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The Winter issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today is out now and I wanted to share my pages from the issue, plus highlight a few free downloads I created for the issue.

In my Clean & Simple column this month I covered some basic type tips to make for better looking journaling on your layouts.

First up, I talked about leading. Leading is the space between the lines of your journaling and can greatly affect the readability of any page. Here’s the digital page I created featuring a big chunk of journaling, but the leading make it feel more accessible.

I have a general rule I follow when setting my type for journaling. I take my type size and double it for my leading. Then I adjust from there. I usually go down a point or two, but depending on the font, it gives me a good place to start for creating enhanced readability.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Like this template? You can download it for free here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the download. For Photoshop or Photoshop Elements only.

Next up is a page that featured what is probably the single easiest thing you can do to improve the look of your journaling blocks: use one space only after a period.

I know for some of you, this goes against everything you ever learned in typing class, but with today’s proportionately spaced fonts, that extra space just creates tiny gaps of white space that just isn’t needed.

STORY IDEA: Find a photo separated by a number of years to show a real contrast. This layout tugs a bit at my mama heartstrings. Just realizing how fast the years are going and yet when you’re in the thick of it, it feels anything but fast. It reminds me that scrapbooking has been such a good thing to invest my time into. Truly.

MORE FREE DOWNLOADS: I also created some printable tag templates, a holiday card template and some free cut files. Click here to access the files.

Want to get Scrapbook & Cards Today delivered to your door? By all means, consider subscribing! Click here for more information on how to receive our magazine. I’m just wrapping up my first year as the magazine’s art director and am really proud of the product we put out. Our team is phenomenal and the quality of this magazine warms my print designer heart.

Want to learn more great tips for type? Sign up for my online class, Ten Tips for Better Type! This course is designed to help you understand some core principles of typography and you’ll see tons of applied examples! A self-paced class, you’ll also tackle assignments to help you apply the tips as you go!

Cathy ZielskeLayouts and free downloads from Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine

11 Comments on “Layouts and free downloads from Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine”

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    I’ve balked at the price of SCT in the past – still do frankly. But now that YOU’RE on their team – AND you can’t find ANY blasted scrappy OR card mag on the market anymore that compares – it really is a gorgeous, well-done mag – AND I couldn’t find it at TWO Barnes & Nobles in my town this week – and I DON’T read material online – I just don’t, not a mag – and I can’t print THAT much goodness at home (oh, the ink!). Time to suck it up and subscribe. Merry Christmas to me! Thanks for the link and the nudge!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Well Lezlee, I hope you enjoy! We are very grateful for our subscribers. This magazine is truly a labor of love. It’s been around for 10 years, which is crazy, but our publisher cares so much about scrapbookers and this industry. I feel like this magazine IS good for our industry. So THANK YOU! 🙂

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        LOVE print copy! Anything to keep good mags on the bookstore shelves or in my mailbox – I’m in! Especially when I’m not FINDING them on the bookstore shelves anymore! Sad day. Maybe they simply sold out – keeping the good thought!

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        Serious as a heart attack. I no sooner sign on for SCT then I received my first copy in the mail YESTERDAY for Santa to put it under the tree for me! TALK ABOUT SPEEDY!! Thanks for talking this up and helping me take the plunge – looking forward to the next year’s issues! (and I bought the latest card book while I was at it – card crafter at heart – couldn’t resist!)

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          Cathy Zielske

          Yes, our publisher Catherine knows how to get those magazines into the hands of our subscribers! 🙂 Enjoy!

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    I love the template and your layout and the fact that your girl is in such a better place for her *this* December. I will be struggling with the one space/two space habit forever, since I learned to type on a typewriter back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. 😉

    I think I will subscribe to SCT in 2016 — as much as I enjoy online content & Pinterest, I’m still a print person at heart. Since it contains your column and Ali’s in addition to the other content, it’s a total no-brainer.

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      Cathy Zielske

      One thing I failed to mention… the magazine SMELLS so good. Now, keep in mind, as a graphic designer, the smell of freshly printed materials is like an intoxicant to me. 🙂 But I love the printed page so much. 🙂

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    LOL, as a secretary coming up on 37 years on the job, type without two spaces between sentences just looks WRONG to me. Besides, trying to break the “two spaces at the end of a sentence” habit is nearly impossible …

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    Michelle t

    Thanks for sharing your tags! (It’s the only thing I know how to use). I love tags! Anyway, I enjoy your articles in SCT, too, and appreciate the magazine. I, too, just made the decision, it’s about time to subscribe. And I really love your layouts. I need to pull out some photos and do some comparison type layouts, that’s right up my alley. My kids are used to a crazy camera toting mom, too. Anyway, have a great weekend. Michelle t

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    I just subscribed and can’t wait to get my first issue. There is something special about the feel and smell of printed material. Not to mention, I love going through magazines over and over again. There is always something new to see, AND I am trying to have less screen time. Winner all around in my book!

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