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It was a sublimely gorgeous weekend here in the Upper Midwest. Crisp air and bright blue skies made for a delicious set of Fall days. The other thing that made it awesome?
Aidan came home for a one-night visit which was just plain lovely.

On Saturday morning, I took the just under 1-hour trip down to Northfield and headed up to The Hill to pick up not just my Aidan, but the other Aidan as well. Both had ultimate practice in the morning.
Aidan’s team works out four days a week. This is a bit more hardcore than the high school ultimate days. But she’s found a community and a place with the team and that makes this mama very happy for her.

We did the usual: errands, food and family time (though Cole was MIA as he went up North with a friend for the weekend).

We went to Target and bought matching pajamas (they are the softest fabric!), picked up some clothes for her and upon checkout, Aidan said, “Give me your card and let me handle it.” Surely enough, they badgered her about why she didn’t have a Red Card and yes, I stealthly filmed the entire episode on my phone. I’m gathering as much evidence as I can when I bring my massive and inspiring End the Red Shame Campaign to the world at large.

I should note that usually she observes me try to offer up any number of reasons as to why I don’t want to save 5% on their freaking card and she always thinks I’m overreacting. But she said that being the one paying for the purchase, and being on the receiving end of the red inquisition felt… uncomfortable. And I know, they’re just doing their job, but their job needs to stop after the first time they ask, “Would you like to sign up for a Red Card today?” and not after the second, “Why not? What’s your reason? You don’t like to save money?”

End of rant.
As usual, when the girl is home, we take more photos. Dan and Aidan were sitting together on the couch, looking sweet so I grabbed my phone and said, “Hey, look up!”

We had dinner with Boy Aidan’s family on Saturday night, then went to an ultimate game Sunday. Easy, peasy, breezy. Love having her home for any length of time.

In other news and not technically a Story from the Weekend, it’s been 24 years to the day that I said, “I do” to this guy.
This photo was taken right after I moved to St. Paul to shack up with my then boyfriend. It was at a friend’s wedding and it was my social debut into Dan’s world. That dress I was wearing was so tight I would go into the bathroom and unzip it just to relax for a few minutes at a time. It literally gave me abdominal cramps from sucking in my gut. But enough about the photo.

It’s been a wild ride over these past now 25-plus years with this man. No, I would not trade it for anything. Yes, I would go back and do many things differently. Yes, we are still working on our marriage. No, not every day is magical moonlight and roses. Yes, many days are ordinary and kind.

We are shooting for real and connected in a world where we both learned pretty much the opposite of this on every level.

But I am still so grateful for the opportunity to keep trying.

Thanks, baby. I love you.

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Cathy ZielskeStories from the Weekend

22 Comments on “Stories from the Weekend”

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    Hey lady, happy happy anniversary to you and Dan. Anyone who makes it past 10 years deserves a gold star in my book and you have worked hard to keep it going. Glad you got a chance to spend time with Aidan this weekend. Mine was home for Canadian Thanksgiving and it was awesome. But going back doesn’t seem to get easier though, at least not for the mother!

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    Happy Anniversary! I always get a kick out of your Target stories. I don’t think I’ve EVER been asked if I want the red card – must be a mid-west kind of thing. You need to shut them down!

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    Sounds like a nearly perfect weekend! Loved the comment about the dress. Exactly why I now spend so much of my life in sweat pants… I’m kind of partial to being able to breathe.

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    Happy anniversary, Cathy & Dan!

    I totally get the red card thing. When I check out at Barnes & Noble, the checkout folks must also be required to ask about their membership program. If you ask and I say “not interested,” that needs to be the end of it. And even that really bugs me. But when you start arguing with me about it, it leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. Is that how you want a customer to feel leaving your store? Ugggghhhhh!!!

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    Michelle t

    Happy anniversary! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. That whole Target thing is ridiculous. These companies, ridiculous. Love the red shame campaign. You go. Michelle t

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    I think you’re going to the wrong Target. At the one in NE Mpls they ask, but just once, and I’ve never felt badgered about it. They must go through a special badger-training at yours. Happy anniversary!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Maybe it’s because it’s Target Store No. 01, the original store location. Maybe they feel the pressure there. 😉

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    Muerinda Herrera

    I say this with love.. when they ask ““Would you like to sign up for a Red Card today?”” why not just say “I already have one” cut them off. This might be more heavily pushed in your state because they are HQ in MN. I don’t know the thinking maybe more of a chance of someone from HQ being in the area.

    Little do you know, they meet and secretly share photos of the customers who they have yet to convince need their redcard. It’s the “redcard most wanted”

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    I almost bought those pj’s as well! My mom was with me and said “those would be perfect for you!” (what with the sewing machines…) Since I’m currently in the land of October celebration hell (3 birthdays, an anniversary, and Halloween) I am on a strict no-new-clothes budget. So they stayed on the rack. But I bet they find a way under the tree come Christmas. 🙂

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    Happy anniversary to you and Dan.
    And man, that last photo says more than any other, that you each made a mini me. It’s crazy how much your kids look like you.

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    Happy Anniversary! I love that you keep it real which is why I come here every single day to see what’s real and for a good laugh! The Target Redcard thing…my answer is always I get to fly to Hawaii every few years with the miles from my other credit card. Can you beat that? Stops ’em in their tracks!

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    Happy Anniversary! I enjoy hearing how your married life is like everyone elses. My husband and I celebrated 25 years last week too. Wow, how time flies. Loved what you said, “… not every day is magical moonlight and roses. Yes, many days are ordinary and kind.” I love those kind days, when we both can be in the same room reading, doing our own thing, but together and a slight touch of the hand reinforces how much we love each other. This is real life and I like it.

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    Happy belated anniversary Cathy and Dan! And yes, I agree with you on Target. However I *did* have one and gave it to my daughter to buy her groceries at school. It makes sense for a college student who is happy with the Target offerings. Not so much for me (or with regard to groceries, anyway).

    Your Aiden is a truly lovely girl. 🙂

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    We are shooting for real and connected in a world where we both learned pretty much the opposite of this on every level…..

    poetry .

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