Project Life for October 2015

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Ah, hello Project Life pages! October is by far my favorite month of the year. The weather. The leaves. The Halloween. That whole story. I sat down yesterday and put together my pages for this month. One thing notably absent? My son. I had zero photos of him this month. I’m sure that’s going to happen from time to time. We roll with what we have, right?





Just a collection of images and a handful of stories. Exactly what I want this project to be. Three cheers for simplicity and not having to outdo myself each month. ‘Cause people, I ain’t got time for that.

Minimal Basics Template Set (12 x 12)
Life Basics Minimal No. 03 Add On Pack (12 x 12)
Twelve Month Sans 6 x 4 Cards
Minimal Flag Phrases Halloween
Boxed Type Fall
Year Cards

Minimal Basics sets are also available in 8.5 x 11 as well. Find them here.

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Cathy ZielskeProject Life for October 2015

15 Comments on “Project Life for October 2015”

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    Katie Jones (UK SU! demo)

    Loving this, as always. I am way “behind” on my scrapbooking, but I am trying to write cards and notes when I can, and am just living life without the guilt. It will come back, I’m sure, I am just focussed on other stuff right now, like making my cards and enjoying my kids while they are little.
    I am going to sort myself out digitally, and that might help… maybe!!

  2. #3

    I’m really digging your black and whites…

    The only other (sophomoric) comment: any one else giggle and think of the Golden Girls whenever you mention St. Olaf? I’m sure Aidan won’t be voted “Most Likely to get Stuck in a Tuba”. 🙂 Dang I miss those ladies.

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    Cathy, I LOVE your style. I am constantly looking at your blog and wondering if I could do this too. I have a studio full of paper and crafting tools, and of course I keep gathering more and more. Yet I keep returning to your site for the clean look. I love your eye and the way you capture life. I have watched several of your videos and I have spent hours trying to learn a few basics in Photo Illustrator. I am putting together a book right now for Christmas. All of Grandma’s recipes to give the nine families (all grandchildren and children). I am trying to put two 3×4 pictures in a 4×6 project life style photo sleeve. I would like a small boarder around the two pictures. Then I will print the 4×6 and put into the sleeve of the cookbook. Can you guide me to one of your templates and possible a video how to accomplish this. I am sure you already have this captured, but I could sure use a pointer or two. Thanks Cathy!!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Debra!

      Well, I have so many templates. I have this set (all 6 x 4) that has several options for photos, and one with space for two photos on a 6 x 4):

      But I also have a simple video showing how to put two 3 x 4 photos onto a 6 x 4:

      It’s the adding a border part that is tricky. I use an Epson PictureMate that allows me to print with a border, and I’m not sure if that is what you are looking to do, or… do you want to add some kind of border to your 6 x4 print? 🙂

      1. #4.1.1

        Thanks Cathy for the quick response. I will check this out, but this is exactly what I am looking for. Was thinking that I could have a small boarder around each picture to separate a bit, but could totally settle for just a boarder around the outside 6×4. I print on a Epson photo printer with the option for the boarder, so I will try this and let you know how I am doing. Thanks again for your help.

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          Carmen Pauls Orthner

          Debra, I use a template to put 2 photos on a 4×6 with a white border between the images — I see there is one like that in the collection. (I have a freebie if you want just that type of template instead of all of them — let me know.) If you want a white border around the edges as well, you should be able do that by NOT selecting “borderless” on your printer (if you are doing home printing, that is) or asking your commercial photo printer to do a white border.

          1. #…

            Thank you Carmen for the offer. Very nice of you to consider me. I purchased Cathy’s so that I would have a variety of choices. Her work is beautiful. 🙂

        2. #

          You can also make a quick collage + border in Picasa. Just choose 4×6 size with two photos.

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    Jill S.

    I love the simplicity of your fabulous pages! After falling terribly behind on my weekly PL pages last year, I didn’t even try to make any this year. But you have inspired me to go with a monthly format next year. Thanks for sharing your pages. (BTW: My teenage son doesn’t ever let me take his picture either. Hopefully it’s a phase they’ll quickly outgrow!)

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    Michelle t

    Great layouts, I love your pages. Thanks for sharing them. I’m laid up in the hospital, and I had a chance to watch the Bee Dance. Thanks for that. Really awesome and cool. Michelle t

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