Present Participle List for September 2015

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Preparing to pack up my girl for her sophomore year of college. (Photo above taken in 2008.) She’s transferring to a small private college about an hour out of town. We’re so excited to see how the year unfolds for her. Last year’s experience with big university life wasn’t a good fit for her and if there was ever a time to change your mind, now is it. We drop her off on Saturday.

Wondering if it’s going to be a bit easier this year on yours truly considering she’s much closer to home and also it’s so clear that she’s ready to get out and try this again.

Wrapping up production on the fall issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today plus a new special issue, Creative Cards Vol. 1. I am not a huge card maker, but I have to admit this issue makes me want to try a few more things than my usual slap some type on a piece of cardstock, fold it and call it a day. Here’s a little promo piece that gives you an idea of what’s inside. I designed a set of twenty 3 x 4 card sentiments that come in printable PDFs (multiple color options) plus a companion digital stamp set, too. You can use them either in your own card making, or for your pocket page albums, too! That and you get over 60 cut files. It’s a lot packed into one issue that the team is really proud of. It’s at the printer as I type! You can preorder it here.
Looking forward to the end of the Minnesota State Fair. I’m no fair hater, but after about Day 6, you’re ready for it to be over when you live 6 blocks from the entrance.

Hating the chattering of squirrels outside my window. I realize that’s a little harsh, to hate on squirrels, but… damn.

Loving my free trial to Sirius XM radio for my car. 1st Wave just makes me smile.  I will always be an 80s girl at heart.

Working on the final touches to an all new 30 Days of Thankful class and digital package for 2015.  This will be one of the first new classes on my new class site and my goal is to launch in just a few weeks. The class and project is less geared towards the idea of having to do this in November (or October, if you’re Canadian!) in relation to Thanksgiving. I made my album in July and it was exactly what I needed to stay focused and grounded during a somewhat unpredictable summer. Details are coming soon!

30 Days of Thankful sneak peek!
That’s all I’ve got going on right now. What about you?


Cathy ZielskePresent Participle List for September 2015

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    Kim J.

    I’m with you on being an 80’s girl.

    ps—just wondering if you have your state fair parking sign up in your yard this year?!?

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    Sending love from Canada! Also launching my first today. Have thought of you often this week. Good luck to Aiden!

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    I loved going to a small, private college and would have been horribly lost at a big school, so I wish Aiden well! And I think of you now when I flip to 1st Wave preset on the radio!

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    My husband learned that if you call Sirius XM radio when your free trial is up you can get a better deal. They told use that it would be over $200 a year and my Husband said “no thanks” and we ended up getting for less than $100 (I think like $75) for the year.

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    My son graduated from St. Olaf 5 years ago. It was a long way from Texas but it was the best place for him. He thrived there. Got a fabulous education and made great friends with the students and the faculty. I loved visiting him there – even in the winter. The campus is so beautiful and I love the traditions and the caring and nurturing atmosphere of the college.

    Good luck to your daughter and you as the family changes once again.


    For some reason I am under the impression that your daughter is going to St. Olaf. Boy, will I feel stupid if I’m wrong. Of course, I should be used to being wrong by now but, hope springs eternal that I will occasionally be correct.

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    I have to second what Vivianna said about your Sirius/XM radio. My husband always calls when his service is about to expire and tells them he wants to cancel. Needless to say they are willing to work with him and right now he is getting 5 months for $20! So he is actually only paying $4 per month. Worth a try and also be willing to walk away from it if they don’t come down. Within a week or two you will be receiving new offers in the mail because “we miss you”!

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    Good for Aidan!
    She is so smart, resourceful and dedicated.
    I attended a very small private college. Once I got through my first semester (I told you about that) I loved the rest of my time there.
    I wish her – and the rest of her sweet family – all the best in this new adventure.
    Here’s to finding just the right fit…
    – Lee

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    Didn’t realize you live close to the fair. I can’t wait to get thee but I’m sure living close by would make it get old quickly. Hating squirt chatter? But they are so cute!

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    Tammy B

    Hoping that my 18 year old starts making some decisions about life and his future.

    Loving that my baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays, pulled off a gritty win tonight! Love this team!

    Planning on putting warm socks on before I go to bed. It’s raining here and my feet are freezing!

    Good luck to Aiden at school this year. Sometimes the smaller schools are a better fit.

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    Kim L.

    Once you hear the stations on Sirius XM radio, it’s hard to go back! I used to say that I would never have “paid” radio, but then I received the free trial in my new car back in 2011. I too am an 80’s girl and I love, love, love being able to crank up the tunes and jump back in time on a daily basis!

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    Sue Treiber

    I love my Sirius XM. My hub works for GM so we will never be without it. 🙂
    My baby started her freshman year today. Being an hour away from home is really nice, so while the drop off may not be easier, you know that you can pop in and visit more often because hey! I just jumped in the car and was here in 60 minutes!

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    Cathy–All three of our kids have finished college (the youngest one last year) and I encouraged all of them to go to small private colleges. Pros–they all thrived in the smaller community, and actually become much more involved in campus activities (that ultimately landed all 3 of them great jobs when they graduated) than their friends at bigger schools. The campus admnistration knows your students, (especially financial aid dept!) and they really get to know everyone on a small campus.
    Cons–small private schools (even though we qualified for financial aid) are ultimately more expensive. All three have LOTS of student loans they are paying back. (each had approx 40,000 when they graduated) However, all three are doing well, working hard, and learning what real life is. My oldest, despite student loan debt, got married, and bought a house, and is a stay at home mom. My middle is having a fun time as a 25 y.o. bachelor in CA, and just bought a new car despite loans. And my youngest just leased a new car, and is planning on paying all of her loans back in 7 years.
    Would they have been better off without loans? Possibly, but that small college and the unique experiences as an undergrad is what led to all of them getting great jobs in their fields as soon as they graduated. It’s a trade off, but they all moved into their own apartments after graduation (with roommates, of course) and are independent, happy and thriving. They know what it is like to budget, and the value of the dollar. Extremely important life lessons, in my opinion.

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