too.

Today, if you’d like my free set of printable black and white cards, just click on the link below.


I’ll be back next week with clearer nasal passages.


Cathy ZielskeFriday Free for All… On Saturday

25 Comments on “Friday Free for All… On Saturday”

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    Kimberly O.

    Thank you!! Our allergies hit us hard this past week. Harvest time in NW Minnesota! Yay. I hope you feel better soon. (I’ve heard drinking wine helps.)

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    Thanks, Cathy! Hope you are feeling better soon!! The ragweed has been awful here. Cough…cough…sneeze…sneeze…

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    Michelle t

    Thanks, Cathy. Love the flags, both sets 1 and 2. Thanks too for the freebies and hope you’re feeling better soon. Take it easy. Michelle t

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    Thank you Cathy! I just came down with that cold yesterday. I’m hoping it doesn’t last a week as I have a 5k on Saturday!

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    Thanks Cathy! While I’m not sick (now!) I think one of these is just perfect when one lives with his ‘manful’. Not all pages are about ‘cherish’ and ‘sweetheart’ etc. 🙂

    Healing good wishes from rainy MD.

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    Thanks so much Cathy. We have had so much smoke here, that I’ve been sneezing, etc. for weeks, but allergies are easier than colds. Get well soon!

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    Thanks for the great freebie Cathy. Feel better!
    BTW……Amazon now has PSE13 for $59. I’m on 10, is it worth it to upgrade to 13? Does anyone know? I figure someone here will give me an honest answer.

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      Cathy Zielske

      My honest opinion is you don’t need to upgrade. I say this because the only things I ever use this program for are clipping photos into layer masks (that hasn’t changed) and changing the colors of things (that hasn’t changed.)

      Now, are there a few things in the newer versions that work easier? The only one I can think of that I use is adding a stroke or outline to something. It’s a bit easier to do in later versions via Layer Styles, but the fact is, you can do it in v7, v8, v,9 etc.

      I always upgrade because of teaching classes. That’s the ONLY reason I do it. But that is a good price!

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      If you use actions they run a lot more smoothly and are easier to import on 13…but honestly? I kinda miss my 10.

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    Great ‘real’ stamps Cathy! I’m a great fan of real scrapping. I love how being sick inspires you to make these 😉

    Also a note on PSE; reason Amazon is offering it for at such a low price is that PSE 14 is about to be released very very soon.
    Adobe send me an email letting me know that they are about to release it and Revel, their photo gallery software will not work with PSE 14 and they are not going to support it any longer. You need to download any photos you have on Revel because would won’t be able to access them with PSE 14

    I upgraded to 14 because they did some pretty stupid things that they called ‘a feature’ to PSE 12 that I could not live with. I don’t think I will be upgrading to 14 unless there will be earth shattering new stuff. I’m using the competitor for Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, and it’s awesome. For a fraction of the Adobe price you get the same features, vector design and so much more. Love it.
    I beta tested their other program Affinity Photo which is the competitor for Photoshop and I think it’s just as good if not better than Photoshop. People, especially photographers, are raving about it. Everyone is sick and tired of Abobe’s subscription model and ridiculous high prices! So if you’re looking for a good Photoshop replacement or want to get started in vector design(gorgeous stuff) check out their web site
    You can download a free trial. And for $ 49. you will have a full Affinity Photo version. These guys, from Germany, are dedicated to make this the best software ever.

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    Thanks Cathy!! Hope you are feeling better soon. These will come in handy, my family has been passing around a nasty cold, being sick definitely sucks.

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    Feel better soon Cathy! And thanks for the cards – they’re perfect timing. I had a sick boy last week (lots of vomiting. Lots…) and all he could say was “being sick is horrible!” and “I wish this day would just go away”.

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    Sorry you’re feeling icky. My husband has had a wretched cold the past few weeks and I’ve somehow managed to escape it. Something’s going around Connecticut. Drink lots of tea. Feel better.

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    These are great, I am so using them right now as they apply to me. Hahaha! Love them Cathy, thank you!!

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