Stamp preorders are now live!

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Beginning today you can preorder my new Fave Slab Serif Outline No. 01 and the matching Fave Slab Serif Outline No. 02 numbers sets. The first set sold out within 7 hours so I think preorders will remove the stress of “Will I get a set or not?”

You will be billed when you place the order. I just want to be clear on that point. I will be closing preorders on Tuesday, March 15th at 8 a.m. EST so I can place the proper order with my manufacturer. If this system works well, I will continue the preorder approach for future releases.

I don’t think I plan on having a gazillion sets out there. I just want to make sets that I love. So, these first two sets definitely fill that bill.

To preorder, click here.

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes! The best surprise of my 50th? I was on a walk last Sunday with my daughter, who was home for the weekend. We were nearing our home by the park where we live and she turns to me and says, “Mom, will you take a picture of my over by the park entrance?” And I say, “But we’re almost home,” to which she replies, “Just one photo?” Of course, how can I walk away from any opportunity to take a picture, right?

So we cross the street to where there is a brick archway at the park entrance. She stands in the middle of it and I see there is a lady who wants to pass through. (It’s a heavily trafficked area, mind you.) So I whisper to Aidan, “Tell that lady go through…” So she does.

The lady steps through and it’s my life-long best friend from Seattle, Molly.

I was literally stunned. I couldn’t move. Of course, I started to cry, but I also couldn’t even connect the mental dots as to how they pulled this one off without me knowing a thing.

Suffice to say it was a perfect way to spend a few days around my birthday. We hung out, drank a little wine, shopped and reconnected. I also realized it was the first three-day stretch in a while that I did no work.

Every now and then, that’s a good thing.

Here’s to preorders and surprises.

Have a great weekend and I will be sending out a reminder email in a few days about the preorders.


Cathy ZielskeStamp preorders are now live!

9 Comments on “Stamp preorders are now live!”

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    Just placed my order ……

    Cathy- on a completely different topic will you be offering a class on photography using your iPhone?


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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Chris, thanks!

      At this time, I don’t have any plans for a class like that. 🙂 But never say never, right? Maybe you just gave me an idea!

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    Will you be getting any more of the “Bitty Fitness” back in stock? I noticed they are sold out and there isn’t a preorder option for that set. Thank you Cathy – these rock!

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    Cathy – the outline stamps are classic and timeless. I’m not clear if each letter is one individual stamp or if they come as one 4×6 stamp (prefereable to me). If the latter, I also hope you’ll consider one day having a matching die for them – a die that also could be run in one pass to cut all the letters. There could be nothing better than a set like this – beautiful, timeless, can be cut from any printed or plain cardstock, could be watercolored or Copic-colored or stamped – myriad options so …. Priceless dear, talented lady! Best wishes with this new venture.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Each letter on the set is individual, on the sheet. They are not connected. You do not have to cut them apart.

      Never thought about dies. Never say never!

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