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I have one album with old photos from my early 20s. The era wherein I met Dan. The era wherein I stopped living in Texas after four years of higher education and decided to hedge my bets in St. Paul, Minnesota. I was flipping through this collection of photos the other day and lingered a bit longer than I usually do on the image above.

I’m 99 percent certain it was a self-portrait taken with my very first point-and-shoot style camera. At the time, I had a classic Nikon F3 film camera, but this new fangled point-and-shoot was so much more fun, if only for the self-timer function alone.

I adore this photo for the details of my life in 1989. The R.E.M. and Joy Division posters. The black-and-white striped comforter. The black and white desk which I still have and in fact, the white cabinet? In my bedroom to this day. Scary but true. The painted black lamp on my desk that presently makes its home on Cole’s desk. The little photo of Dan at the top of the bulletin board. The Aveda products. The robe on the door. Little details of my space and my life.

I want more photos like this.

I know as memory keepers who love photography, we do strive to take great shots of everything. Sometimes, we go overboard, like when we decided it was cool to take super moody shots of our four-year-olds
I mean, there’s nothing wrong with this shot per se, but people… he was FOUR.

I just wish I had more photos of the kids in their spaces.

I have a few, emphasis on few. I have been looking through my photo library for two shots that I know exist: one wide shot of Cole in his room after it had been IKEA-ed. And one of Aidan sitting on the floor in her room. I’m sure these images would make this post much more impactful or at the very least, remind me to start tagging my images in metadata.

But I did find these.
Yes to these.

I did a post and a layout back in 2012 sort of along these lines. About the quest for more real life. More detail. More of the minutiae that makes up our stories.

I’m so glad that little point-and-shoot had a self timer.

That is all.

Just a reminder that I’m broadcasting a sneak peek of my album project from the upcoming 30 Days of Thankful e-Course. You can follow me on Twitter and Periscope. My handle is @CathyZielske. I will be archiving the broadcast on Katch if you can’t make it to the live broadcast. I’m also planning to take all the questions from the broadcast and answer them in a blog post as well. In that way, I can focus on showing you the project in a timely manner rather than trying to turn pages and answer questions as I go.

Looking forward to doing the Periscope and launching this new workshop tomorrow!

Cathy ZielskeIn my room

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    In my teens, my walls were pink – and splattered with white paint. I have so very few photos of that room now….my kids don’t believe that I was ever that bold! 😉

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    I wonder why it is that we love old photos of our younger selves in our bedrooms. They’re the best though, aren’t they? Brings back memories.

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    I have this great photo of my grandma in her kitchen at Thanksgiving that someone took long ago–she wasn’t paying attention to the camera, but it shows the front part of her kitchen and I LOVE IT. It brings back so many memories. I think I might have included it in an article for Simple long ago about how it’s important to get the context in the photo too… can’t remember. But YES to all this you’ve said. : )

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    Michelle t

    Awesome post! I see how Aidan resembles you. And I loved the peek into your room. It’s an awesome photo. Michelle t

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      Michelle t

      I’m sorry I meant to say something else. Love the baseball memorabilia and cards. Love seeing that. I have a pretty nice card collection from when I was a kid. Hope he holds on to them. It’s a fond memory of my childhood. Michelle t

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    Nicky H

    That’s a great idea. I have one of my first bedroom. It brings back so many memories. I don’t have any of the room I spent my teens in.
    Luckily I have been scrapping a long time (15 years). As an Air Force wife and Mom, I learned this a long time ago and take pictures of my boys in each bedroom, in each home, in each state and country they have lived in. Toys, books, bedding… It all changes. The mess, however, doesn’t. 😉

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    I have photos of my bedroom and my daughter’s room when we were in high school. It is fun to look back. I also have pictures of my parent’s living room, which has layers of estate sale decor. Fun to look at as they age and their living arrangement becomes more elusive.

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    This is why I seldom crop photos when I’m scrapbooking. I want to remember all the little details. I sometimes keep the blurry shots too.

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    Great post and reminder to get the details. We usually crop so much out in pursuit of a perfect photo. I scrapped a photo of my post college, premarriage bedroom and I was so glad I took it. The stuff matters. Thanks.

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    I always shoot so close up, I never get the background. When I look at old photos of my parents and grandparents, I love the backgrounds most of all. The cars, the houses, the signs…. WHY do I not take more wide angle pictures?????? WHYYYYY? Thanks for the reminder. Much needed and greatly appreciated.

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    I love the symmetry of everything on your walls and shelves in your 20s. Clean and simple from the get-go, as we say here in the South!

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    The first thing that my eyes went to was how neat and symmetrical your room was! I am impressed. My second thought was how I was never that never…ever at that age. I need to take pictures of my kids rooms. It is the simple things like this that I always forget. Thank you for the reminder. I would love a class or even a list of simple things to scrapbook.

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    Such a great post. I had our families older pictures scanned and printed copies out for everyone. The stuff everyone looked at was what was in the background. It was the toys, the old dishes and layout of the old house. Even my grandma’s pictures from the 1920’s…my dad would point out things like the antlers on the side of the barn or the oil lamp in the living room. Not that people pictures aren’t great, they are, but there’s more to capturing the essence of a person than just a shot of them. Great reminder Cathy.

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    When I first looked at the photo, I assumed it was Aidan in her room at university. Uncanny! I wish I had some photos of me and my room when I was young; however, in those days cameras were simply not brought out unless there was a special occasion. I’m going to my daughter’s house this weekend to take some photos of my grandson’s space!!

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