No buzz this Halloween

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I did it.

For the first time in 49 years, I made it through Halloween with no sugar.

I know. Why would someone choose that? Even someone who admittedly has a problem with junk food? Why not just live it up for the day? Carpe diem! Be here, be now, be WOW!

It’s because that’s what I’ve pretty much done for the past year and in this ripe season of middle age it has added a layer that makes it tricky to bend over and tie my shoes. (I actually only do slip ons, but you get the idea, right?)

I bought candy I didn’t like but it’s funny how right around 7 p.m., those Almond Joys and Sour Patch Kids started to look mighty appealing. But instead, I had an apple and some nuts and a big assed can of La Croix water (seriously, my new obsession) and I soldiered on.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t craving it physically. Not at all. I’ve been eating well for over three weeks and those cravings fall off pretty fast when you avoid junk.

But man, it can be a real mental game.

So there it is: Cathy—1, Halloween Candy—0.

I WOULD BEE REMISS… if I didn’t say thank you for all your awesome feedback on the 2015 Bee Dance. I had so much fun doing it. I’m already planning ideas for 2016.

Today is the final day to save 15% on my e-course, 30 Days of Thankful, The last day, ladies. You wanna save, sign up and start making your album. I promise you, it’s fun and maybe even a little life changing although I can’t guarantee that part.

I started my album yesterday and am ready for a month of documenting my gratitude. I even played with the color palettes to match a new album I picked up.
You can still join in! This is a self-paced class and you can begin your 30 days any time during this holiday season. But you can only save 15% off the price until midnight tonight.

I will be sharing my entries on my CZ Design Instagram account if you want to follow along. Anyone is welcome to join in. Use the hashtag #cz3odaysofthankful on social media.



Cathy ZielskeNo buzz this Halloween

24 Comments on “No buzz this Halloween”

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    woooo-hoooooooooo!!!! YAY, YOU!!!! CONGRATS on making it past Halloween, your first major holiday challenge! This is the toughest time of year for me as well. After 11 mo now of eating better – not ENTIRELY sugar free but NEARLY (I’m a Moderator fortunately) – NOT looking forward to the temptation of Christmas baking. Hoping to keep it contained. Wishing us both luck!

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    Yes, you heard the sirens of almond joy and sour patch kids but you have prevailed. Way to go Queen Bee!

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    Kimberly O.

    I was telling my hubs about your bee dance on Saturday while we were having lunch at Panera. We sat out in the car afterwards… watching the video. He thought it was great! I told him how I had found a similar bee costume on Amazon for just under $13 with Prime shipping… but that I really wanted the ladybug costume (but it was around $30 + shipping). 🙂

    1. #6.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I actually would love to have a new costume made. Same exact style but in a fabric that is a bit easier to wear. This thing of mine? It’s felt. Felt feels awful after a few hours. LOL!

      1. #6.1.1

        Shouldn’t be too horribly difficult. You’d need some serious interfacing to get it to stay it’s shape though. But it’s pretty much a big sack – not hard to make.

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    that makes two of us! I managed to stay away from it as well this year!! Halloween candy, you’re going down!!! I did the Whole 30 for the month of October, knowing it would end on the 30th, and I’d be FREE the 31st!! I still ate well, and the only thing I gave myself was a couple of drinks at the Halloween party. and, I used the lime Lacroix, and added fresh lime and mint, and acted like it was a mojito! but with no sugar and no guilt!!!!

    I am proud of us! we can DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Deborah P

    Kudos! What a great feeling to set a goal and meet it. I’m in the process of setting some eating goals myself, so this encouraged me. Thanks for sharing.

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    Kim Kern

    Have you seen and tried the La Croix Coconut Water?? It is hard to find but by far my favorite. I gave up soda about 1 1/2 years ago and switched to just the seltzer water!! Glad you made it through Halloween, I am starting my sugar free today and hoping to have as much success as you are having!!! Eat Well, Move More!!!!

    Kim Kern

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    Congrats Cathy! I must say that I succumbed to M&Ms while waiting for the “treaters.” Next year, I must make sure to eat a healthy dinner BEFORE the trick or treating begins!

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    Excellent work! I gave myself permission for two pieces, and I stuck with it. I’m letting my kids sort out their favorites which they’ll get to keep for about a month. Post Thanksgiving it all goes in the trash. I’m on a 10 day straight and narrow before we head out for vacation in California wine country.

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    Helen High

    Hey Cathy! Great for you not giving in to the candy on Halloween. I had candy that I didn’t like either, but that didn’t stop me from buying other candy for myself–HA!

    In the event you get sick of LaCroix, Target and Walmart both have flavored water that is awesome and VERY reasonably priced. Not sure if you are a Walmart shopper, but if you are the Lemon sparkling water tastes really close to Sprite/Sierra Mist and is 68 cents for I think a liter. The Pineapple/Coconut is pretty tasty too.

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      Kim Kern

      The thing with the Wal-Mart waters is that they have artificial sweetener. But Target and Safeway (or the equivalent) have get seltzer water with no sweeteners at all.

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    That’s quite impressive, to get past Halloween with no candy. Thank God my sons are grown and our house rarely gets trick or treaters. I don’t have to grapple with these huge candy dilemmas anymore… especially plain M&M’s. Yum.

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    Way to go Cathy-O! I am proud of you. I wish I could say the same but I am still working on my will power … which has tiptoed off and is hiding somewhere around here… but if you have any super tips please let me know. Because I am in the same situation as you — middle age is HERE (yeah, I’m 56), have a high school freshman son at home and a husband who is a workout fiend. My two daughters have flown the coop — one is living in Spain and the other one is a Jr. in college … so I could sure use some feminine advice. But keep it up. You are my hero and my inspiration.

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    Good for you! Every time you put food in your mouth it is either going to hurt you or help you. You just have to keep trying. One day it will be a lifestyle.

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