Registration is now open for Fit 2016, a year-long workshop from CZ Classes

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I’m really excited to announce my new year-long class called Fit.

Fit is designed to help you kick your health and fitness goals into gear.

No, it’s not a workout plan. No, it’s not a food program. It’s simply a way to create personal accountability for yourself through commitment and documentation. And me? I will provide the color commentary for 12 months to help you keep connecting to what is needed in this whole arena. Here’s a little secret: one size does not fit all in this process.

This is not about being the skinniest girl in the room. It’s just about doing better and figuring out what is getting in your way. Focusing on the fact, gathering information and taking action is what you need to do. I’ve got an album plan and printables to help you do just that.

Here’s a preview of the class, and yes, I use the word chubby. If you have a problem with that word then this clip might not for you.

I’ve done year-long workshops in the past and a few years back, I stopped doing them because I didn’t want to HAVE to deal with taking care of myself on a permanent basis.

I know. Wow, Cathy… and so why would I want to do this course with you now?

Because I’m going to do what is needed for better health and fitness in 2016. I’m turning 50 in just over three months and I don’t want to enter this decade tired, extremely overweight and unhealthy.

I’m not looking to be a poster child for the health and fitness community. I don’t want some unrealistic expectation of perfection. I just want to do better.

I want to be around on this big blue ball of ours for as long as humanly possible and I’m ready to be a woman of my word.

I can do this. So can you.

Sign up for Fit 2016 for an introductory price of just $26 for 12 months of inspiration and community. The price goes up to $31 on January 15. Learn about what your $26 buys you here on the class description page.

When you sign up you get immediate access to the materials to get set up for the first month. Don’t sweat it if you don’t have the perfect 6 x 8 album. I’m working with to restock products that have already sold out. Then on January 1, I’ll have my first of 12 monthly messages to get your year started off on a healthier foot.

I’m all in for 2016, for better, for worse, for Fit.


Cathy ZielskeRegistration is now open for Fit 2016, a year-long workshop from CZ Classes

13 Comments on “Registration is now open for Fit 2016, a year-long workshop from CZ Classes”

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    Yay! All signed up and ready to go. And I have to say … as a veteran of Move More Eat Well… I LOVE THE NEW NAME!!! So excited for this year!

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    Nicole Norman

    I’m excited to check this out. Your classes are always a lot of fun and I loved Move More Eat Well. Have you heard of the Tone It Up community? Their website is It’s a community of women led by two trainers who put out workout videos (free on YouTube and DVDs/digital files to purchase), a free weekly fitness schedule, nutrition plans to purchase and free clean-eating recipes, protein powder and other products, etc. I found them on Instagram a few months ago and they’re really inspiring! I’ve lost about 15 pounds and am ready to kick it into high gear again when their next 8-week challenge starts next Monday. You should check it out!

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    I’m in! Just had a physical and all the fun stuff that goes with it at 53 yrs old (wink). All results say I am healthy….except my weight. My daughter graduates from high school in 2017. I want to look better and feel better! I’m all in and ready to get FIT.

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    Leslie B

    Love it! And I have to say that when I read the bit about being around on this ‘big blue ball’ I originally saw it as ‘blue balls.’ Apparently I need to add an eye exam to my 2016 FIT plan! 🙂

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    I’m in for 2016. I did one of your former courses like this for one year and have missed it. It is a good way to keep myself accountable!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hi Katherine,

      Yes, you can if you have an iPad or other device but you need to know a few things:

      1. You will not be able to customize your card colors as you will only be able to use the printable PDF card files.

      2. You will need an unzip app on your device such as WinZip or something like that in order to open the PDFs. (It’s an easy app to figure out).

      3. You will need to be able to print wireless from your device. I tested out my class files on an iPad and an iPhone. I could print the class PDFs from both.

      4. You’ll be able to watch the videos just as you would on a computer as well as access our Facebook community!

      hope that answers your questions!

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