December Daily 2015—Day 3

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Another day, another entry. Love this project so far!

Day Three’s entry is just a photo collage (created by manipulating my free Simple 6 x 8 template set), some words and a simple card using digital papers and a digital stamp.

Last year, Aidan started something that she has decided to continue this  year: send your mama some holiday cheer from college—and I love it. She’s been sending me images late at night via text for the past three days and I’m just gathering them to add to this album.

Design Tip: You can change the look of the free templates! Just turn on your Grid (View > Grid) in Photoshop Elements and click on layer masks to change their shape or size. I have my grid setting to every 1 inch with “8” for a subdivision. Use the grid to line up your new mask shapes and preserve that little bit of space between the images. Keep the outer margin the same.

I’m so grateful for her holiday spirit because it’s pretty infectious. Thanks, girlie!



In other news… the Winter Issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today is out now! You can go online and view the entire magazine for free. We also have a bevy of fabulous free downloads (a host of them designed by yours truly!) for your winter and holiday crafting enjoyment! Check it out today and get inspired for your weekend memory keeping, ladies.

Last but not least… The Day of December continue at Designer Digitals and today it’s all about Paper Packs! If you like the papers I’m using in my December Daily album, they’re on sale for 40% off (along with all of my digital papers) for the next 22 hours or so! Click here to shop!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily 2015—Day 3

15 Comments on “December Daily 2015—Day 3”

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    Cathy–I received my issue of Scrapbook and cards the other day in the mail. I just want to thank you and the others who put this beautiful magazine together. I love still having a print magazine to enjoy.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Jean, yes! So glad you like it. We have a really amazing team and people who care so much about what they are doing. 🙂 I still love print, too!

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    I, too, am a subscriber to Scrapbook & Cards. I love the whole print magazine-thing (I sure do miss SS & CK), and I so appreciate that there is still one great magazine out there for us scrappers. So fun to sit and look it over and tag pages that I’d like to scrap-lift. Thanks.

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    Count me in too as one who has a paper subscription and loves it!! Absolutely nothing is better than sitting down with a finely crafted “printed on real paper” scrapbook magazine. After working on a computer all day for my marketing/graphic design job, the last thing I want to do at home is sit in front of a screen to read anything. I love paper magazines and books. Thank you for that little slice of peacefulness and the clean, classy feel that you add to it each edition. I am saving the most recent edition for later this weekend after the tree is up and outside of the house is decorated.

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    How great is it that Aidan is go good about sending you DD content! I’m so happy for you that she’s enjoying St. Olaf. As a mama of two girls (both college graduates – phew!), I know how it feels when something doesn’t work out as planned. Your journaling made me a little teary – in a good way. And the orange star paper (love!) sent me straight over to DD. I’m now the proud owner of the entire BeBop Xmas line! Woot woot! I’m making me some digital stuff this weekend. 😉

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    Michelle t

    Oh, yes I remember the elf from last year. I love seeing him again this year. That’s awesome. Very funny. I’m enjoying your December Daily, thanks for sharing. Michelle t

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    Cathy, you should totally go for a 6×8 album for your PL next year 🙂 You absolutely rock this size 😀 Thanks for the inspiration and design tips!

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    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Hi Cathy. I received my Christmas present this week—an SCT planner AND the magazine. Ditto all the above comments about paper. Your sharing DD inspires me so much because I still love your clean, classic style better than anything. Merry Christmas!

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    Glad this semester has been awesome for her. No one likes to see their kids struggle. Love that they have an elf too 🙂 my baby loves funding hers each morning.

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    Katie Jones (UK SU! demo)

    My SCT planner popped through my door in the UK yesterday. Very cool. I love the CZ stamps to go with it! I am saving it until the weekend to really go at it, as I have a number of things to do this week. I cannot wait for my winter magazine to arrive, and am definitely considering renewing my subscription for next year 🙂 I love your input to it! Great DD pages, by the way 🙂

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