Happy FitDay to me

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For my birthday this year, I decided to buy a shiny new FitBit Alta, one of the newest members of the FitBit family. A fitness product for your birthday? Where’s the fun in that?

Well, here’s the deal: it’s WAY fun, people. Truly. I’ve been a FitBit fan pretty much since the beginning. This is my 3rd make and model and the only reason I ever graduated from my first one is that I washed it one too many times after forgetting it was clipped to my pants pocket. My second one (a Flex) has been handed down to Mr. Zielske (who seems less than enthused with the whole step tracking craze, but maybe that’s because he’s knows I’m going to SMOKE him on a daily basis.)

While there were many lovely choices (including the new Blaze, which I still am kind of drooling over), I decided I liked the slim profile of my Flex but I wanted to have a device with a screen. The Alta was the perfect choice for me. Plus, it’s got some adorable changeable bands you can buy for it as well.

Does a gadget like this truly help with fitness goals? I believe it does if you take it seriously. Part of my deal is this: I don’t have a gym membership right now but I did shell out the $129 for this little gadget as a continuing reminder that I need to take care of myself in a responsibly adult fashion. Part of that means moving my body more and not leading such a sedentary life. Rather than hit it hard in the past few months (think, “I’m going to start running marathons!”), I decided to walk every day and to get as many steps as possible.

The result for me has been dropping nearly 25 pounds since early Fall. Another result? Sometimes I’m sore because yes, I’m exercising. I feel like the tradeoffs are worth it. And I’m not doing some crazy diet either. I’m just making better choices most of the time and eating in a way that my body actually needs.

This is the philosophy I’m bringing to my online class, Fit. We are embracing small changes and responsibility for self-care. It’s not always easy or automatic if I’m being honest, but it’s something I care about and so, I put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my wrist is vibrating which means I haven’t gotten up from this computer in a while.

Note: Fit registration is open through July 31. It’s not too late to join our group and it’s never too late to take good care of you!



Cathy ZielskeHappy FitDay to me

19 Comments on “Happy FitDay to me”

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    Yay! I just got a Charge HR last week and you know what? Since then, I have walked a marathon! I am enjoying the Fitbit companionship of my SIL, and that is motivating me to walk when I would normally choose to drive. Plus, I am finding I really like to see my stairs total, it is surprisingly fun to see that little number rise.
    Have fun Cathy, welcome to the Sally O’Malley club!

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    Wait! Hold the phone! It vibrates if you sit too long??!!! I have a charge, but that feature would be so huge for me!!!

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    My Alta arrived Monday and I love it! It was a Christmas/birthday gift from my husband, who enjoys his Flex and his Charge.

    Here’s to step-fitting together!


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    Jen Neufeld

    I jumped on the FitBit bandwagon just after Christmas and I love it! I got myself the Flex and love that it’s slim and so easy! Best of all, I gets me motivated to do more walking when I don’t see a lot of lights lit up on it. So glad I took the plunge!

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    I have a group of friends who are HIGHLY competitive (not, like 30k a day competitive. Reasonable step competitive). You want to talk about motivation! I don’t know where I’d be without my Fitbit. But damn you for tempting me to upgrade.

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    Hello – just wondering which size you chose and how do you like the fit? My wrist size is *barely* missing the mark for a small. :\

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      Cathy Zielske

      I went with the small. I have really small wrists, and it’s got lots of holes left to go bigger if I need to be a little bigger.

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    Happy Birthday! I could find this answer on line, I’m sure, but my sister and I were just wondering a few hours ago – have you been able to transfer your lifetime steps from your Flex to your new Alta? Thanks!

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    Kimberly O.

    Mine shows up tomorrow. 🙂 My poor Flex, Charge, and Zip tell me they already feel neglected. Well, particularly the Charge. The Zip stays at my work desk in case I either forget the Flex or the Flex’s battery needs charging.

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    I’m so impressed (and jealous!) that you have lost 25 lbs. I’m assuming some of those 10,000 steps come from the treadmill? I have a FitBit but I haven’t worn it for awhile. I guess I need to dust it off and use it again. I seem to be stuck at a weight that is 30 lbs. more than it should be and it is not coming off! It’s very discouraging. Thanks for the inspiration to get moving more!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Well, the steps are part of it. But it’s more what I’ve been eating (or rather, NOT been eating). I’ve moved wine drinking into the Sparingly category, along with things like chips and junk food. I’m eating lots of protein and veggies at every meal (okay, my veggies are in supplements in the mornings in the form of a product called Dynamic Greens) but… I’m eating what my body needs and that has made a huge difference. Real food does amazing things. 🙂

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    Happy Belated Birthday! Congrats on your commitment to stepping lots every day, and the good choices in the consumption department. I have been trying to do the same with a little less success, working out like fiend but the scale is not moving. eating really clean but wine is still a regular player! I am about to purchase a new fitbit and I just can’t decide between the alta and the blaze… I really like the slim profile of the alta but wish it had some features that the blaze has. Guess I am going to try some on my dinky wrist this week and see i the blaze just looks too big.. that could decide it right there.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Tena, size was my main reason. I LOVE the size of the Alta. Do I wish it had heart rate? I do, but honestly? I can take my pulse manually, right? 😉

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