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This is something I don’t see every day.

I grew up on the West Coast but rarely if ever saw the ocean. My salt water view was of the Puget Sound and for years I never really considered that I wasn’t actually seeing the ocean. I mean, it was salt water, right? It connected to the Pacific and yet seeing that expansive horizon of full-on ocean was not part of my growing up experience.

I’m not necessarily a beach-y kind of girl. If I’m being honest, sand on my toes freaks me out just a little bit. Yet standing on that cold winter sand at Dana Point and looking out at the ocean was more than enough to get the tears moving.

This is something I don’t see every day.

I grew up with towering Evergreens and snow-capped mountains and yet I never really engaged with that level of nature. I wasn’t exactly a nature-y kind of girl. Walking through Caspers Park with my girl Tara was a pretty cool experience. And I didn’t even get mauled by a mountain lion.

It was just enough to feel the oxygen in my lungs and remember that stuff in nature is pretty amazing.

girlsThese are people I don’t see everyday.

Okay, so there is FaceTime. And phone calls. But there is something very special about being in the presence of women you truly adore. I’m so grateful for this memory-keeping hobby of mine. I wouldn’t know Tara or Ali if it weren’t for scrapbooking. Such a total and complete bonus.

I’m heading back to my normal routine today. One cross country flight and it’s back to what I know. It’s good to remind myself how beneficial getting out of the house can really be.


Cathy ZielskeOut of my comfort zone

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    Lying in my RV bed, windows open so I can smell the salty air and hear the rhythm of the waves crashing on the shore. I’m at peace, it doesn’t get any better than this.
    When I look out the other window I see the towering pines of Cape Perpetua. I know if we drive up with the car it will get colder and colder and the smell of pines will be overwhelming. I’m exited about tomorrow when we will drive a mile and park the truck so close to the beach that I can sit and feel the warm sand between my toes. Feeling content, watch the endlessness of the Pacific Ocean brings me joy, calm and peace.
    That was 2 years ago, it’s when there is no possibility that you will be amongst those trees again, feel the sand between your toes and feel at peace with the world, that you realize how big of a role they played in your life and how deep that connection and longing is.

    So happy to hear you had a wonderful time with wonderful people. I’m pretty sure they say the same thing about you. I’m still waiting for those time transponders that will cancel out the process of flying. It’s not just the flying, it’s being ripped from your bed on ungodly hours to be present for ‘check ins’, which adds hours to your travel time. This makes it impossible for me to fly. Now a transponder, that would be a totally different case. Welcome home Cathy.

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    Love seeing my two favorite scrapbooking celebs together – you and Ali have been such a big part of my life for years now! Glad you enjoyed your trip and those moments outside your comfort zone. Can’t wait for a recap of all the wonderful things at CHA!

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    It’s good to break routine. It let’s us appreciate the simple life and yet opens our eyes and hearts and minds to what else is out there.

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    Sara S

    I can’t imagine what a hoot it would be to hang out with the three of you guys! After following all three of you for so many years, it’s as if I know all of you!

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    Just, beautiful. It is these kinds of things that help to reset, reboot, and stay present. Thank you!

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