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Oh Instagram, you little vixen you! Today in the name of Blog Filler, I thought I’d share a few of my recent favorite posts to Instagram, with a bit more context perhaps. Or perhaps not.

We’ll start with the photo above. There is a store in Minneapolis called I Like You. Aside from having a fantastic selection of cards and chachkis, they have this charming wall where people like to take pictures. In fact, if you search the #ilikeyoumpls on Instagram, you’ll see what I mean.

Also, it’s true. I really like that girl.

Speaking of things I like… I like getting slightly ominous Valentine’s from second grade neighbors. Oh, I laughed so hard. We have been found out! It was bound to happen sooner or later. (Reminds me of this post regarding vaguely threatening messages from kids.)
Every day I make this smoothie for breakfast (minus the chia seeds because I ran out). It is delicious. It fills me up. It helps me with my fitness goals. And I think it’s fairly clear from the photo how happy it makes me. How does one take a photo like this you may be asking yourself? Easy: tripod + iPhone + the KeyCam app. Say yes to more selfies in middle age.

Also, I have many dish towels.
My friend and mentor Stacy Julian told me to buy this book in audio format and listen. I did and was so blown away by it, I headed of to Barnes & Noble and snagged a physical copy so I could highlight the living hell out of it. For reals. If you would like a kick in the ass on connecting to doing your work, whatever your work may be, this book is the shizz. The audio book is also fantastic. I listened to it while walking around the mall a few weeks back on a brutally cold Minnesota morning.

Speaking of malls…

This was the mall I was walking at. I am EMBRACING middle age, people.
As I am now dabbling in planner land, I’ve made no secret of my fondness for the Get To Work Book and I love that Elise is branching out into other products. Especially cool? The Project Breakdown Notepad. I’ve got one sitting on my desk and yes, it’s being put to good use.

Another seasonal selfie thanks to the Key Cam app. Do you take selfies? If so, why? If not, why not? I still believe that modern memory keepers spend too much time behind the lens and not enough in front of it. That’s not vanity talking. It’s just what it is. Is this the most flattering photo of me? Maybe not, but there is something about it I love and I’m glad it exists.

Want more riveting Instagram fun from me? I have two accounts now.

This one is more about my life and less about my work.

This one is more about my work and less about my life.

Here’s to little square shots and the stories behind them.

Cathy ZielskeRecent Instagram Faves

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    Thanks for sharing the stories behind the photos. I always learn so much from you. Just started following your other “life” Instagram postings. Ready to learn more!

  2. #4

    Love them all! But those dish towels, lol!!! I’m looking at that photo and thinking ‘Man, Cathy has a lots of dish towels!’ And how smart they are all over her kitchen…you must never have to reach too far for one! Brilliant! Gave me a giggle!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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    Heather W

    I love the kitchen selfie! My immediate thought was “wow, that’s a lot of dish towels….and just like my kitchen there is not a single one on the designated towel rack below the sink!”
    and then I laughed my butt off because upon scrolling down it revealed your dish towel remark.
    And kudos to Sharon for pointing out why the book title was driving me nuts. I even tilted my screen thinking it was the angle I was holding it that made things appear a bit wonky.

  4. #8

    God, she is GORGEOUS. (You are lovely too!) But wow. Just wow. P.S. I have lots of dish towels too. I just looked over in the kitchen … there are five hanging in various spots. It’s all good. 🙂

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    Love this! IG is my fav social media platform for sure. And I’m all about the selfie (as I approach middle age)!

  6. #10

    I am trying to remember to take more selfies. Right now I’m working on baby books for my not-baby-anymore kids and it seriously looks like my husband raised them as a single parent with a girlfriend he had over every few months.

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