Make a Page Monday: The Scrapbook & Cards Today Spring Edition

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My layouts from the Spring 2016 issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today.
Spring is in the air and so is a special Scrapbook & Cards magazine edition of Make a Page Monday. Today I’m going to share a few of my pages from the just published Spring issue, but instead of giving you the usual design spiel I’m going to point you to the online magazine because I’m debuting a new column for 2016 called Design Your Life. Yep, I’m taking a design focus for the entire year because I may not know how to teach heat embossing or other crafty techniques, but I can talk design until the cows come home.

Here’s layout no. 1 from the issue, celebrating my dear, dear friend and confidant, Tara Whitney.
Oh, be still my hybrid scrapbook heart. You can read the article for all the design stuff and the full listing of supplies, but I have to tell you that I loved creating the title using the Grand Hotel font and my Silhouette. I really need to use my Silhouette more for scrapbooking. The title-making aspect alone is worth it. For the journaling, I used my go-to font, Avenir.

Next up, a page about Spring.
This is where some fun, free downloads come into play! You can download the 6 x 4 photo template and the rest of the components to build this page either as a printable (where you write out your journaling by hand) or a digital file (where you can type in your journaling and then print it out.) I’ve also includes a sheet of printable dates featuring that adorable font (also free) called Clementine Sketch. (And that background paper? It’s from this pack from Simple Stories. The whole collection is just so fresh and fun!)

You can find all of the issues free downloads—and there are a lot this month!—by clicking here.
Another free download that will be a part of each Design Your Life column is a set of 3 x 4 cards featuring design terms. You can print them out, trim them, punch a hole and tie them together to have a handy design term reference to keep where you create.
So there’s that!

Another thing that I wanted to share is that many of you know I do not scrapbook in 12 x 12 format for my personal albums. I’m an 8.5 x 11 girl all the way. So when I got my layouts back from our publisher, I decided to take one of them and trim it down for my family album.
I have nothing against 12 x 12. I love working in a square format, but in my world, there just isn’t room for multiple 12 x 12 albums. I have no scrap room, people—just a dining room I’ve been making work since the beginning.
I will be trying to figure out how to convert that page of me and Tara, too. But that might take a bit more finagling.

Don’t forget to check out the magazine online today, as well as all the great free downloads, including a card set from my friend and colleague, Ali Edwards.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST! We are celebrating for the next 10 days on the Scrapbook & Cards Today blog with amazing giveaways totaling more than $2,000. That’s a lot of celebrating, people! Be sure to stop by the blog today and every day through March 30th.

p.s. if you miss the feeling of a scrapbook magazine in hand, subscribe! Our magazine is gorgeous in person. I say that, not as the biased art director, but as a designer who cannot believe how good the quality of our paper is. Must be something up in that Canadian water, but it’s fabulous!


Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday: The Scrapbook & Cards Today Spring Edition

6 Comments on “Make a Page Monday: The Scrapbook & Cards Today Spring Edition”

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    It really IS a GREAT magazine! GORGEOUS really. And that cover is nearly cardstock weight – not cheesy paper by any means – quality stuff. Really glad you turned me onto it as a subscription – best gift to myself in a long time! And in a world feeling nearly w/o mags for a magazine girl – loving it! And SO GLAD to have YOU BACK!! And Ali! And other Simple Scrapbook designers – and Megan Hoeppner as editor! – it’s like old home week whenever it arrives!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Aw, thanks, Lezlee! So glad you like getting it in the mail! We have a great time. I feel very fortunate that Catherine, our publisher and the woman behind the curtain, brought me on board. I work with a great team and I get to make a magazine with a very talented team four times a year. Pretty cool, all around!

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    I love your layout with Tara! And – I have a suggestion for you on that one. Instead of trying to fit it into your book immediately, you could pick up a 12 x 12 frame and put it on display and that would “keep it nice” til you figured out how to reconfigure it for in your book. I suspect you’ll be putting together more 12×12 layouts for the magazine and having a 12×12 frame to “store” them in not only keeps them nice til you are ready to reconfigure them but it provides extra inspiration for what you do when you walk into the room and see them!

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      Cathy Zielske

      That’s a fun idea! I actually have a bunch of 12 x 12 frames that I think are in my basement for album covers. I should see if one of them would fit!

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    Hi Cathy,

    The page is great! I really like it and thank you for a free template download. I am one of your fans but I would be remised if I didn’t alert you the clementine sketch font was used incorrectly. The letter “g” was not closed off at the end.

    When you finish a word, you have to add shift + 6 (the up arrow ^ symbol). This closes the word. After you’ve downloaded the font you will notice a file attached explaining how to use it.

    Additionally I am including a link to a blog post from The Daily Digi on using this font properly. The steps are quick and easy. Thanks again for all your inspiration.

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