What does memory keeping look like in 2016?

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It’s 5 a.m. and I’ve been up for two hours. No, this isn’t part of some crazy new workout plan I’m adapting in an effort to get Fit (see how I slid that one in there?), but I’m catching a plane in a few hours and as luck would have it, I can never sleep the night before I fly.

I’m heading to the greater Los Angeles area to attend the Craft & Hobby Association’s annual show. The last time I went was in 2007 so it’s been a while. And while I’ll only be at the show for one day (I’m filling my trip with many other things because… California), I find myself a little giddy at the thought of being at the mecca of all that crafty goodness.

Some of you have asked me what my memory-keeping plans are for 2016. Will I be doing Project Life? What other ways will I be documenting life on terra firma?

And that’s a good question.

First, I have to finish up a few things and namely, my Project Life pages from last year. I have to complete November and December and I’ve already decided that I’m going to  wrap them up in about four to eight pages. That’s it. I know I may be missing a few photos that could be included, but I’d rather have it done than perfect.

I also have a December Daily album that stalled out at Day 15. Part of that was because I was immersed in working to get Fit ready to launch. I feel like I’m going to knock out a few pages here and there because it really is an album project I love. At the rate I’m going, it may not be done until February, but I think that’s okay.


I am in a different place with memory keeping. I turn 50 in March. My children aren’t exactly children anymore and the stories I choose to tell about them are in some ways really more about me and my subjective take on things. I guess that’s really what scrapbooking has kind of been for me all along if I’m being honest.

And yet I’m still passionate about the things I love: writing, photography and design.

That’s the only reason I got into this hobby in the first place, all the way back in 2003. I loved those things. This hobby let me play with those things that I loved.

I think when you love something you create sustainability. You feed it. You nurture it. Believe me, I didn’t make beaded jewelry for more than a season because I just didn’t feel the love. Same with knitting.

Stories and photos are still the shit, my friends.

I am just looking for new ones to tell.


If you see me at CHA on Sunday, be sure to say hi. I’m actually a bit shy in person, but I cover it very well. And yes, I am a hugger. Here’s to scrapbooking in 2016, whatever that ends up looking like.

I may have slipped in the shout out in the first line of this post, but here’s the big one: you can still sign up for the intro price of $26. This community is hopping right now and very inspired. You get a lot of stuff in the first few lessons alone, but my goal is to keep you coming back each month for a bit of inspiration and a lot of atta girls. Learn more about Fit here.


Cathy ZielskeWhat does memory keeping look like in 2016?

16 Comments on “What does memory keeping look like in 2016?”

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    Here is to a successful trip with some business plus fun. So much to do in Orange County. Got family there and love their beaches. Do need this rain. Sorry. Yes, with older kids, you capture and tell different stories. Still about the moment but more about the fun in the process of taking the pictures, telling the stories with new products or technology. Also, going back and finishing those almost done projects.

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    Enjoy your time…CHA is so exciting, and being together with the “crew” will be the icing on the cake….without any calories! And it will be warm! I too am in a totally different place than when I attended CHA and CKU (in the 2000’s)…and my scrapbooking has totally changed. Photos and documenting life are still paramount to me…but the photos are completely different. No cute one photo kid shot…describing an emotion or an event. We evolve and am so grateful that you are still sharing your knowledge and “wisdom”. Enjoy! Will be looking forward to your thoughts and photos of this weekend.

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    Here’s to a great year of memory keeping, Cathy! Hope you have a totally awesome time at CHA and in the warmth and sunshine of California. (We’ve only had “real” winter weather here in upstate NY for a week or so and I’m still completely over it and ready for spring. Good luck with that, right?)

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    Have a great time in SoCal. Weather should be better. I was wondering if you will be using Adoramapix to print your PL 2015? I loved last year’s book you created. I am strongly considering going all digital either using your templates or those on the PL app. I hesitate on using the app, however, due to the low resolution when up-loading for printing.

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    Cathy, You look fabulous! Is this the famous orange sweatshirt? Have fun in So Cal. I am loving the Fit workshop!

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    You are looking great, Cathy! I love what you say about passion = commitment. I was just thinking this same thing this morning while brushing my teeth 🙂 I have dabbled in so many arts these past few years (yes, I did jewelrymaking, too), but I have come back to papercraft which I have done since I was a kid. Though scrapbooking really isn’t my thing, I love the varied forms that crafting with it can take. And I feel really good that this is where I finally need to be. Hope your trip is fruitful and fun; I went to CHA many, many moons ago (late 1990’s), and it is my goal to go again next year as there are so many folks who attend now that I would love to meet (including you!!) Have a wonderful time seeing all your old, old friends and enjoy our California weather!

    And BTW – loving the FIT so far!! Great class and such a deal!

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    Deborah Weiss

    1. I wish I were in the industry and could attend the show!
    2. I wish I were going to California. I live in Michigan, enough said. Michigan is great in the summer…not so much in the winter, especially living in the lake effect snow belt. But, I am going to New Orleans for 4 days in March!
    3. I wish I lived closer to you and you were my good friend. I would love to sit down with you and have a cup of tea (or glass of wine) with you and converse (read bitch) about life.

    Your good friend, Debbie

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      Oh Debbie, what I wouldn’t give for just one more snowy winter in da UP, eh. I miss it constantly… So have a nice big mug of hot chocolate and know someone out there would love to be in your shoes. (I’m over here in SD where it’s windy as all get out, freezing, and there is no snow to at least make it look pretty.)

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    I am so sorry for our positively gnarly weather right now. I hope it doesn’t impede your plans.

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    Far out…. if only I lived in the US or at the very least was travelling there! Would sooo love to come visit you and say hello!
    One of the reasons your blog is one of the few I keep up with is a) how real you keep it and b) my big boy is just a couple of years behind your boy…. so you know…. parenting tips picked up regularly here ??
    Keep up the good work…. and enjoy cha…. and just imagine the hug I’m giving you now as I say “hi!”

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    Well welcome to the club. At least you still have your son at home!! I know he doesn’t like to have his pic taken!! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with and maybe I’ll follow you….. don’t worry whatever you do there will be so many of us behind you. Have fun at the show!!

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    Katie Jones (UK SU! Demo)

    Cathy, another great post! I am so stoked for you to be going to CHA – and also a touch jealous! It sounds amazing. I hope that you have a fabulous trip and get to catch up with the people you most want to see. I wish I could come see you and say hi – I am most definitely a hugger, too! (Some people are surprised at just how much!)
    Done is most definitely better than perfect – I am working on this all the time at the moment, and have to keep reminding myself of that factoid!
    I wish you all the very best for 2016, and whatever you choose to do and share, memory-keeping-wise, know that we will keep coming back to see how it looks as we love all that you share with us, even if it is not our cup of tea 🙂
    Happy new year! xxx

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    If you’re feeling like you need a project, I have about a dozen UFO scrapbooks that need some help. Including my 2015 PL. 🙂

    Have fun in Cali! Looking forward to hearing about it.

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    Having never had children and having kept a diary for much of my life, scrapbooking has always been a combination of “here is what Paul and I have been doing” and an illustrated journal. I have layouts on my feelings about work, my fears about my progressing disability, my sock and pen obsession and my stress induced craft supply buying (btw, because of you I bought a minc – love it). As you have said more than once, I am documenting my life. Thanks much for your blog.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yes, it’s just a great way to document life, whatever that life looks like. 🙂 Thanks for coming here to read.

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