Two new Instagram projects

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Turning 50 gives you all kinds of ideas for social media.

Okay, it gives you other ideas, too… but the other day I was feeling a little sassy in my new J.Jill denim shirt dress (yes, I did just type that proudly) and I had an idea.

The idea? 50 selfies at 50.

It’s probably not the most original idea, but I’m going ahead with it. I set an alarm every Monday that says, “Take a selfie today” and so that is what I plan to do. At the end of the year? I’ll have 50 selfies to do something with. God only knows what that will be, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

The only rule? I have to take the photo myself. For this one, I set my phone on the ground and used the Key Cam app. It lets you clap to trigger the shot. How cool is that?

You can follow along on my Instagram feed, and look for this hashtag: #cz50selfiesat50.

And then I had another idea. (I know, two in one day is a little out of control.)

I am in love with my Letterfolk Letterboard and I don’t care who knows it.

Since acquiring this a few weeks back, roughly 5 different quotes or phrases have graced the board and it got me thinking: this would be another fun Instagram project.

It started when Dan and I were talking about his stress levels as a student teacher and grad student, and he says, “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice,” quoting lyrics from the great Neil Peart of Rush from the song Freewill.

We both looked at each other and we knew: that’s gotta go on the board.

And so kicks off the other project: #czletterboardweekly2016. I’m going to try and add a new quote, phrase or some other word combo every week for the remainder of the year, and then take a photo to share on Instagram.

Again, at the end of the year, I’ll have a bunch of photos to do something fun with. I’m thinking a mini book from Artifact Uprising more than likely.

Here’s to curating your social media projects with personal hashtags.

Follow along here.

Speaking of Instagram… if you want to see what I’m up to with scrapbooking, design, products, stamps, classes and all things related to my small but mighty CZ Design empire, follow me on my czdesign account. Here’s where I get my scrapbooking freak on. Aw yeah. No fancy hashtags here. Just good old fashioned crafty stuff. Or at least as crafty as I get.

Cathy ZielskeTwo new Instagram projects

15 Comments on “Two new Instagram projects”

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    I keep thinking I should do a selfie project (beyond my shoes…I have lots of those). Mayhap I’ll join you…

    Stop it with that board. YOU CAN’T MAKE ME BUY ONE (no matter how badly I want one).

  2. #3

    Seriously – the awesomeness level.
    You inspire such fun.

    …off to take selfies and celebrate life version 5.2!

  3. #4

    Just wait until you turn fifty two! 52 weeks in a year. One project per week. So far I’m into week two…..

  4. #5

    super idea cathy…and the app looks like fun to use. How do you hold your phone up on the ground and how do you know exactly where to put it to get yourself in frame?

  5. #6

    after i saw your letterfolk letterboard, i knew i needed one, as well. i’ve been changing my messages weekly & love the ongoing affirmations it provides our family. gotta go download that clapping app now … #followtheleader

  6. #9
    Kathlyn Titcombe-Hollis

    Hi Cathy,
    I just wondered if you’re doing any type of project life this year??
    Have I missed it???

    1. #9.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Kathlyn, well I am, i just haven’t started yet. How crazy is that?

      I’m actually wanting to make an e-course about how to basically do what I have to do, which is get started and get caught up. Because I do my PL monthly, it would be a great opportunity for me to see if what I think will work in an course would actually work! 🙂

      Stay tuned!

  7. #10

    Hi Cathy–I am assuming this is the 16×20 board from Letterfolk? Do they have just two sizes, 10×10 and 16×20? The small one seems too small for a quote, but the large one seems too big….is it? Do you hang it on a wall?
    I love the idea of a weekly quote, btw. I am ‘into’ quotes, and frequently post them on my frig for inspiration. 🙂

    1. #10.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Annie, it IS the larger one. Yes. And I believe with the smaller one, the letters you get with it are smaller.

      I am going to be placing mine on this new big shelf I bought from Pottery Barn. I just have to get the dang shelf on the wall.

      So yes to hanging it on the wall. That’s mostly my plan!

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