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For a long time now I have wanted to create my own line of stamps.

I know what you’re thinking: uh, Cathy… since when do you stamp?

Good question. I have stamped in my life, people. And while it’s true, I’m no Jennifer McGuire, I still want to bring my aesthetic into the world of stamps.

So that’s what I’m doing and it’s coming in March.
My plan is to release one set each month. Most of them will be 4 x 6 sets. The first set is called Favorite Slab Serif because it literally is created from my favorite slab serif font, Archer. I did it in outline because outline rocks. Here’s what I know today:

  1. These stamps are made in the USA.
  2. They are a photopolymer material and the quality is fantastic.
  3. This set will sell for $16.99.
  4. Shipping is around $3 for US residents. (International rates are higher, based on the current USPS rates.)
  5. I will start my shop out with 88 sets to sell.

Now here’s the tricky part: these sets may or may not be limited editions.

I am obviously a very small fish in a big sea of stamps. Until I get the swing of this thing, I’m going to start small and see where it leads. I like the idea of a monthly release but have no plans for any kind of subscription model. If you like what you see, you can buy it. If not, you know, don’t.

What I don’t know is how to project interest in something like this. I’m a designer and a writer but making business projections is not really my forté. And yet, I don’t want to disappoint anyone who really would love to get her hands on one of these.

If you want to stay in the loop on when this are on sale subscribe to my newsletter. Newsletter subscribers will get the first notification on when they’re available.

I have all kinds of plans for the coming months. The next alpha set is already in the works (hint: it’s called Favorite Sans Serif) and I’m also working on a set of planner stamps. That’s just the beginning. I can’t wait to start working on my Christmas set for 2016.

I’m curious today about how many of you would be interested in something like this? The shop I am setting up doesn’t have a preorder system I’m fond of but I am working to explore a better shop for the future.

If a bunch of you leave comments, I might up the order I’ve placed. Mind you, a comment today is NOT a binding agreement. I just figure if you want them, I should order more.

Here’s to jumping into new areas of business, right?


Cathy ZielskeComing soon: CZ Stamps

203 Comments on “Coming soon: CZ Stamps”

  1. #1
    Jill B

    Yes. I would love a set. Nice price point. I’m a subscriber to your newsletter so I’m ready, count me for one.

  2. #4

    Congrats on your new venture – I think your designs will be great for stamps! This alpha set looks great, I’ve been looking for something like this. You might consider a solid version as well in the future. Depending on the international shipping costs, I might buy this. Shouldn’t be too high for a small lightweight item like a stamp set?

    1. #4.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks! Unfortunately, shipping overseas, even on a 3-oz small package is not cheap. It’s between 12 and 14 dollars, depending on where you are in the world. That makes it much more expensive for my overseas customers. I’m not sure if bigger companies get price breaks with the USPS but those are the rates I am looking at. Canada is just over $9, so… a little cheaper.

      1. #4.1.1

        I just shipped something to Australia, using first class international postage rates, for $3.36, two ounces. That included the envelope. Four ounces, which is GENEROUS for a stamp set plus a jiffy padded envelope would only be $5.30. And that’s far. You can definitely use First Class Mail International for a stamp set. Not trying to butt in, I just happen to ship stuff daily, and overseas usually weekly. Here’s a link to the First Class Mail price chart (scroll down a bit):

        1. #
          Cathy Zielske

          Lisa, I also shipped something in early January for a much lower rate for a 2 ounce padded envelope with the stamps inside. Then on January 17 the rates went up. I’ve been to the post office to confirm the price and it’s over $13. I’m going to look at your link.

          1. #…

            But I just did this YESTERDAY. Seriously. YESTERDAY. Want me to screen cap my receipt? Ha. It doesn’t have to be the PACKAGE rates. It can be the rate table above it. I swear. I do this SO often, and I’m cheap, but honest. So I’m not gaming the USPS, I swear.

        2. #

          Just chiming in on the international shipping discussion….
          Lisa, I think you are sending First Class Mail International Letter versus Package. When you send via International Letter, the envelope isn’t supposed to be thicker than 1/4 inch and doesn’t include tracking (which, as a customer, I would want). If the package is over 1/4 inch thick, it is supposed to be sent via International Package, which is the $12ish rate. I would guess that a stamp set plus a padded envelope would be over 1/4 inch thick.

          1. #…
            Cathy Zielske

            Yesterday, I went to the post office and brought in my mailer for Australia. At the post office, they gave me a $13.70 rate and said I could save a little by shipping from home. So… it is a bubble mailer, the lightest 6 x 10 I can get from ULine. Lisa, are you mailing in bubble mailers?

            The post office would not allow me to use the letter rate. 🙂 They said it had to be a package rate.

            I’m very curious about this, but I have actually confirmed this on two separate occasions with the USPS in person, because I was so nervous about shipping correctly. 🙂

  3. #10
    Theresa G.

    Your style is clean and simple…I LOVE that!!! And I love these stamps!! I can’t wait to see what you have instore for us!!

  4. #11

    Buying stamps without a subscription!? Sign me up!! Except don’t 🙂 I love that you’re doing some alphas and fonts first, congrats!!

  5. #15

    Absolutely! I have adored this font from afar (i.e.: I’ve been too lazy to hunt it down!). I would definitely jump at the chance to order this set – and probably others because your clean, classy style is how I prefer to scrap too! I love the “no commitment” part because subscriptions have always been hit or miss with me and then I end up with things I won’t use, which is really bothersome. Good Luck on this new venture! It’s something I have long considered doing too (for my own use) but I have no clues where to even begin with getting the stamps made.

  6. #16
    Cathy S

    I’m no Jennifer McGuire, either, but I LOVE the serif alpha and will definitely buy. It is very hard to find good alphabets, so probably I’ll grab up one of each kind you make. I tend to forget to use my word stamps, though, so wouldn’t go for a monthly subscription, but rather pick and choose what is on offer.

  7. #19


    This is gonna be like Ticketmaster – sold out in seconds. Seriously, I’m going to be first in the virtual line-outside-the-door for these.

    Oh. my. gosh.

    1. #19.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Ha! Ticketmaster.

      Well if it does sell out quickly, I will re-order asap. I’m also looking into creating a shop with a good preorder system, one that does NOT charge until they ship. That would give me a better idea of how many to order. 🙂

      1. #19.1.1


        I had my addiction under control until recently. Now, along with my watercolors, I can’t even BROWSE online stamps anymore before finding myself checking out with at least $100 in my cart.

        I’m very happy to hear that you’re taking the preorder system into consideration. Great for you on the inventory end, and awesome for us on the consumer side.

        I seriously can not wait for these!

  8. #20

    Gorgeous Cathy! I am definitely interested! I’m loving stamping these days with Ali’s Story stamps!

  9. #21

    I am thrilled. I don’t do Photoshop or digital or pocket pages. Your design is so pure. Stamps in classic fonts would be just wonderful. When you and Ali talk about fonts, I see how much they cost to download–and that is the end of that!

    You go girl!

  10. #22

    I agree – sign me up and am interested in seeing what you create. What day does your newsletter come out so I can be second in line to getting these. ~Ann

    1. #22.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Ann, there’s no set schedule for the newsletter. It just comes out when I have something to share! You can sign up above, or there is a link on the upper sidebar of my blog!

  11. #28

    I love these and probably will love all future stamps you design. Too bad International shipping is so expensive 🙁

  12. #29

    Love, love, love these.
    (Louise when you read these comments, hint, here’s my birthday present.)

  13. #32

    I’m interested – and hang the international postage expense!

    It’d be cool if you looked into dies to match……

  14. #36

    I would be so interested…but with the cost of shipping to Canada and then the dismal exchange rate, a set would be closer to $30 for me. If the dollar ever improves, I’d be a loyal customer.

  15. #37

    By the way, my name is Holly, NOT Holloy. You’d think I would know it by now. I’ve had for over 50 years! 😉

  16. #38

    Hooray for this new adventure, and a double hooray that it is not subscription based! That is totally freeing! Keep up the great designs….I will look forward to all your releases!

  17. #39

    I have always loved your design aesthetic and would LOVE stamps from you! Planner stamps are a big YES for me! 🙂 Can’t wait to see them!

  18. #44

    Yes yes yes! Go you for trying something new! I am not a big stamper so I can’t say if I would order every month. However, I will certainly be trying to get my hands on this one, and likely several other letter stamps!

  19. #45

    Fun! I won a kit club’s stamp design contest about 10 years ago and they made and sold my little set of emoticons (this was pre-texting days for me – I was ahead of my time, lol). The time might be perfect for you to do a set of them. ? Now that I am getting into planner-bullet journaling, I can see using them. Your alpha set will make great headers in my BuJo. Best wishes in your new stamp line!

  20. #50
    Helen High


    You know you can count me in!! So excited for you in this extension of your already fabulous brand! I follow Jennifer McGuire and the stuff she does is beyond amazing. . .and her spirit–top notch! Between her and Kristina Werner, I have start some stamping, so I’m so on board with you and am excited that you have 88 to start. Holy Moly!! So happy for you and thanks again for what you do!

  21. #54
    Amy H.

    I’m definitely interested and would buy occasionally. I don’t need the serif set, but am excited to see what your sans serif option will look like. Definitely interested if you do some images and would be very excited if sets had dies to match.

  22. #56

    When I saw your no-so-subtle sneak peak yesterday on Instagram, I knew I had to have that alpha stamp. Count me in!

  23. #58

    I would be interested. Love the no subscription plan but for those who are committed to you and your designs a subscription plan with a discount would be nice. Although, I am a buy one at a time type person myself. I don’t have the disposable income to buy every one but I am VERY VERY INTERESTED in any December/Christmas stamps and i am sure I will absolutely fall in love with one of the sets and must have it. Good luck with this venture!

  24. #64

    I would be all over your planner stamps, for sure. I haven’t yet delved into the stamp world yet. I am a paper, sticker and pretty embellishment type of girl still. However, I am also a Get to Work planner girl now and kind of love the stamps I’ve seen out there. I will absolutely wait for yours to appear before ordering any, though, since I love your style and feel like it meshes best with mine. You know, middle-aged mom with kids entering the college years just trying to take care of myself and everybody else. Congrats on the new venture.

  25. #70

    I’m in, as long as you have a set available for me to buy. I have a hunch you are going to have quite the run on your stamps 😀

  26. #72
    Nicole Norman

    I’m so excited for this new venture for you!! I’m pretty much a digi-scrapper now except for WITL and December Daily, so I don’t buy many stamp sets any more…except I can’t stop buying planner stamps! Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve. I think those first 88 sets are going to be out the door in MINUTES.

  27. #74

    These are awesome Cathy 🙂 And so happy there won’t be a subscription, yay! There is a very high chance I would buy these and planner stamps too. Very excited for you with your new venture (I’m guessing maybe 88 sets might be a bit on the low side!).

  28. #76
    Lynn M

    As someone has already said, I’m very interested in DZ Christmas/holiday stamps!! And how about your Typeset Words? Those would be fun!

  29. #77
    Heather Tierney

    I’m in! Love the font — so clean. And I agree with others that you should increase the initial order!

  30. #80
    lynne moore

    I am excited to see these come out. Not sure how often I would be able to purchase, but I will always want to check it out. (Just a note: as much as I love alphas, I don’t have the patience to use them letter-by-letter as I imagine I would do. Phrases are more my grab & go stamps these days.)

    Thank you for not offering them as a subscription. I like being able to a la carte items too.

  31. #84

    Those are crazy cute! A ton cuter than the alphabet stamps I already have. That said, I can’t justify buying another set of “essentially” the same thing.

  32. #87
    Raegan L

    Yes I want a set! I am so excited to see you venture into the world of stamps! You had me with the planner set for FIT and was super excited to see the sneak of these yesterday! Count me in for this set!

  33. #89
    Kathleen S

    Yep, count me in! I listen when you recommend fonts, and a set of planner stamps grabs my inner organizer!

  34. #90
    Kris Beauregard

    Planner stamps?? Sign me up!!! (But I am not one for the alpha sets – clearly, I am the minority!!)

  35. #92

    LOVE!! I would have to wait to see the sans serif set first, then I would probably buy both. I am a mess! 🙂 Hopefully I can get my supplies straightened up by then and put them to use as soon as they get here! LOTS of wishful thinking going on!

  36. #93

    Definitely interested. I love the look of this alpha. Your clean and simple designs speak to me. I am liking the Fit stamp and will look forward to the planner and Christmas ones too. Thank you! You are a great designer.

  37. #95

    I think it is safe to say 88 is a bit low… 😉

    I never consider buying stamp (digital scrapbooker here) but these ones actually have me considering. But, I must admit, with international shipping (to the Netherlands) I’m not sure if I will actually splurge.

  38. #96

    Your design aesthetic + stamps = a great idea. I already have a sans serif outline stamp set, but this one is chunkier and lower case and includes a #, so I’d be tempted. So it’s a definite maybe for me. I’ll just throw out there that a good number set would be appreciated and I would love, love, love, an @ stamp. 🙂

    1. #96.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Laura, a number set companion would be a great idea! I could do that in a 3 x 4 size, and match the type of this first set. Thanks for the idea!

  39. #98

    Sounds like a great idea! Depending on overseas shipping rates, I am tempted! So a maybe on the alpha’s, but I would say a yes to the planner stamps – I would pay for that! Can’t wait to see your designs!

  40. #101

    A. Thrilled to see the launch of CZ Stamps (CONGRATULATIONS!!)
    B. Archer! Woo hoo
    C. Planner stamps! Awesome!
    D. Numbers, numbers, numbers…always looking for numbers
    E. A companion “filled” version of the outlined font would always be welcome
    F. Yay for new business venture So!

  41. #102

    Loved your style ever since that five things about me class at big picture classes! I would definitely get some good alphabet sets!

  42. #106

    As for international shipping. I’m sure we could order with friends and split the cost? Just an idea ❤️ Excellent idea Cathy! Always a fan of your work….. Great idea to keep evolving as well congratulations. Ps I’m in Australia

  43. #109
    Cara S

    Love the look of this and would definitely buy, but if I had seen the word subscription I would have said no. Even with postage to Australia I am interested, but not necessarily able to justify it every time you bring one out.

  44. #110

    I love this idea. I love to stamp but most companies focus on cardmakers. It will be nice to have another option. I can’t wait to see what you create.

  45. #112

    Congratulations! I am not a huge consumer of alphas (but I do really like that one!).

    I use stamps in my scrapbooking and I love phrases!!

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with!!

  46. #113
    Kary Nelson

    I will buy these! And I signed up for your newsletter the very first day you announced it, but I haven’t received one lately (or several other regularly received missives from other companies like Designer Digitals–I’m thinking Comcast did something weird to my email). Has there been one, and is there some way to check to see if I’m still on your list?

    1. #113.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Kary, I don’t send out a ton, but… I’m seeing you on my list, so you should be good! Did you get my email about the Designer Digitals sale last week? That’s the last one I sent off.

      1. #113.1.1
        Kary Nelson

        I did not. My husband updated my Mac to El Capitan in January and some regularly-received stuff has disappeared from my Comcast feed. Designer Digitals, which I’ve purchased from for years, is one of the missing. I even signed up again with my gmail address and still nothing. One of those mysteries of the internet (and yes, I’ve checked Junk). I think it may be time to call Comcast, not a fun prospect!

        Thanks for checking for me.

  47. #115

    I love that you’re making stamps! So awesome. To add my two cents, I really prefer alpha stamps that have patterns in them, as opposed to just basic outlines. I’m always able to find so many more fun things to do with them when they’re patterned! (Kelly Purkey has some cool ones in her shop right now, if you’re wondering what exactly I mean!)

  48. #116
    Jen H

    Love the idea that you are branching out into stamps. Love that it’s not a subscription program as I don’t always want one every month. I’m a newsletter subscriber so yeah for me! First dibs!


    1. #118.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I’m not sure if it is… because this is not a free font and there are restrictions on what you can and can’t do with them. Stamps, you can do!

  49. #119

    WooHoo! Sign me up!! i’m thrilled you’ll make us some kick-a** clear stamps!! totally about time! & digi stamps would also be a great option too 🙂

    1. #121.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I already placed a re-order yesterday! So after the first 88 are gone, the next 42 will arrive. 🙂

    1. #122.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yep. Already placed it yesterday. And I very likely will keep reordering as long as there is a demand until I figure out this process.

      The only thing I can’t afford to do is place larger orders and sit with inventory. 🙂 As my hubby is not presently employed, we are watching our budget quite closely. So… I will be testing the waters out this year of how to do this in the most efficient way!

  50. #123

    I’m definitely want in for the outline letters!! I haven’t done a lot of stamping in the past, but the last couple years have been doing more in PL and this year in my planner….excited to see what you release and really excited for those outline letters 🙂

  51. #126

    If you sell a set of planner stamps, I’ll buy them. I’m not really scrapbooking anymore but I’m doing the planner thing and it would be a great way for me to get to support you.

  52. #129

    I wish I could get a set with two of each vowel. I like to put an entire word on my block and these alphabets with just one vowel drive me a little nuts! It is very pretty. I’d love some more planner stamps

  53. #130
    Carol Anne

    I’ve been wanting an outline alphabet about this size for a while, so I hope to grab a set when they become available.

    For other ideas, I’d like to see an outline sans serif, too. And because I’m anal about capitalization, an all caps set in these two styles.

    Good luck on your next adventure!

  54. #131

    Hi –
    I’m not a stamper on paper, but I’m trying to learn digital stuff. I might be more open to buying it there

    The one paper stamp that I hope someone creates is something I can stamp at the top of each day for my food journal ( I use a plain moleskin type thing) that would stamp has a spot for the date, how many hours of sleep I got, did I take my vitamin?, did I take my med?, 8 little glasses of water to check off and 5 little fruits/veg to check off.

    I just want one big stamp that does all that at once. I would’ve thought something like that exists but I haven’t found it. Tips anyone? I even thought about ordering a custom one but couldn’t figure out how.

  55. #133

    Yes, yes, yes. Count me in. You have given me an abnormal love (lust) for archer.

    I am wondering how you plan to package the stamps. My only issue with acrylic stamps is when they lose their stick and fall out all over the place.

    Can’t wait and good luck!


  56. #134
    Nicole M.

    So awesome! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for CZ stamps! I’ve just recently gotten back into stamping (I was doing strictly digital for a while), and I LOVE your design style 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what else is coming from you! Congrats!!

  57. #138

    Um, ya, im so SO in. Your going to have to order more then 88. These are gonna fly out the door. So super cute.

  58. #139
    Julie S

    Cathy, Very excited to see this. Looks like you are already oversold on the first round. I will definitely order!

  59. #140

    I love your stuff Cathy I really do, but I know me, they would be lonely like all of my other sets of stamps. 🙂

  60. #143
    Abby P

    Dare I use your son’s band’s name?? Want Slash Need…these stamps! Haha. Just throwing it out there, but I would definitely purchase more CZ products if I could see them in action via PL more often. I think bring back a weekly PL with your product would seriously up your sales. Your style totally sells me, literally and figuratively – Every time I see Ali’s stuff in action it head straight to her on-line store. Just sayin’

  61. #148

    You + stamp sets = great news!!!! And you do bring a different approach from what already exists : this is going to be so cool…can’t wait!

  62. #150

    Just scrolling down all these comments make me worry I won’t get one but I am definitely gonna try!

  63. #151

    You are the awesome sauce bomb Cathy – add me to the I need and must have list as well. When will you be doing custom T-shirts with your logo so we can be members of the CZ club, the coolest club there is and doing grass roots advertising for you? (I am serious!) Or a nice CZ mug?

  64. #153

    I’d love planner stamps! The alphas are lovely and tempting, but I just don’t use alphas as much. Maybe if they don’t sell out right away…

  65. #157

    You see Cathy…already …..88 sets in the shop will NOT be enough ! Count me in ! Also, love hearing the idea for a numbers set.

  66. #159
    Judy Lucas

    Wow – ME, ME, ME… have stayed so true to your scrapbooking methods – so I will definitely support that. Plus – this is mighty cute.

  67. #166

    Looks like you better up the count for the order. I, too, am interested . . . nice job! Excited for you as you venture out on another branch!

  68. #167
    Amy B

    I love our style and I don’t do digital stamps and layouts (like you currently sell), so real stamps will give me a chance to get some of your cool designs! Congrats on branching out! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  69. #172

    I’m definitely interested. I really hope to get my hands on this set. I think your clean and neat design AND stamps are a perfect match!

  70. #173
    Susan Ringler

    Am I too late? I definitely would like to order your new stamp set. Thanks for doing this!

    1. #173.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Susan, the shop is not live. It’s coming this week, hopefully by Weds or Thursday! Subscribe to my newsletter to be notified. I will be reordering this set if it sells out.

  71. #176

    Gee oh pete, I didn’t even get a chance to buy these. SOLD OUT! Congrats Cathy.

    I really really wanted the bitty fitness. Please restock…pretty please.
    thank you for listening and Congratulations small fish. You done good!

    1. #177.1
      Cathy Zielske

      A company in Georgia. I do smell them when I put my nose up to them. I’m not sure if that helps. Compared to other stamps, they smell similar.

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