The winner of the Punjammies + a new thing I’m doing on my blog

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First things first: the winner of the Punjammies is:

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.49.56 AM
Congrats to Joan! I will be emailing you with the details! Enjoy your Punjammies and thanks again to Sudara for such a wonderful product for a great cause. And thank you, blog readers, for sharing what you all sleep in. No, that wasn’t a creepy question, right? For the record: I sleep in sleep shorts and a tank top.

Next up, a little addition to my blog.

I added a little Start Here sidebar thingie. What is it, you’re asking yourself?

It’s designed for anyone who might be new here to offer a compendium of some of my favorite posts. I was reading an article last week by Sarah Von Bargen (from the Yes and Yes blog) about how to make your blog more successful (yes, I still want to find ways to make this space more engaging even in a time when blog reading is dropping off) and I realized I have nothing to welcome new readers other than my About Cathy link at the top. And while  yes, that is a good read and all, I figure that a Start Here page is something that couldn’t hurt.

I hope to add other stuff to that page, as well. I have a crap ton of content people. Some of it is actually pretty good. One thing I realized looking at my compendium of posts is that there is only one scrapbook-related link. Might have to change that, all things considered.

Speaking of scrapbooking, I’m also planning to a gallery of my work this Fall as well. It’s been something people have requested and far be it for me to stand in the way of the people.

There is always room for change, right?

In fact, if there’s something I’m not covering or sharing or whatever, by all means, tell me. I’m here to humbly serve the scrapbooking women of the free world.

Or something like that.



Cathy ZielskeThe winner of the Punjammies + a new thing I’m doing on my blog

12 Comments on “The winner of the Punjammies + a new thing I’m doing on my blog”

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    My 8 years of “page a week” albums are pretty much a Cathy Zielske gallery. I scraplift almost everything you do. I think I could write a book called “How to Scraplift CZ and Make it Your Own”. My pages are beautiful because I have been your disciple for 10 years. I would love to see a gallery of your work — to make sure I have missed anything to copy!!

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        Holly Corbett

        Looks like Linda and I follow the same plan! I could easily contribute to your book, Linda!

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      And I like “the new thing” – and I’ll be back (when I’m not supposed to be working” to read more! LOL

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    I love the idea of a “start here.” Ten+ years of content on my blog is a lot to wade through, too. It is ironic that the part of my brain that screams “don’t give up on blogs!!!” makes me kind of a Luddite somehow. Haha.

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    Looks like a great addition to your blog, might even be good for those of us who’ve been following you for years. I’d love to see a gallery of your work – see if there’s any inspiration (read scraplift possibility) I’ve missed. It’s so sad to see blog reading and posting dropping off – there are so many of my favourites that just aren’t there anymore.

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    the gallery is a great idea. often I spend time just looking through old scrapbooking magazines looking for ideas – something new, something to inspire me. it is a shame that so many scrapbook magazines are gone and now blog readership is down. I know that when i go to many of my favorites, what used to be a post several times per week has become once a week or even less frequent. I guess it is a combined effort – we read less, so blog writers write less, so we read less….

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    Kirsten J

    Cathy, I remember pouring over your Clean&Simple book in carpool pickup for preschool….and my baby is a sophomore. I love the gallery idea. And something new….do you have a magic motivational speech or *to do* list for a lapsed scrapbooker? That baby of mine complains lately about the deartuh of scrapbooks in our house. 2009 year in the life is getting old.

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