Bee Dance 2015

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They said I couldn’t top last year.

Or the year before.

Or the year before that.

They said you can’t catch lightning in a bottle four times.

They also said Silence of the Lambs was too dark to ever win an academy award.

What do they know anyway?

Happy Halloween a few days early. Consider it my fun-sized gift to you.

Cathy Zielske’s 2015 Bee Dance from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Cathy ZielskeBee Dance 2015

111 Comments on “Bee Dance 2015”

  1. #8

    OMG…Loved it! This is my favorite one yet…..(aside from the original, which cannot be topped). Love the “Fix My Bra” breakdown. Thanks for the smiles this morning!

  2. #9

    You are AWESOME. This beats every video I have seen of people dancing to the most annoying song on the planet. Have you seen Matt Damon’s video of him doing this on Ellen? Yeah, yours totally rocked compared to his. She needs to have you on for sure to show everyone how this is done.

    Thank you for the Tuesday smiles.

  3. #10
    Holly Corbett

    I was afraid that this was going to be a trick since it’s not Halloween yet, but it really was a TREAT!! YAY! Made my day!

  4. #23

    I am cracking up thinking of your neighbors driving by while this is going on. So fun! My kids would DIE if I Whip/NaeNae’d on the driveway.

  5. #26

    Girl, you’re the bees knees! Thank you for the smiles. I may carry this grin with me all day. Happy Halloween to you, too!!

  6. #27

    Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m such a nerd that I got excited when you posted the teaser the other day. Sitting at my desk with a big silly grin on my face. You rock, CZ.

  7. #30

    Freakin’ un-BEE-lievable! That was wonderful , every single move, including the fixing of the bra strap! So real! I have been waiting at the edge of my seat for this year’s bee dance! Great job, Cathy!

  8. #31

    Hahahahaha!! Love it. 🙂 Un-bee-lievable, bee-yond amazing, you are a bee-ming bee-con, and a sight to bee-hold. Happy Halloween.
    Patti 🙂

  9. #34

    YOU NAILED IT!!!!! UnBEElievable. So glad you decided to do it again this year – I look forward to it every October. I always have to watch it several times…..

  10. #35
    Leanne in CA

    LOVE it!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning. Hope you have a fabulous day today and an even better Halloween weekend!

  11. #41

    2015 … the year lightning was caught in a bottle FOR THE FOURTH TIME !! And then it was WHIPPED & NAENAED !!
    Watch me smile & enjoy.
    Right on !

  12. #44

    Bra falling off- bwah ha ha ha! You captured the essence of cool middle aged mom to perfection 🙂

  13. #48
    Kristina Proffitt

    You knocked that one out of the hive, my friend! 😉 LOVED it! Seeing your antenna (or maybe it’s antennae – which is more accurate since you’re whippin’ and nae-naeing, ha!) bopping was too funny! I wish I was your neighbor – I’d totally be out there whipping and nae-naeing it up with you. Heck, I wish I was your bestie. 🙂 Thanks for the smiles today on this dreary, rainy Tuesday in Nashville! XO! P.S. Be sure to use some Panaway on those sore muscles when you get a chance! 😉

  14. #52

    AMAZING! Totally agree all the shows need to see this! Ellen, The Tonight Show….you are fantastic! Happy Halloween to you and your family! 🙂

  15. #58

    My favorite part? The “bee-bop”! 🙂
    Looked like a great cardio workout. I might have to follow along for exercise.

  16. #60
    Julie N

    Loved it! Thanks for making us laugh!
    I watched with my 2 year old. Here are some of her comments all spoken in a serious voice:
    Mom whats going on?
    What’s the bee doing?
    What’s that music?
    She okay?
    That was a good show!

  17. #67
    Jill S.

    Cathy, your annual bee dance is, without a doubt, the best thing about Halloween! Thanks for the smiles. 🙂

  18. #68
    Kimberly O.

    LOVE IT! So… how many cars drove past while you were doing this? LOL That takes some SERIOUS GUTS girl. I don’t know if I could do that. Hmmm… maybe in a ladybug costume.
    ; )

  19. #75

    That’s your workout for the week! It was raining and gloomy and I had a bad day, but you just put the biggest smile on my face! You are one amazing bee!

  20. #76

    Ha ha – I love it! We all need a little laughter in our life. Thank you for the smile and laugh today! I only wish I could rock a bee suit as well as you do every year!

  21. #82

    Your antennae bopping is just killing me! I look forward to the Bee Dance every year since you started gifting us with the dance. Thanks!

  22. #83

    Thanks for doing another dance this year. I am impressed that they are getting longer and not shorter. I went back and watched all of them. You Rock! I think it is because you are from Everett! ?

  23. #84

    Wow!! That was awesome! Great dance and cardio workout at the same time!! Way to go Cathy. I so needed this nugget of goodness today. Thank you!

  24. #86

    Traditions can be hard for me to sustain in new and fresh ways- not you sister! I love this! I can learn some moves!

  25. #91

    Oh HELL yes!!! Kudos for the “word flash” idea – especially the hilarious bra issue. Thanks for taking one for the team in your back alley – you dun good!

  26. #92

    It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that Halloween is just an “eh” kind of holiday (there are no little people for whom to make costumes and my house sits on a busy road and, therefore, no ghosts or goblins stop by for a treat). But honestly, I sure do look forward to the bee dance every year!!

    1. #98.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Four years ago I saw this really silly clip that was viral of a guy dancing in a black leotard with a pumpkin on his head. It just cracked me up so I decided to make my own dance. For that first year, I played the same music from the clip that guy used. Then it snowballed out of control. 🙂

  27. #102

    THANK you
    and I can’t wait for the original artists to see you dance to their song…lol!

    honestly what is that language. #sooutofit


  28. #104
    Cathy ‘Nuff said. P.s,. I have nominated myself “fun coordinator” at work. I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only one in costume tomorrow. A coworker told me I could borrow a bee costume and I immediately thought of you. “I can be a bee!”, I said. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m pretty sure I’ll bust out some dance moves
    too, although not as cool as yours. You really can dance!

  29. #107

    OMG, it was worth the wait! The world needs more BEe moments! The ‘bra falling off’ and ‘this song is so long’ cracked me up. Thanks for keepin it real, CZ. Long live the bee!

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