On the topic of 1990 and groceries

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Things are shaking up at Chez Zielske in 2016. As you may remember, Dan is now a full-time student teacher and I am bringing home the bacon. Literally (I freaking love bacon) and figuratively (they got me workin’, workin’ day and night).

In the name of trying out new things, we did something that we haven’t done a whole lot of in the past 26 years as a couple: we went grocery shopping together.

The thing is, we used to do that back in the olden days. When we first started shacking up back in 1990, oh how we loved those trips to Cub Foods on Rice Street. It was yet another example of how in love we were: we purchased produce and pasta together.

As we were shopping last week (strangely enough, at yet another Cub Foods) I was asking him if he could remember the types of things we filled our cart with 26 years ago. I mean, I know there was a lot of angel hair pasta and Classico pasta sauce, but beyond that, I can’t really remember. I did not cook then. He did, but much of it was box based and let’s just say I might have been a little pickier about my food.

Still, I know this might sound silly but I kind of wish I had a photo and a corresponding layout about “What We Eat in 1990” to look at today.

Why? Because beyond that pasta and sauce, neither of us can recall how we nutritionally sustained ourselves in those tender, early years.

I know there was a lot of coffee and cigarettes. THAT I remember plain as day. But the food stuff? Not so much.


When I think of doing a page about a typical week of what my family eats on any given week, right now it seems a little silly. A little bit of a throwaway, if you will.

But is it? In 26 years, if I’m lucky enough to still be here, will Dan and I struggle to remember what we ate in 2016 with one kid at college and one in the middle of high school, while both he and I were in the midst of bold new world changes? Will we crave those memories of the ordinary? The mundane? The stuff that really does make up our daily lives?

Might have to add that to the To Do list today.


Cathy ZielskeOn the topic of 1990 and groceries

22 Comments on “On the topic of 1990 and groceries”

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    Boom, do it. I take pics of our grocery cart or meal plan list ever so often. Because you are right, how we eat today is different than how we ate even 13 years ago. Those small details are worth remembering. You don’t need a hundred layouts, but 1 or 2 is good. Another reason why I love PL, because those details end up there.

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    My mom and I were actually talking about this last week. She just asked me a random question of what it was that we used to eat on a regular basis, what she used to make and what were favorites. My parents have been empty nesters for quite awhile, so food prep has changed a lot for them. I actually thought it was an interesting conversation, so I say do a page about it!

    (Still so happy for you and Dan!)

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    I was thinking about that not too long ago, because my sister in law lived with us almost 10 years ago now when my oldest was a toddler, and I was trying to remember what I used to cook back then. I know there was frozen lasagna and pizza, but other than that I don’t remember much.Like you, I wish I had scrapped it, or at least written it down.

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    Jeanne W

    My husband and I went grocery shopping together last weekend. Haven’t done it in awhile! I remember when we first got married – lots of Mac cheese, pasta and nachos!

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    Funny you should post this. I’ve been including what we eat in my daily ‘slice of life’ journaling–mostly Sunday dinners where we eat a lot of our family favorites. But just like you I have felt that it’s important to document what we’re eating and even where we eat out. Sharing what our favorites are. All that good stuff. It is a part of our history. 🙂

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    Jenny B.

    I’ve also been adding what we eat for dinner to a monthly calendar that will go in my Project Life album this year. My husband does all the cooking (he’s really good at it), and my boys have been asking me to make a recipe book of all their favorite dinners. So, I’m trying to make it happen this year be at least recording what our meals are. Now, I just need to remember to photograph them and get my husband to write down the instructions. 🙂

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    I try very hard to snap a photo a day and when my creativity fails me (yeah, it happens), I’ll take one of the inside of my fridge, or of the back of my car full of groceries. Not very riveting, but it captures what life is like in my house. Maybe one of these days I’ll slip my grocery list in between the pages… Or the receipt! God knows what we spent 30 years ago isn’t even near what we spend now. Haha

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    Awesome. Just last week I took a photo of my grocery cart. My middle (10) loves to arrange and reaggrange the groceries Tetris-style. He had done such a great job, I quickly snapped a photo. Then later looking at it, I fell in love with it. My favorite part was capturing the tips of our shoes on either side of the cart and the contents – not how they were arranged as was the intention for snapping the photo.
    I just might have to make a page.
    Thanks for inspiration and bless the iPhone for making that moment freeze forever.

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    Tonja Trump

    Such an awesome and inspiring post and idea. Too often, we get caught up in the mundane, day to day of our lives that we forget to document it. Love the way you think and inspire. <3

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    Glenda Thorne

    It never even occurred to me to document this topic, but what a marvellous idea. Love the pic of Dan. Cole is his doppelgänger ,lol.

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    Funny, because I keep a grocery receipt randomly from time to time, just to see what I bought and how much it cost.

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    Michelle t

    Awesome reminder. Best wishes, best of luck, all of it, as you go thru these life changing events. Michelle t

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    Laura Smith

    That photo reminds me so much of my husband in 1990, when we got married. Man, you took me right back to that time in our first, cool, artsy apartment. I think the food layout is a great idea. I am adding that one to my list!

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    Renee T.

    It’s so much easier to appreciate the magic of ordinary days – days so unique they will NEVER be repeated identically throughout human history – until they are in the rear view mirror! How I wish I had better documentation of all those boring, mundane, ordinary days!

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    Michelle Battitori

    What a fantastic idea! I take food photos every once in awhile just because I think it looks yummy but I’ve never thought of making a layout about it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Kim Hacking

    Food is Life!!! Fabulous idea. Thank you for inspiring. I do randomly snap a photo of gas prices and have done for 10 years. For some reason, I have this obsession with how drastically they change over time.

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    When I’m cropping photos I always struggle between getting the “crap” out of the backgrounds and wanting some of that clutter (products, toys, magazines) visible because I wish I could see that stuff in my parents’ photo albums. I found one recently of my cat sitting behind a case of Holiday Spice Pepsi. Almost tossed it, but then kept it…the full-face shots and the “moments” are nice, but the context and how we really live is almost more important…

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