Make a Page Monday: 50 Things at 50

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STORY OF THE PAGE: Last week I celebrated my 50th birthday with some wine and a list of 50 Things to be grateful for. It was a fun way to remind myself of all the good things that come with another year on Planet Earth. Of course I was going to turn it into a layout because, duh. Also, I realized I just haven’t been making many pages about me lately, so… why not?

DESIGN STUFF: I stamped, people. Yes, I did. I used my new Fave Slab Serif stamp sets (alphas and numbers) to create a stamped background on kraft cardstock (using Versamark ink), as well as the title of my page. And yes, these stamps match the font I used, Archer, for a very cohesive overall type look. There’s a simply symmetry on this spread. Both the photo and the white cardstock on the facing page are the same size, and they provide balance for each other. I designed two little flags for each page, just to add a bit of something, without adding too much. I actually love the final result. I think this page will be cool to look at in 10 years. Or 20, if I get to be around that long.

TECHNICAL STUFF: I designed the journaling list using InDesign. Sometimes I use InDesign because it’s just faster for me than doing it in Photoshop. To do this in Photoshop, you would create two text boxes and paste your journaling (or type it up) and format them with the same font and leading. To save time, create one text block column, format it and then simply Option + Click and drag a copy (or Alt + Click and drag on a PC). I also used InDesign to create the little flags that appear on the page.


Note: the following stamps are no longer in stock. 

SPEAKING OF THOSE STAMPS… I’m offering a preorder for both the alphas and the numbers until Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. EST. Once I have the correct numbers in, I’ll place the stamp orders to ensure that everyone who would like a set will get one.  I’m not sure if I plan to keep these in stock or not. This is a whole new business venture and I’m learning as I go. Here’s to new things and great alpha sets.



Thanks again for your support of this new product venture. There are certainly some exciting things happening in my brain these days as I am thinking about the possibilities for stamps going forward.

Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday: 50 Things at 50

10 Comments on “Make a Page Monday: 50 Things at 50”

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    Abby P

    Indeed, there are a ton of things for which to be grateful! Love the layout and your new stamps!

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    Leanne in CA

    Great page! I’ll be 50 next month and I’m not afraid to tell anyone either. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!! Love the stamp sets.

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    I am 51. So I will break the symmetry, and one of my columns will be longer. And it will be awesome, because the stamps are the bomb dot com. I totally love the idea of this layout-thanks for the inspiration! (also, Goldfish and wine. You get me).

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    Go Cathy! 50 is fabulous. And I’m thinking I need to do one of these for each member of my family this year. (That means two 42’s, a 10, and a 7.)

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      Cathy Zielske

      Jana, yes! I have a few sets leftover from the preorder. I will be putting them back for purchase in my shop tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. Central Time. : )

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    Linda Matthews

    I love this!

    I had forgotten about your 50 things at age 50. I made a mental note to make one when I turned 50. Well, see how well that turned out. I forgot. I turned 50 on December 12. I am proud to tell my age. People think I am ten or fifteen younger than I really am. I guess working indoors and having no ability to tan has helped me…. I think.

    Your blog is so down to earth, Cathy. You keep it real and no BS.

    Happy New Year!!

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