Feeling Strangely Fine

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I’ve been off sugar for about six days and every time I do this I’m amazed that life actually continues after giving up wine and Oreos.

Of course, I don’t eat them together, but when I decide to embrace my inner abstainer, I actually don’t completely fall apart. There’s another thing happening this time that is a bit eye opening: things that hurt don’t hurt as much.

Case in point: my wrists and hands hurt from the type of work that I do. Sitting and typing and pointing and clicking all day will take its toll on a body after 25 years. But in the past fews months, especially during the Great Reeses Pumpkin Binge of two weeks ago, the hurt was a lot more noticeable and was starting to bum me out. After six days of eating real food, the pain is greatly reduced. Now that is something I can actually observe as an immediate benefit. So there’s that.

Also, just talking about this again is freeing to me. I have some serious addictive tendencies. It used to be nicotine. Now it’s sugar. They’re really not so different. Both have equal opportunities to create tremendous damage in the body. I know that my attitude is pretty much the most important factor in taking better care of myself. So right now, it’s where it needs to be.

Attitude is something I need to constantly work on in every area of my life. For example, when you have a shit load of work to do, you can say, “I have NO idea how this is all going to get done,” or you can say, “I love that I know how to make this all happen.” When I am feeling annoyed with my husband I can say, “Dude is driving me crazy right now,” or I can say, “What’s actually going on with me and causing me pain or hurt that I would want to project negative shit onto Dan?”

See how that works?

When I’m responsible I feel strangely fine.

And when I am feeling strangely fine, I can relax and figure out what life is presently requiring of me.

And that doesn’t suck.





Cathy ZielskeFeeling Strangely Fine

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    What I found interesting about giving up sugar (really added sweeteners of any type) for 30 days was just how it is in nearly everything out there – canned broth, canned beans, packaged fries, and – well – a lot of prepped things. I really had to read labels and sometimes something that was added sweetener free wouldn’t be a few months later so I’m always read those labels!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Dara, yep. And not only that, just all the things that simply break down into sugars in your blood. Things like wine, potato chips, etc.

      I’m not giving up wine completely, I will say that. But… right now, we are in a major moderation mode. Which mostly means: just have it at parties. But even that may have to go.

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      Kimberly O.

      I hear ya D. I was really amazed at all of the foods out there that contain multiple varieties of added sweeteners. HOLY BUCKETS! Corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup.. heck, anything ending in “ose” is a sugar. Maple syrup, sugar cane, sugar…

      Cathy, are you following any specific plan or are you kind of winging it? Just curious.

      I know that after my first Whole30, I was feeling pretty darn good. I think I’m going to start incorporating somewhat of a Paleo lifestyle. To be honest, it won’t be 100%. I need flexibility. My hubs is the “all or nothing” person… For me, that is setting myself up for failure.

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        Cathy Zielske

        I mostly try to follow the Nutritional Weight and Wellness way of eating. It’s a lot like Whole 30 / Paleo in some regards. 🙂 Here is their website. Lots of great info under their Radio Show. Many podcasts with good stuff. http://www.weightandwellness.com

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    Sadly I know sugar is pure inflammation to the joints. My knees tell me so. It’s a hard addiction to deal with in a healthy way but I try to ignore my inner brat. But sometimes she wins.

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    I am on day 12 and I am still alive to talk about it. I miss the bubbles of my Diet Cokes and I miss my popcorn so after 30 days I might be adding it back it. We shall see. But I am trying to take it one day at a time becasue as much as I hate to admit…. I do feel better. This being responsible thing isn’t fun sometimes however!! Good Luck with your journey!!

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    That is (not strangely) awesome news!

    I struggle with it too, and “sugar sore” just isn’t worth the treats sometimes.

    My other vice is staying up way too late way too often, and then having a weak, whiny, negative attitude about everything. Last night I was a grownup and put myself to bed at a decent time, managed a full 8 hours, and feel amazing today. Man, the whole world is different with a good night’s sleep…and less sugar.

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    Ari C.

    I’m right there with you on the attitude adjustments… I need them all the time, but especially when the sun starts setting early and the weather starts turning cold! Thanks for the very timely reminder today 🙂

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    Sara S

    Oh how I really need to hear this right now. All that Halloween candy and warm comfort food, it’s taking more willpower than I have mustered so far but your post makes me want to try!

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    I’ve been working on giving up sugar too and it has definitely been tough because it is in everything! We’ve stopped buying “pre-packaged” meals and I am finding that I shop the perimeter of the grocery store more than the aisles now. It’s awesome to actually “cook” a meal that you have to add all the ingredients to, so you know exactly what’s going in! My weakness is still dark chocolate M&M’s and the occasional Mikes Black Cherry Lemonade. But everything else that is blatantly sugar is mostly gone and I do feel so much better. Along the lines of the pain and relation to sugar, I have been curious as to if there is a link. I have chronic tendonitis in my wrists due to a genetic bone disorder and I am finding that the pain I normally deal with each day is noticeably less since I have cut out a significant amount of sugar. Makes me want to look into that correlation further for sure to see if it really is a link between the 2 or if I am just getting more and more used to dealing with pain every day (I work on a computer for a living too and have to use a stylus/tablet instead of a mouse).

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    I have been trying to cut out my sugars too Cathy. And the carbs are the hardest bit. Staying away from refined sugar isn’t too hard, but no bread is doing my head in. The best outcome for me though has been the reduction of hot flushes (I think you call them “flashes” over there.) Also, I have less pain in my hips. Both of these outcomes were totally unexpected and although I fell off the no-sugar wagon during the school holidays we just had here, being flush and pain free are huge incentives to get right back on it.

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    Try a vertical mouse too! I am on computer doing layout all day w fingers cramping up. Once switching to vertical mouse My fingers/wrist pain were gone within 1.5 days and never returned. It’s worth the steep $100 price tag.

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    Go get ’em girl. Tomorrow starts day one of zero sugar/zero gluten (I’ve decided going low low carb again just isn’t realistic at this point so healthy, whole carbs (potatoes, rice) are staying. For now). That birthday cake on the counter is going to have to hit the trash.

    Also: butt back on the treadmill. I’ve been doing a lot of weight/strength training, but I feel so much better when I get a heaping dose of cardio in.

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    Kirsten J

    I love it – great perspective. I gotta commit to the no sugar thing – I’m able to do it for a few days and then lose focus and it creeps back in. I find if I’m really busy it’s so much easier. And if I plan better. Hard boil the eggs and chop veggies ahead of time. And. I try to teach my kids to be problem solvers, not victims. Figure out what’s wrong and if it can be fixed or prevented. Best boss I ever worked for taught me that and it translates from work to life. Right now I work for a blamer. Ugh….I keep trying to be his Polly Positive. I swear if there isn’t a *fire*, he’ll start one.

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    Starting the day with hot water & a squeeze of lemon juice helps me. Also to ALWAYS!!! have a healthier snack alternative to hand (in the car … in bags … at work …etc) like raw almonds (I like to soak mine overnight in some water) or other raw nuts (not peanuts, though) & seeds, some fresh fruit (best eaten with a few nuts or other protein, apparently, to minimise the raise in blood sugar levels), plain popcorn, dried coconut flakes, or one of the many dried fruit & nut bars on the market.
    It’s so difficult when a craving starts or someone else is snacking on something that you don’t really want to be eating. I find being prepared helps … good luck!

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