The Present Participle List for March 2016

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Considering the reality that I may use my new  letter board for every single remaining blog post of 2016.

Trying to decide where it will actually reside in my home. I’m pretty sure it won’t stay leaned up against the back of my couch.

Admitting publicly that yes, I watch Dance Moms. But there’s a reason. Someone I know and love very much (hi Aidan!) told me that it’s one of her guilty pleasures. Wanting to understand my daughter, I watched the pilot episode and my first reaction was, “I. Can. Not. Watch. This. Shit. Show.” I called up my girl and started to ask  her what she got out of watching it and she said, “Oh mom, it teaches me so much about who I do not want to be as an adult.” Whew. Crisis averted. Now I watch a few here and there on the treadmill and rather than feel superior and all full of judgments, I am using it to see where I have been similar in my own lifetime of parenting and how I can continue to strive to do better. Moving right along…

Listening to a lot of Joe Jackson lately, especially live versions of Steppin’ Out. (Like this one.) I saw him last Fall and every time I have seen him live it has been stellar. Also, I have a soft spot for artists who continually reinterpret their songs like this.

Working this week to finish up the spring issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine. This has to be my favorite freelance job ever. I get to scrapbook for them, then I get to design their whole magazine and also work with their team of ridiculously talented page and project designers. Plus, many of them are Canadian. Bonus. Also, my editor in chief is someone I go way back to my days at Simple Scrapbooks magazine. I love working with her, too. And the publisher is also awesome to work with. Double bonus. I am launching a new column for the spring issue called Design Your Life (all about, you guessed it, page design!) You can have this lovely magazine delivered right to your doorstep. To subscribe, go here.

Preparing to launch CZ Stamps! I am waiting for one shipment to arrive (I ordered extra sets to have better inventory on hand) and then I’ll be launching the shop. I absolutely will be placing a re-order on this first set if it sells out. It takes about 10 days to get new product. Also, I’m creating a matching numbers set, too. That should be in the shop by mid March. I appreciate the enthusiasm you’ve been sharing with me. Truly. I’m a small business and it’s support from readers like you that let me keep exploring new avenues in this amazing crafty world. If you want to know when the stamps go on sale, subscribe to my newsletter. I’ll be notifying subscribers first.

Looking forward to next week because it’s going to be my 50th birthday. I’m pretty lucky to be here. I don’t have anything too crazy planned. I’m sure there will be a little Indian take out food involved. And maybe some wine. Oh, and I won’t be doing any laundry that day.

That’s what’s happening here.

What kind of ings are going on in your world?

Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for March 2016

17 Comments on “The Present Participle List for March 2016”

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    Cathy, I loved your “Dance Moms” entry. Every once in a while I come across that show and it kind of sucks me in, too, because I can’t believe how petty those moms are! It’s great that Aidan watches it to remind her of how not to act. You are so lucky as a mom…you’re kids are great! If you ever double yourself, don’t…you’re doing a great job!

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    Kim Smith

    I am waiting patiently for my knee xrays and trying to be patient about the right knee pain to dissolve, or at least lighten up. I mean it has been a month now.

    So glad you are creating your stamps, even though I cannot use them do to my low dexterity in my hands. Wondering if you are doing digital versions as well?

    Looking forward to the Spring issue and helping to celebrate your birthday online 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Kim, here’s to no more knee pain!

      At this time, I am not planning to offer these in digital. 🙂

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    Thanks for reminding me how much I liked Joe Jackson back in the day. Somehow I thought he had left he planet.

    At first I suspected your board meant to say Watch Mom Dance Like No One’s Watching. The reality sounds worse though I see that Episode 10 is Cathy Brings It On. Hmmmm….

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    * Binge-watching Downton Abbey now that we have Prime; just started Season 4.
    * Cringing at the success of a certain politician who shall remain nameless
    * Chiming in with a “yay” for the upcoming matching numbers set!
    * Savoring each and every additional minute of daylight that we are adding each day
    * Planning to plant some flower seeds so we’ll have baby plants for planting time
    * Eating way too many Chobani Flips (the seasonal vanilla kind with chocolate & peppermint)

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    Hoping to see more samples of ways to use your new stamps. As a long time stamper I’ve noticed that the more samples I see using a stamp set the better the stamps sell:) When I look at stamps I always wonder what the designer had in mind when they designed the stamp–like they must have some vision of how that stamp will be used to tell a story or create an art piece.

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    As of yesterday (now), preparing to: close our business down, pack up our house, road trip from the mountains of Western NC- to the shores of an island off the coast of WA state- with 3 supremely anxious/slobbery/but precious ‘puppies’ in tow (#210 worth of ‘puppy’), in under 30 days now. Oh yeah, and make an offer on a new home, and hope it gets accepted, & closed on, so we actually have a home to go too. Whew…I’m tired already just writing that out, lol.
    Btw, LOVE Aidan’s reason for her crapality tv show addiction!! But then, she’s a smart one that young lady, like her Mama!
    Btw2, 50 will be grand! I’m two years in now, and still here to tell it! Happy Birthday early! (Cuz I might miss it with my aforementioned preparations, lol)!

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    Christine K.

    This reminds me of the time when summer vacation had just started and I walked into the living room to find my then 13 year old daughter watching “16 and Pregnant”.
    Needless to say I decided quickly that she was not going to be spending her free time watching that show and it was time to plan some summer activities.

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    That Joe Jackson album was a staple when I was in college. Just brought back a ton of memories. Now for you, a new hip band that my daughter is listening to (Fashion Art Rock Band)…. Palaye Royale I like the song Die for Something Beautiful. Happy Birthday. You now get to join the 50 club!

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    Michelle t

    Happy birthday! And best wishes with the stamps. I’ll look forward to seeing them. Your Christmas stamps are well used and loved with my holiday projects. Thank you. Michelle t

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    Michelle t

    Happy birthday! Best wishes on the stamps. I look forward to seeing them. Your Christmas stamps are well used and loved on my holiday projects. Thank you. Michelle t

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