As we head into the holidays…

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the December holidays are soon to follow. I wanted to repost the best cookie and icing recipe of all time (courtesy of my friend, Susan), for those of you who are thinking, “Man, I want to make the most beautiful and delicious cookies of all time.”

The Best Sugar Cookies Ever.

I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow for those who are celebrating the holiday.

I will be contributing mashed potatoes to the meal and my all-time favorite cranberry chutney recipe. (Find that recipe here.)

I’ll be back Friday with a special announcement about a sale on Cyber Monday. (All of my classes will be on sale for 20% off for one day! So there, the cat’s outta the bag.)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Cathy ZielskeAs we head into the holidays…

6 Comments on “As we head into the holidays…”

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    Karen Clinkinbeard

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I too am thankful for you, for your blog, your products, your classes, your wisdom & insights and your generosity. Have a blessed day tomorrow.

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    Happy Thanksgiving!!
    I am soooooo thankful for my 30 days of Thankful album!!
    Thank YOU for that & all-year round inspiration ?

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