December Daily 2015—Day 8

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Yesterday’s entry was all about Dan going down to visit our daughter on her campus in Southern Minnesota. Because it’s only about an hour away, it’s pretty easy to get down for a visit. I asked them one favor: get a photo of the two of you. They complied.

Here’s a look at the full spread for Day 8.

I really do love making big photos a feature in any album. I added one digital stamp from this set to the photo on the left. Super simple effect, but a cool one. On the facing page, I combined two low res snap chat images into one 6 x 4 photos and printed the shot with a border.

If you have a small 6 x 4 printer like the Epson Picture Mate that can print a nice even border, you can create the same look as I did above. And yep, I have a short tutorial that essentially is showing you how to create photo template that will print with a border similar to the ones added by those 6 x 4 printers.

I’ve had my Epson PictureMate for three Christmases so far and it’s been a great little printer… until last week when I had the first experience of having some striations on my images. I tried all manner of head cleaning, alignments, etc., but ended up just putting a new cartridge into it and it’s printing perfectly again.

Unfortunately, the ink pack that had gone bad was only half empty. I just point that out because I know people have asked if I would recommend that little printer. Bottom line: yes. It’s great for a daily project like this one.

That’s all for Day 8!



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Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily 2015—Day 8

5 Comments on “December Daily 2015—Day 8”

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    Michelle t

    Beautiful page. Glad Aidan’s doing so well. I know what a huge relief that must be. Michelle t

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    Did you add a page protector that has two 6×4 slots? I don’t seem to have any that came with my album. I would love to know what brand and such to buy some to add.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Theresa, the album I am using did come with those! But what it didn’t come with is one with two 3 x 4s and one 6×4, which I wish it did!

      I’m using a 7Paper album. 🙂 I got it from

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    Thanks for the tutorial! I always struggle with lining up multiple pictures. Going to try your method next time! Your pages look lovely (and Aidan looks so pretty in the snapchats- she is gorgeous!).

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