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Cole plays bass in a band called Want Slash Need. The lads have been playing together for a few years now, formerly under the name of Sound Morpher. That’s all well and good, but the cool thing about this proud rock and roll mama post? They now have tracks you can stream or buy.

Aw yeah.

They went into the studio for three days in August and recorded some new songs for an upcoming EP. The band decided to post a few of the tracks on Band Camp. You can listen, buy or share. The first track listed below was recently played on The Local Show on 89.3 The Current for their Back to School show, featuring local Minnesota musicians who are still in high school.

Wanna take a listen?

You know, we middle aged mamas… we have excellent taste in music. Or at the very least, we can sure promote the heck out of it. The boys are putting any proceeds from the songs toward covering the band’s recording expenses which are higher than you might expect.

Here’s to really creative boys making some amazing music.


Cathy ZielskeProud rock and roll mama

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    Love it! Reminds me of my son’s many bands and early music career. Happy to support young talent. Way to go Want Slash Need! 🙂
    Patti 🙂

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    Michelle t

    Love the music! How awesome. I would be so proud. They’re very talented. Favorite- Dummybell. Michelle t

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      Cathy Zielske

      Aw, thanks for listening. DummyBell is one of my faves. It’s from last year, but they’re including it in this round online.

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    I love this stuff. Thanks for sharing. Love hearing people doing what they are passionate about–it’s absolutely the coolest thing in the world. And when it’s a teenager, even more so.

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    Linda Matthews


    This is great news! You are groupie Mom now!

    I am already subscribed to Bandcamp. I looked up Cole’s band. I am following the band now!!!

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    This was great – thanks for posting!

    My husband is also a musician (& I sent him the link since I think he’ll enjoy it, too) & now does all his own recording in a very rough studio in our attic. All he has is our quite old Mac Mini, a full but older version of the recording program Logic, some good microphones, an IKEA matelassé cover turned into vocal booth (it’s hung from the beams & helps cut road noise), & lots of practice figuring out how to get the sound he wants, what all the plug-ins do, & what works & what doesn’t. And the great thing about digital recording is that you don’t need an amazing space, just a space that isn’t really noisy!

    I mention this because it might be something you/the band/other parents might want to consider in the long-run because once set up & learned, it costs nothing to record & you can do it whenever you have time. Rick has learned to master the tracks, too, but has a pro do it just to get some other ears listening to the balance – & this might be a good way for the band to go as it’s much cheaper to record yourselves & then get it professionally mastered. And once you learn audio-engineering, you can do recording for others & make a bit of money that way (which buys you more plug-ins & equipment – or at least that’s how it seems works here!).

    Just thought I’d mention this from one scrapbooking family member of a musician to another!

    PS His music is different from your son’s but if you want to hear what “homemade” sounds like, here’s his Band Camp page: His newest album is Building the Railroad.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Wow. The track sounds amazing. Probably more my style of music! I’m going to share this info with Cole and the band. 🙂 THANK You!

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    You’re welcome! We’ve been through the whole trying-to-afford-recording thing several times so I thought I’d share what Rick did (with my enthusiastic blessings!). We have lots & lots of friends who are musicians, some of whom are lucky enough to do it full-time, & they all have their own studios. Some are very professional operations but most are more like Rick’s, where the knowledge & digital equipment are more important than the actual space.

    If Cole or any of the band have questions or would like to talk to Rick about exactly what he has & how he went about setting this up (& what other people we know have), there’s a contact form on his Band Camp page. He got a lot of help figuring out how to do this & what he needed (& almost more importantly, what he didn’t) & I know he’d be happy to pass along the help. Or you can email me & I’ll send you his direct email address.

    PS I should add for completeness, he also has a keyboard controller (to run the digital keyboards, horns, etc), & a pair of HUGE external drive backups but I don’t think there’s a whole lot more than that. I should also add that none of this needs to cost a lot – if you have a good computer (desktops work better than laptops & the bigger the monitor, the easier it is to mix – a new BIG monitor is going to be the next purchase for the studio*), the most expensive portion is Logic & that really isn’t that bad!

    *I told him if he gets a new large monitor, then I get one for my desktop, too. Fairs fair. ;-D

    PPS If you liked that track, you should a) look for Pugwash – they are an AWESOME Irish pop rock band from Dublin who’s first US release, Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends), was released on 9/4; they have gorgeous harmonies & really lovely songs that become earworms — but you don’t mind! Nice to Be Nice, from an earlier album, is one of my very favorite earworms (all their stuff is on YouTube) & b) listen to some of Rick’s original music, which is on the albums in the right sidebar – there’s free downloads mixed in with the tracks. /proud rock & roll wife 😉

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    I know how you feel about your son’s music! My son is a musician as well. Front man for his band and can play drums, guitar, bass and keyboard. I’m a proud mama, too. 🙂 Driver’s Sidekick is his band’s name. (Formerly Do Something Krazy)

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    I LOVE that you talk about your sons music on your blog!!!! I’m never sure parents of non-musicians can truly understand how awesome this music thing really is. How much work is involved with creating good music or the massive expense and the time…
    I get it. I beam with pride when I discuss my sons music!!! My son and husband are in a band together. It is a wonderful life experience. (If you were wanting to hear them you can find them on Nervz End is the band and my son Tallon has a solo thing going on the side under Tallon Weatherby. They are a bit heavier than Want Slash Need.)

    CONGRATS to them, and to you!!!

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