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My year-long online course is live and I’m getting really excited for creating a community in 2016 for people who want to do better.

I wanted to answer a few questions about the course and figured the best thing to do was to show you the classroom as well as the core printables for the class. I have an introductory price of $26 for the entire year. The price goes up to $31 on January 15. This is a class that you could join at any time. I know that sometimes the new year can be off-putting. I remember back when I was a pack-a-day smoker, I NEVER would try to quit on New Year’s Day. If anything, I’d smoke more. Because that was just how I rolled.

But this year, I’m ready to take better care of myself.

Here’s a peek inside the classroom and a look at the printables we’ll be using to build an album documenting our year. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me directly or leave a comment. (Click on the little HD button and the Expander icon for a lovely full page, HD view!)

Note: I forgot to include visuals of the printable calendars in this clip. See the image below!

There are printable 6 x 8 calendars for every month that look just like this:

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 9.52.45 AM


Cathy ZielskeA look inside Fit

16 Comments on “A look inside Fit”

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    I am so impressed with the amount of thought and work you have put into this, it’s quite amazing. I might have to buy it – even though exercise and healthy eating are way down my list of things I can do in 2016!

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    Cathy Zielske

    Thanks, Jane!

    I will say my focus this year is much more on nutrition personally. Yes, I like the idea of getting great exercise, but for me… I’m not shooting for some crazy level of fitness. I just want to personally do better! We’d love to have you! 🙂

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    Helen High

    Well Cathy, what would a comment from me be without me first telling you that you are awesome!!

    I started taking a closer look at how I’ve been eating about a month or so ago and am progressively trying to make better decisions about food. Like you said “a lifestyle”. I don’t want to consider this journey a “diet” because the goal is to try better to eat better and move around for the rest of my life.

    Will I fail? Of course. . .we all do, but finding victories in the failure(s) is also good to do. Will I have chocolate one day? Of course, but if I can have one of those little bits of heaven from Dove chocolate instead of say 6 or 7, I consider that a victory still (which happened yesterday by the way).

    I’m taking steps to join you for Fit 2016. I’ve tried this with you and on my own before, but want to REALLY, REALLY stay motivated and keep with it for 12 months. This project should also make me put in the work to get better with Photoshop Elements (a win/win if you ask me). . .thank you for what you do!

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    Erin McAulay

    This will be my first ever online class. My “FIT” may be different from some. Not only is my goal to eat better but it is also to put on weight and tone up. (yep, I know I said put on weight…but there is such a thing of being too skinny and in my case it is the fact that I am so unhealthy), I am also quitting smoking. Which is going to add to the struggles of eating healthier. I have always done everything for everyone else and never me. This coming year, after a very rough last half of 2015, its going to be more about me! I love your products, and the simplicity but will make it my own 🙂 I will be doing this project digitally. And I hope out of everything I may take away from this class, it is the motivation to keep going on getting “FIT” and being happy with who I am! Thanks Cathy, so very excited!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yay! I love a first time online student! I hope you enjoy it. I love doing online classes so I’ll see you in the community group on Facebook!

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    Hi Cathy, I’ve just registered and I can’t wait to get started! There are quite a few areas of my life that require attention so for me, FIT is going to be all-encompassing, from nutrition and exercise to ‘mind’ health and general ‘good living’! Looking forward to the ride with you and other participants throughout 2016!

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    I’m IN – ha ha the new term at work last fall. I feel like we are cousins (not sisters because we have different color hair). Yoyo could be my nickname. I have decided to commit to myself in January. If I don’t sign up now, I’ll never do it. This may just go in with all my incomplete albums or it might be the one that I actually follow all year and finish! Either way, I’m going to try to get healthier and I’ve been told documenting it helps. I’m working on being committed and accountable to myself!

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    Hello CZ!

    I’ve been a fan of your work since you were inducted into the CK Hall of Fame years ago. I own your books. So happy to have found your blog since ideas are more online these days.

    I’ve been reading your blog recently and am happy to start FIT… soon. I’m thinking that I’ll use this as a means to start scrapbooking (more often) again and to exercise. Based on my BMI, I am overweight but I don’t look it at age 44, 5’4″, wearing size 8 or medium clothes. But my doctor tells me to exercise daily (or more often) on my stationary bike (currently 1x every 2 weeks) to help keep my blood pressure normal. I don’t like exercising but I like the way I feel afterwards. Hypertension runs in my family.

    It’s easy getting started on resolutions but finding the continued motivation is tough a few or several months later when you’re busy with 2 pre-teen boys, a hubby and work. So glad to be working with you and your other fans!


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    I am thinking of joining in but I don’t have Photoshop Element and I would like to customize my cards to French… Is there another way to modify the cards without having to buy PSE?

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      Cathy Zielske

      I should add that even if you purchased PSE, the titles are all created as graphic elements. They are not editable. Only the journaling text for the cards themselves are editable.

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        Well, it doesn’t matter I guess… I feel like doing it so I’ll register! I’m already excited!

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    Hi Cathy, I’m a follower from years of scrapbooking long ago. I love the concept of your program and being healthy and fit is at the TOP of my 2016 list, hopefully, the last year finding its way to my list. Next year, I want to be maintaining a healthy body. What worries me about your program is that I am not at all computer savvy (I’m a Nana, ok?) I’m good at printing PDF files, and simple things but when you talk about Photoshop, etc, I get a little scared. Can I do the program with minimal computer skills? And thanks so much for something like this!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hi Rhonda!

      You need ZERO Photoshop skills for this course. In fact, the Photoshop files are included only for people who love that sort of thing; people who want to change colors and use a computer to journal.

      All you need is the PDF package in the classroom (you’ll find it in the Welcome Lesson) and you print those. If you have any issues with that, I’m here to help!

      All you need to remember is to print your PDFs using “Actual Size” and you’re good to go.

      Now, in the class, I’ve included two different sets of PDFs. One is called “Tall” and those are designed to work with 6 x 8 page protectors that run a little tall. Sometimes that happens and I prefer my 6 x 8 pages to fit perfectly! You just have to decide which album and page protectors you are using. I am using Simple Stories, and I find their 6 x 8 page protector to run a bit tall, so I use the Tall set of printables. Hope this helps!

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