The Joy of Jeggings

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I’m not what you’d call the best dressed girl on the block.

I am no harbinger of fashion, middle-aged or otherwise.

But a few weeks ago, in conjunction with starting to take better care of myself, I did something relatively unheard of in my world: I went clothes shopping.

Just because I’m a little round and soft doesn’t mean I can’t wear cute clothes. I’ve always known this on some level, but fashion isn’t something I spend a whole lot of time on. If I can get away without wearing a bra, that’s my idea of a clothing success story.

It started with buying this sweater at Costco.

I’ve never been a big cardi kind of gal, but I’m no idiot: a bargain is a bargain! So I brought that deal home and paired it with a black shirt, some leggings and a black skirt and you would have thought I had just put together Project Runway’s greatest look ever.

All of a sudden, I felt cute again and then it hit me: “Oh my God! This is what shopping does for people!”

The next thing I know, I’m at the mall making a beeline for the mother of all practical middle-aged clothing: J.Jill.

The truth? I have loved this store since I was in my 20s. I have always been a fan of practical basics and let’s be honest, J.Jill is the mecca of practical basics.

For me, it always goes like this:

Dilemma: It’s my friend’s wedding and I have nothing to wear.
Solution: Go to J.Jill.

Dilemma: It’s my daughter’s graduation and I have nothing to wear.
Solution: Go to J.Jill.

Dilemma: I have to look presentable in public.
Solution: Go to J.Jill.

You get the idea.

So over the past few weeks I’ve made a few trips, ordered a few things online and basically added some, well, practical basics back into my wardrobe. (I am telling you, the Wearever line is a curvy woman’s best friend!) In fact, this tank in black is a Godsend on two levels. First, it just makes everything that may be a bit bumpy disappear as it gracefully drapes over your figure and second, in the event of a hot flash, I can throw off that big cardi and instant relief is at hand.

But this post isn’t actually about J.Jill’s practical basics.

It’s about my new jeggings.

Yes. I did just type the word ‘jeggings.’ And I’m almost 50.

With the new skirt purchases (I also bought the Wearever skirt in Chocolate), I needed new leggings and I found myself searching on Amazon and came across these wide band leggings from Hue. When I finally got them on, I was all, “THESE ARE THE GREATEST LEGGINGS OF ALL TIME!” and promptly set about to order one more pair.

And that’s when it happened, Amazon’s biggest trick: “Customers who bought this item also bought…”

Lo and behold, I saw them. The Hue Women’s Curvy Fit Midnight Rinse Jeggings. I figured, “What the hell!”

Long story short, they arrived, I put them on, I felt (and still do feel) sassy.

Granted, they’re not quite as soft as a basic black leggings, but I’ll be damned if they don’t just look like another pair of skinny jeans. And while this bod may not be all that skinny on the outside, a dose of new, form fitting clothing has gone a long way to making me remember that pajamas, while comfortable and utilitarian, are not the only clothing one can wear during the daylight hours.




Cathy ZielskeThe Joy of Jeggings

30 Comments on “The Joy of Jeggings”

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    I’ve had to go to two funerals in the last month, so I had to do a little shopping myself. Not my most favorite past time. I saw the jeggings at Macy’s. Maybe I should have checked them out. I’m not great with the girlie stuff. 🙂

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    HA!! As i slipped that very same cardigan on this morning I said to myself I need to change things up this winter. I have too many of grey/black cardigan long sweater combos. But they are cute and comfy so why fight it right?!? Here is to good taste!!

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    Love the honest post. I’ve recently started wearing leggings too and feel pretty fashionable myself. My question, what shoes do you wear with them?

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      Cathy Zielske

      Ah, now that is the kicker. My shoes. Oh man, my shoes are horrible. Ever since having foot surgery, very few shoes are tolerable. So I have this pair of black Merrells. Super ugly. But so comfy. I like to not look below my ankles. 😉

    2. #6.2

      I like them with ankle boots, full boots and little slipper like shoes (these probably have a name to people with fashion sense, but I don’t know it). Hummmmmm, that being said, you might want to take what I just said with a grain of salt.

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    Ah Cathy, a women after my own heart. I’m with you on the battle for what to wear everyday and still feel comfortable. In search of the perfect leggings, my vote goes to Land’s End Starfish collection. I love the crops (with a wide waistband) but there is also long leggings version. The fabric is solid (not the typical thin material). There are other styles within the collection (I love some of the tunic tops) but I stick to the leggings.

    1. #7.2

      I just tried this Starfish collection also, and it’s great! They have a “slim pant” that is not as tight as leggings, but a closer fit than a traditional pant and they are my favorite! 🙂

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    Shelley Johnson

    Look good, feel good !! Glad you are getting a good look going for yourself. We don’t have J.Jill but next time in the US, I’ll be trying to find a store.

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    My cousin talked me into trying betabrand dress pants/yoga pants ( when I was in San Francisco the other weekend. They are crazy comfortable and look beautiful. The glen plaid fabric was extra soft. People actually do think I’m wearing dress pants. If you are interested, wait until you see a sale because they have sales all the time. My cousin has had her pants for several months and says they wash up really well. I haven’t had time to test that yet, but the fabric feels nice.

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    Katie Jones (UK SU! demo)

    Great post! I recently had a colour consultation and then a style consultation (my Valentines and birthday presents from hubby as I told him that as present ideas). Since then I have been so much more confident buying clothes, and I look so much better for it! I used to hate clothes shopping, now, not so much! Hurrah! I am glad that you are finding things and places which suit you. I bet you look amazing 🙂
    Can we have some piccies?? Please? 🙂
    Have a fab day, Cathy xx

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    Linda Matthews


    You make life fun. I needed this chuckle today.

    Keep your everyday posts coming. You keep it real.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!

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    Kay Gregory-Clark

    LOL, Cathy! I discovered “jeggings” a couple years ago, but my son had to tell me what they were called! And I hafta tell ya—this grandma (70) felt pretty cool. Since then, I’ve added a couple more pairs. This old bod isn’t model perfect, either. And on the subject, I discovered THE BEST jeans in the whole world: Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. OMG. I never dreamed I’d pay so much for a pair of jeans, but after putting them on the first time, I decided I would never buy another kind. Each year I go to Colorado on vacation and treat myself to a pair from a neat little shop my friend and I visit. One thing I love about them (besides holding in the tummy): I wear a size smaller than usual! Have fun with your new wardrobe.

    1. #13.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I’ve heard of those jeans. Maybe if I drop a few more pounds and get to a reasonable, sustainable place, I’ll go check them out. 🙂

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    Now all you need are some ankle boots and to roll up the cuffs and you’ll look like all of my stylish high school students, but the grown-up version! Seriously with the cuffs..turn them up once or twice. 🙂

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    Hi Cathy,

    I just bought the sweater, tank and leggings based on this blog post. Can’t wait for them to arrive. Thanks, Julie

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    I’m a Jjill girl too Cathy. I think I’ve spotted you in a few pix wearing the same shirt I own. My problem is jeans… And I finally found a pair that works at Jill’s funky cousin Chico’s. The So Slimming jeans have spandex and hold everything in place and don’t shrink when you wash them. ?

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    Cathy I am starting to think you and I were separated at birth. I *LOVE* J.Jill. I buy most of my work clothing there. They have elastic pull-on skirts and elastic slim leg pants and they are what I live in. I also love their tunics and turtlenecks. Why be uncomfortable when you can look smart and be comfortable in elastic? I mean, heck yeah I am going to the gym and will eventually (ha – I hope) lose the extra weight … but in the meantime I feel GOOD. And I am glad you do too. Go Sister!!

    Oh and thanks for the links. I want some of them JEGGINGS!!! 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yep, I felt pretty cute on thanksgiving wearing a skirt, cami and blouse from Jill. 🙂

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    Well, let’s see the whole look, sister! Seeing them on a white background on a web page just isn’t the same. I bet they would look good with some high boots (or knee-high hightops, yes?) I have loved J.Jill for a long time too, but I have sized out of their lovely clothes. 🙁 Boo. They also don’t carry petites in their stores.

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