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Not one to readily assume the mantle of Harbinger of Trends, I do manage to find a few things here and there that I think are pretty terrific or at the very least, things that I’m WAY into. Here are a few of the recents.

I am into… Mississippi Roast. Do you know about this? Do you? Have I been living in a cave of bland chuck roasts all of my 49.11-1/4 years? Apparently it is one of the most pinned recipes on Pinterest. And sure, some of the ingredients aren’t the healthiest but I am telling you this: my family devoured this meat last week. I served it up with some roasted potatoes and every one of the Zielskes said on every bite: “OMG. This is so good.” (Okay, maybe Cole didn’t, but he’s less effusive at meal time.) The New York Times posted a healthier version of this dish, which I have yet to try. I figure this: its base is real food and a few packets of Au Jus mix and Ranch Dressing mix won’t kill me just yet. I swear if you try this, you will like it. (And I mean exactly that: if you try it, I will swear out loud. Deal? Deal.) Also great on rolls for French dip. Trés bien, y’all!

I am into… Bear Paws from The Grommet. Somehow this product showed up in my inbox. I watched the video and was all, “Click. Order. Done.” I shred meat for a lot of things. Things like the aforementioned Mississippi Roast, chicken for white chicken chili, you name it. I thought these looked great and guess what? They ARE.

I am into… Lime-flavored La Croix water. Holy sparkle! WHO KNEW? Certainly not this Sprite-lovin’ fiend. It actually started last summer on a sizzling hot day wherein Dan and I attended the wedding of a friend. My only choices were beer (so not a beer drinker!) and lime-flavored La Croix water. I felt the choices were equally dismal, so I grabbed the La Croix and a funny thing happened: I actually LIKED it. What? There’s no sugar! There’s no sodium! There’s NOTHING artificial in it AT ALL! The horror… but to my surprise, La Croix water has become a KEY part of  eating healthier this year. I have ditched the soda completely and now find myself looking forward to my La Croix every day. One of my students in Fit recently posted, “I try to get into it, but it just tastes like disappointment.” Honestly? That made me laugh SO hard, because in the past, I have loathed sparkling beverages that don’t contain sugar. Not so this time. In fact, this video clip only served to elevate my La Croix fever to a higher level. So much so, it inspired me to make my own video of La Croix love:

And I wonder why I have unproductive days… moving right along.

I am into… Narcos. Holy drug wars! I had heard this was good and I’ve been watching it while doing my treadmill workouts. Love the cast. Yes, it’s violent so if you don’t like that sort of thing, it’s not for you. Great performances. Most of the dialogue is in Spanish. I’m wrapping up the first season tomorrow.

I am into… the new FitBit Alta. Okay, so it hasn’t shipped yet and I don’t know if I will actually be into it, but… I have been a fan of my Flex for years. Literally years. This new release just seems like the right upgrade for me. I don’t love big things on my wrist, and this is similar in size to my present model. It ships in early March and me and my almost 50-year-old wrist will be ready!

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.43.52 AM
And that about does it for me.

Anything you’re into right now? By all means, enable…


Cathy ZielskeI am into…

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    You should try “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” if you are looking for a Netflix fix on the treadmill.

    I’m still laughing about the Bear Paws. Who knew I needed a dedicated meat shredding tool?

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    Michelle Peacey

    I don’t know the words to express my love for your videos! You have taken a dark morning and turned it completely around. Now I have to go find some La Croix……

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    Susan M

    Love that you ordered from the Grommet! The founder is a longtime family friend, so glad you’re supporting the company 🙂 And Lacroix has been key in overcoming my soda addiction!

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    This is perfect!! I was just trying to shred some chicken last week with two forks. Yikes!! Bear claws headed my way. Amazon has them too. They are the original ones and they are prime. Will be here Sunday! 🙂

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        Nonsense! The French would go insane without their sparkling water! Strikes would brake out and maybe even a new revolution! Never noticed different teeth there. I am addicted to sparkling water. My favorite is San Pelligrino. In fact, when we lived in France and his hubness got a job offer for the USA the first thing I said was; if they still don’t have sparkling water, I’m not going!
        We were here before and I was miserable. In the years 1999-2002 there was almost no sparkling water available here. When eating out and asking for a sparkling water to drink I always got the clueless look. Sparkling what…?

        But it turned out that the US was catching up. Still not much and mostly flavored but still it is a start. Compared with French supermarkets where there are rows and rows of just sparkling water. I quickly bought also from The Grommet a ‘make your own sparkling water’ thingy and for peanuts I now have half a liter of great sparkling water.
        I also have one of those insulated tumblers with a lid and a little basket stick( don’t know how else to describe it), where you put fruit in. I use fruit that’s in season. Like right now oranges, limes, lemon. But later in the years fresh from the organic farm, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries etc. put the stick in the tumbler and you have a great sparkling water.
        Even big corporations like Intel where his hubness works have giant bowls with fruit in water with a tap for their employees refreshments. No more machines with cokes and other drinks.
        I have been drinking sparkling water all my adult life and have no problems with my teeth. 🙂

        1. #
          Cathy Zielske

          You know, I have sensitive teeth so I don’t let liquids swirl around my mouth anyway. 🙂 Straight down the center! Teeth barely even know there’s liquid. Plus, I have to say, ANYTHING is a better alternative to soda or juice. You know, sugar and whatnot being what it is. 🙂

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    Tammy B

    Love this video! It made me laugh out loud several times! ?

    I’m currently updating my birthday list and would love to send you a card on your big day. Would you let us know again when that is?! Thanks! (#imbringingbirthdaysback)

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    OMG, you are wonderfully hilariously insane! La Croooooooooix! lol And in marked contrast to your new show, I’ve just started watching Downton Abbey — yeah, I’m a little behind the times.

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    Rene W

    Love this list. Have you tried the toasted coconut flavored almonds by Blue Diamond? When I need some protein but can’t stand the thought of dairy, this is my go-to snack.

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    Hi Cathy! I love plain sparkling water with lime essential oil added to it. You have to buy a good essential oil that can be consumed, I buy them from Young Living. It is soooooo much better than the lime flavored La Croix, and I think the essential oil is good for you. Love the video!

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    Cathy you are a hoot. And your blog has just been moved up to my No 1 Favorite slot! {drumroll} you always make me smile (or howl with glee). And now I am ordering me some bear claws! And yes LaCroix is pretty awesome. (try vodka in it). Thanks for making a Friday even better! ?

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    Nikki Collins

    On the subject of water, I’ve been using Kishu water purification sticks in my water bottles and my water consumption has dramatically increased. Also, in a further attempt to be healthier, I started making minestrone, the Melis Family Soup, specifically, for lunch and there are so many variations that it doesn’t get boring. It makes lunch at work easier, as I just keep frozen packages ready.

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    I tried the Mississippi Roast recipe a couple of weeks ago but it was just too greasy. It smelled sooo good cooking and I wanted to love it but my stomach didn’t like it at all. Wondering if I did something wrong….

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    Mississippi roast? Making it on Sunday. Bear Paws? Purchased! Your La Croix video?Laughing my ASS off!! Thanks!

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    Kimberly O.

    I saw the Fitbit Alta yesterday… that is one sexy fitness tracker! I’ve got the Flex, Charge, and Zip. I’ve started dropping hints to the hubs so that MAYBE he’ll get an idea to order it for me for Valentine’s Day (even if it isn’t released yet). It has everything that I want. 🙂

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    You should try the La Croix Curate strawberry pineapple. It almost fools me into forgetting it’s not soda. It’s that good.

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    Marina Delgado

    Also into the new Fitbit. I’ve had my flex for three years and mines been a bit buggy charging recently so looking forward to this upgrade as a Mother’s Day gift perhaps. =)

    1. #21.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I have one and have only made cucumber salad with it! I have a few recipes bookmarked. Need to make something with it!

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    I am very into lime sparkling water. La Croix is my second favorite, but it’s what they most often have at my Costco. Perrier lime in skinny cans are my fave. I live the flavor and feel like a pretentious know it all when I drink it. Love Mississippi roast. My family went crazy for it. I cook it over night in my garage (because I can’t sleep with cooking smells). Then I refrigerate it all day and reheat for dinner. Gives it that delicious second day taste on the first day.

      1. #22.1.1

        For me it’s the amount of bubbles. I like them very sparkly and some brand just taste flat, have very little bubblies. Perrier and Pellegrino are very good ones. Must admit Cathy I have not tried the La Croix yet. That’s what you get when you do not the shopping anymore. I miss out on all new stuff. Please enable some more! 😉

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    LOVE your humor!!! Also – the music that continues to play after your video is over — Edgar Winters? I just let it continue to play and thought — THAT needs to be on my running play list — makes me feel very “olympian”!! LOL Could you please let me know what the song was!

    1. #23.1

      OKAY — I’m a total idiot!! My husband had his iTUNES playlist connected at the same time that I was watching the video and when the video ended his playlist took over!! ROFL! So at the end of your video Edgar Winters “Fanfare for the Common Man” began to play — I was like -how cool is that and how did she get the music to continue when it was done? hummm…. know I know. Hidden windows have a power of their own! LOL

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    Jenny B.

    I am currently into watching Star Wars Rebels. I seriously love it. My boys love it too. It’s just awesome. 🙂 Also, making up new ways to play MarioKart 8 on the WiiU has been a fun trend at our house. So far, we’ve had Crazy Car Sunday and Third Place Thursday. Third Place Thursday was hilarious. It’s much more difficult to come in third place than first. 🙂

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    okay I bought the bear claws and made the Mississippi Roast— both amazing. Great tools and great meal which all the family loved. thanks:)

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    My bestie is in love with LaCroix water, and she said you have to try it when you’re really thirsty and have no other choice, and you’ll be hooked. I think it’s funny that that seems to be the case for your newest love (addiction and obsession are such harsh words…)!

    I’m giving up soda for Lent (not the religious reasons- just looks like a good starting point). I’m hoping to substitute the fancy water all the cool kids are drinking these days…

  21. #29

    Restarting my blog soon. Going in a different direction than mommy blogging. I hope that I am half as funny as you. I’ve been know to “Steal Like An Artist”. Ha!
    Love all flavors of La Croix. Use them in my quest to give up diet coke. I realized that a lot of what I was missing was that fizzy stuff. NOT as good as Diet Coke, but NOT as bad for you either. I love them.

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    First time on your blog (via link from Jennifer McGuire e-mail) – love your humor and reading all the comments to your posts! Bear Claws are in my Amazon cart and I switched to LaCroix on January 2nd when I began the Whole30 – a lifesaver in kicking my Diet Coke habit!

    Bookmarking your blog and signing up for your newsletter. 🙂

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    a lot of enabling went on here…. making roast tomorrow and may even have the bear claws in hand before the roast is done. I am already addicted to La Croix( always wondered how to pronounce it) liking grapefruit flavor but will definitely invest in lime. I have also discovered la croix mixes nicely with flavored vodka.. just sayin. I have been lobbying for the new fitbit alta for myself for mom’s day and was just looking for someone else to jump on the bandwagon so I am in on that too! As for Narcos.. .everyone in the family is already watching it but me, I will be checking that out too!! tena That video was very artful, well done Cathy!

    1. #31.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Ha Tena, I love it. I have to tell you that I used the bear claws last night just to lift a turkey breast roast out of the crock pot. Multi-purpose gadget!

      And yes, can’t wait to get my Alta!

  24. #34

    I have a huge addiction to Dr Pepper. Cherry Dr Pepper, actually. And being a part of the FIT group, I have been working on cutting back…maybe even eliminating it altogether one day. I wanted to try the LaCroix, although I typically have the way sparkling water tastes. I agree with the gal who said it tastes like disappointment. Heh! But I wanted to try ONE. But I can only find them in multi-packs. So I caved. I bought an 8-pack of peach-pear. It still tasted like disappointment. But a funny thing happened. After it sat out in a glass over ice for awhile, the disappointment flavor sort of dissipated and I didn’t hate it so much. In fact, the peach-pear flavor was pretty tasty. I could actually drink and kind of enjoy it. So I can’t say I’m a full-on convert, yet, but it’s a step in the right direction.

    And your video? OH. MY GOSH. I was dying!! You’re hilarious!! Loved the box on the head!

    1. #34.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Dianne… it’s getting its hooks into you! I swear, I was NOT a sparkling water fan. EVER. But something happened and I’ll be damned if I don’t freaking LOVE that stuff now. No more Sprites for this girl! : )

  25. #35

    I could never figure out how to pronounce La Cwah, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t La Croy. Thank you! 😉

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