December Daily 2015—Catching Up

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I’ve fallen a bit off the daily path of making December Daily album entries, but today I’ll share a few of the pages to date.

I’m really keeping it simple. There’s not a lot of crafty magic going on here, just a bit of digital know-how and some Minc action. (Yes, I am having way too much fun with the Minc. I keep saying, “Let’s MINC it up” to every thing I see in black and white. Not sure if the family thinks it’s as funny as I do.)

Just stories and photos. Easy, peasy, done.
Because it’s a little tricky to include my teen-aged son in this album visually, I take what I can get. I was allowed to take some photos of him during a band rehearsal. So there’s that. I just printed a 6 x 8 and chopped it in half to fit into the page protectors. Turns out I’m running a little low on full page protectors.
So that’s where it stands to date. I have to play a little catch up that hopefully I will do tonight. Right now I’m knee deep in the hoopla of putting together a new online course that I’ll have more information on next week.



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Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily 2015—Catching Up

5 Comments on “December Daily 2015—Catching Up”

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    I love your pages so far! Simplictic yet full of holiday magic! In your photos above, the red photo with all the different sizes on it… Is that photoshop genius or you laid all the photos out on pattern paper and took a picture?! I love that there are so many pictures on one 4×6! Thanks! Can’t wait to hear about your new course! 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Tina! That photo is of a wire tree on my wall that I put a series of older holiday photos on. It’s not a digital thing. Just a thing hanging on my wall. I got the tree here:

      Not sure if I would actually recommend it for holiday cards. It’s a little tricky to get stuff to stay in the clips.

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    You had me at new course. Yeah! Can’t wait to hear about it.

    And my husband and I started dating in December (’98), so I’ll have to include then and now photos in my album, since that was our first photo together at his parent’s house for Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration!

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