A message to my students

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The time is getting closer to the launch of the all new and improved CZ Classes!

This post today is for all of my students (and possibly my future students!) First, let me say this: thank you.

Thank you for taking a chance on my classes. Thank you for spending your money with me. Thank you for your feedback. I take the negative and the positive together to make experiences the best that they can be for you.

In the next few weeks, I will be learning a whole new class set up system. The current system will not be going away, so while I work out the nuts and bolts, all current students will have access to their classes. The change that is coming? A log in for students so you will easily be able to access your class content. No more PDFs with secret links and codes. I haven’t quite worked out how I will make this all magically happen but I will be getting schooled by my web designer over the next few weeks in the hopes of making it seamless and smooth. I appreciate your patience during the transition.

Now, my plea to current students: in each classroom, there is the option to subscribe to the class newsletter. If you haven’t done this, please consider doing so as I will be sending out info to my current students via the class newsletters. In the coming months, I will be merging the newsletters into one CZ Classes newsletter. Of course, you can opt out of it in the future if it doesn’t apply to you.

I will also be doing a blog post when the new site is live about how students can create an account on the new site. The new site is going to look the same as my current site. My current site isn’t going anywhere. I just wanted a clear and separate URL to handle my class content and the methods I’ll be using to manage them.

And when the new site launches, I’ll have one new class (which is really an old class, but one that I updated all the projects and handouts!), and it’s called Ten Tips for Better Type. And it’s a good one.

Just wanted to let my students know this is coming soon, and to again express my sincere thanks to you.

I am a very small boat in a sea of online crafting classes and products. You help me to stay afloat and feel confident in my swimsuit.

Or something like that.

Stay tuned!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m getting ready to take my girl to college on Saturday. I have some crying to do!

Have a great weekend!

Cathy ZielskeA message to my students

14 Comments on “A message to my students”

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    Omayra Ortiz

    I can’t wait Ms. Cathy to dive in into your new instructional site! QUESTION: I took “Ten Tips to Better Type” when originally offered, would I still have access to new content, etc.” I still have everything from the original launch. One more thing, don’t cry too hard!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Omayra, yep! You can email me once the site launches and you’ll have access for free. You just need to send me some proof of past registration. 🙂

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    Hi Cathy! Congrats and best wishes for you launch. I can’t wait to be part of it. And best wishes for the drop off. I will be sending vibes. Our turn starts on Sunday.

    Sending hugs,

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    Katie Jones (UK SU! demo)

    Thank YOU. For sharing your self with us, your ideas, your enthusiasm and your life. And yeah, your expertise. I always learn something, and the courses I have so far are amazing. I need to carve out more “sacred time” to work on my Digi Basics lessons, but that’s the beauty of self-paced, right? It fits in around life, twins, work, etc!
    I definitely plan to get the ten tips course when it is available, and add it to my library of classes from the classics – Cathy Z, Ali E and Becky H! 🙂
    We look forwards to the new launch! Good luck with it.

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    Laurie R

    Looking forward to it – I am planning on doing Ali’s week in the life in the next month or so and I want to do it digitally. Which I have never done any digital before but love your style. I plan to take your Digi class and merge it with Ali’s digital downloads.

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    Cathy, thanks for always thanking us! You go girl, it will all work out! Stop stressing, we will be patient, promise! Enjoy the holiday weekend, and thanks for all your fun and inspiring classes, blogs and posts! Oh, I turned my dial to 1st Wave on Sirius for a little change of pace (I am pretty much a dedicated E Street Radio, Spectrum & Howard Stern loyalist), and I have not changed the dial yet! Go 80’s! 🙂

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    Cathy … thank you for offering your former students access to new & updated classes. And while I appreciate free stuff, I would not be opposed to paying an upgrade fee for the new content. Looking forward to the launch.

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    Amanda Clark

    There are a couple of designers who I follow and am prepared to take any class they offer. You are one of those people. I just love your uncluttered work and ‘less is more’ approach. Keep it up!

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    If you have never taken a class from Cathy I would encourage you to give her a try! She is an incredible instructor!

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