Are you caught up?

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Last week, I sent out an old essay to all of my newsletter subscribers.

Back in the day, I wrote two books under the Clean & Simple Scrapbooking title. And in the second book, I wrote about the idea of being caught up with your memory keeping.

I decided to crack open the book and re-read it and it reminded me again that this whole hobby is really a joyous process if you let it be so.

I wanted to share the essay* with my blog readers today. I know there is crossover in that some of  you subscribe to my newsletter. This year, I want to make more of an effort to use my newsletter for more than just “Hey, I have new things to sell you!” Of course, that will always be part of it, but I also want to send out things like this, or other things that feel less blog-oriented in one way or another.

Today, if you missed the newsletter, you can read the essay by clicking below.

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*The essay is not meant to impugn those of you who derive joy from being caught up. It’s really meant for the many women I’ve talked to and emailed with over the years who feel this crazy pressure to be perfect with their memory keeping.  Just so we’re clear.

Also, I love using the word ‘impugn.’ It’s not spelled like I think it should be.

Cathy ZielskeAre you caught up?

11 Comments on “Are you caught up?”

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    Annet M

    I got this yesterday and I was surprised by how much it resonated. I haven’t scrapbooked in a long while due to busyness with renos mostly (last thing was an “A-Z book of David at 3” based on your template and he’s now almost 8…), but also because a nagging part says if you can’t finish it why bother because you’ll never get caught up. Thanks for the prod back to reality and the importance of just capturing the moment, whenever that moment is or was!

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    I was leafing through a stack of old (2006-2008) Simple Scrapbooks magazines over the weekend, looking for any inspiration I might still gain prior to donating them. I enjoyed reliving those days – complete with the photos of you, Ali Edwards, and (I think) Becky Higgins in the advertisements for CKU. I remember CKU in Nashville at the Gaylord (what a GORGEOUS hotel!) all the way back in March of 2004 and my class with you – Scraphic Design. Funny even seeing my old ads in there from the days of TLC. I still have all your books… those are NOT going anywhere! Isn’t it amazing the gems you can still find in those old publications?

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    Currently working on last week’s PL spread, whilst printing PL photos/words from August 2015-December 2015. I’m enjoying my time-machine trip to late last Summer…no stress here, just livin’ the (scrapbooking) dream! Nice essay; totally true.

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    Hey Cathy! Just a friendly alert that at the bottom of the post where it says “To sign up for my newsletter, click here.” actually takes you to I just tried to sign up for the newsletter and found out the hard way 🙂

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    Helen High

    Oh Cathy, how you have nailed it with this essay. I am the proud owner of BOTH your books, but I do not remember this essay. The words are so true and I think have stopped many from starting on this journey called scrapbooking and stressed out those of us that have.

    I truly believe that you and Becky Higgins have nailed the “scrapbooking beast”. It’s about memories–not getting stressed about the fact that you should have used the blue paper instead of the green–that the embellishment is not quite right. In 20 years, there will be someone in your world; your children, your spouse, your cousin or friend that appreciated the fact that you did it at all.

    That’s why it’s done–this is why we scrapbook. . .or at least why I do it.

    Thank you for the reminder and your continued awesome-ness!!

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    Jen S

    Such a meaningful piece – I feel like this is a message about life too – there will always be dirty clothes, dishes needing to be washed, emails to read, etc. Just keep on truckin’ & don’t be so stressed out w/ being caught-up!

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    Kim L.

    Great reminder! I’ve spent the past 2 weekends documenting my daughter’s entire high school experience. She is currently a college freshman, so re-visiting all of the photos and memorabilia made me laugh and cry. It was bittersweet to relive both happy and sad memories, but at the same time to see how those experiences helped her become the wonderful young woman she is today. Had I been caught up, I would have missed that opportunity.

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    When I click on the “to sign up for my newsletter” link above I am taken to Amazon–not a newsletter signup. The link at the right works though–but just thought I’d let you know

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