A Cyber Monday Sale is…starting today!

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I’m a total newb at the whole Cyber Monday craze. Mostly it’s because last year, I didn’t have the means to have multiple classes and then to put those classes on sale. But just for the fun of it, I’m putting all of my classes on sale for 15% off to celebrate. And what the heck, I’m kicking it off today. This sale will end on Tuesday morning at around 8 a.m. The sale prices will be reflected when you checkout through PayPal. These are self-paced courses and you will have access to them for as long as I run this old website. Purchase now and work through them on your time frame.

I also have a few new products in the shop today and the one I’m most excited about is my new holiday card design.

The idea here? Solve the problem of getting that great group shot and just take selfies! I thought this might be a more fun way to get my teen-aged son on board with the whole holiday card photo thing, considering that in many shots he looks like he’s in physical pain. I included four different photo options, depending on how many people need to do selfies. If you have more, just have two kids double up. Also included is a matching newsletter template.

I’m hoping to get our selfies done this weekend, while Aidan is still home on break, but the beautiful part is? You can include those college kids who weren’t able to come home because SELFIES!

The other new release is a set of digital stamps called Hello Holidays No. 01. The font matches the font on the holiday cards (not that they have to tie in, I just thought I’d point that out.) I plan to work these stamps into my December Daily project.

Speaking of that project, I have a fun little freebie that I’m getting ready for December. It all depends on a few things and one of them, is a new shiny Minc that is on its way to me as I type. Check back next week for more details!


Cathy ZielskeA Cyber Monday Sale is…starting today!

2 Comments on “A Cyber Monday Sale is…starting today!”

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    Nicole M.

    So jealous! I have my eye on a Minc! But I don’t have a toner printer, so for now I am holding off. I know there is pre-made items you can buy that will work with it, but I know I will want to customize and be able to do whatever I want… Have fun with yours!!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yes, I have a laser printer for all my work with the magazine and now it’s going to come in handy with the minc! I hope it arrives today! 🙂

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