Would you preorder for the reorder?

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Last week I launched the CZ Stamps shop and in 8 hours, the first set sold out.

First of all, thank you! Second of all, they’re all in the mail and on their way to you. And third of all, I apologize to those who wanted the set but missed out.

Yep. I’m new to this and am trying to figure out how to balance the risk of adding stock to a shop versus making sure my customers are happy and able to get what they want.

And that leads me to today’s question: would you like me to offer a preorder option for the next re-order?

With my current shop, you would be billed as soon as you place the order. My production lead time is 8 to 10 days before I would have your stamps packed up and ready to ship. Does that sound like something you would like me to offer?

In this way, whoever wants this set would be able to get it. No stress about it being sold out by the time you sat down to make the purchase. It would also give me an idea of how many sets to stock and potentially, everyone wins. (Always the goal, right?)

So if you like this idea, leave me a comment today telling me so and then watch your email inbox for a message from me about the preorders opening up. I will add a deadline for the preorders so I’m able to place the order with my manufacturer. Β Subscribe to my newsletter to stay in the loop.

Question No. 2:Β I created a matching number set and got my samples in but there was a slight problem so they are going back into production as I await new samples. So question no. 2 is, would you also like the option to preorder the numbers set too?

I’d love your feedback by Wednesday! I’m excited about this new part of my business and hope to iron out my production schedule in a way that makes sense. This includes looking at building a custom shop with the types of preorders I would like to collect (ones where you pay when it ships!) but right now, my budget dictates that I use the shop I have.

Thanks everyone!


Cathy ZielskeWould you preorder for the reorder?

214 Comments on “Would you preorder for the reorder?”

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    I was lucky enough to get the first set (and they arrived Saturday! Woot!) but would love a pre-order option for future sets.

  2. #7

    Yes! I would love a pre-order option! And Yes to the matching numbers and pre-order for those too! Will there be another run of this first set?

  3. #9

    Yes! Clean and Simple! (It’s sort of the opposite of the current trend of subscription programs–where you get exclusive products but have no idea what they will be. Sort of like spending a fortune on a new dress and makeup for a blind date.)

  4. #10


    Also spent the weekend with Catherine from SCT and I was one of the ladies chatting with her when you both were texting. We totally want to see you. Even if you just come to spend the weekend with us and not teach. We love what you do and the new level of awesomeness you have brought to the magazine. Besides – you have this awesome new stamp line you need to come show off…

    1. #10.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Tara, I hope you had an AWESOME time. Yes, Catherine has been working to persuade me to come. Believe me, I love me some Canadian scrapbookers. I’m working in all out in my head to figure out what I could do at one of the events. πŸ™‚

    1. #12.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Oh, that’s a great idea going forward! As I’m just trying to get this business up and running, for now, I’ll put that on my list of things to explore. πŸ™‚

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    Marcie L

    I was lucky enough to get in on the first order but I would absolutely pre-order and pre-pay for the numbers!

  6. #16

    I definitely want the numbers and will order as soon as you put it up – but if I missed would want reorder option for sure. Can’t wait for first set to arrive! Love your work!

  7. #19

    I would definitely use the pre-order feature. I am not always connected to my email and missed the newsletter announcement. I would order the numbers once they became available.

  8. #23
    Phyllis Marshall

    Pre-order would be great! I missed the last one and really would have loved that set of stamps…. Paying up front does not bother me because the turnaround is not too lengthy. Most of the time anything that I order in advance is paid for at the time I order.

  9. #24
    Jennifer Moneagle

    Yes – I would love a pre-order option …I missed out on the first set and think that going forward it would be a win-win

  10. #25
    Louise Ells

    Yes please. Letters to preorder and numbers to preorder as well. THANK YOU!! And yay to you coming up here to Canada!!

  11. #32

    Definitely yes to pre-orders for both, and I agree that it would be great to have a bundle option for both, or at least combine shipping for the two.

  12. #34
    Laura A in Oregon

    I am not going to order the letter set or numbers, but wanted to let you know that the preorder option would work for me if you had other sets that I did want. In fact I don’t mind paying ahead, if it means that I get the stamps that I want.

  13. #35

    I think a preorder option for both sets is a great idea. Not only for this set but in going forward with future sets/products. You don’t want to run out and disappoint people but you also don’t want to be left holding the bag on a bunch of sets. Don’t worry, you’ll figure it all out and get the kinks worked out.

  14. #36

    I’m all about saving on the shipping costs and decided to wait to order until you had both sets available in the shop. If I could pre-order as a bundle with a single shipping charge (and maybe a discount for the set?), I’d do that in a heartbeat!

  15. #38
    Abby P

    Pre-order and pizza go hand-in-hand: YYAAAAASSSSSS! And the bundle option is awesome! Congrats on this new stage of your business : D

  16. #39
    Michelle t

    Just wanted to say congratulations! So happy You had a sell out. That’s awesome. Michelle t

  17. #40

    Ugh, pre-order is such a tough question! I love the idea of being guaranteed a set, but I also don’t like the idea of waiting! πŸ™‚ Although since the turnaround time is only ten days (I’ve seen small stamp companies that require WEEKS worth of waiting after a pre-order, which is something I’m NOT willing to do!), I suppose that is a pretty short wait time to be guaranteed a set. And YES for numbers!!!!

  18. #41

    Yes, I would pre order both sets. Also for the new set. I’m in the Netherlands, shipping takes sometimes long.. So I could wait Some more days!

  19. #43
    Christine K.

    Yes, I did get the alpha but I would love to preorder the number set. Also, I am interested in small planner type word and graphic type stamps. Congrats on your new business venture πŸ™‚

  20. #44

    I have gone to digital stamps only, but if I were going to order, I would def want a pre-order option.

  21. #45
    Amy Hanschen

    Yes, I would like to pre-order both sets, alphas, and numbers! Thanks for making this an option, Cathy!

  22. #47
    Renee Hoffer

    Cathy, like most of your commenters, I am all for pre-ordering. When I place online orders, I love noticing when an order was billed because then I know it’s on its way! However when I go to place an order and its not in stock, chances are I won’t go back and to see when it finally comes in–by then my crafting pennies have been spent on other goodies!

  23. #53
    Tonja Trump

    I already received my stamp order, BUT I think the pre-order option is a great idea. That ensures you don’t sit with inventory you can’t move and guarantees us a stamp set. πŸ™‚

    I would pre-order the numbers as soon as they’re available. The shipping time is awesome since I’m only an hour south of you. πŸ™‚

  24. #54

    YES! I was out of town and missed the first order opportunity – BOO!

    I would like the reorder option – on ALL sets!

  25. #56
    Leanne in CA

    I was lucky enough to get the alphabet stamp in the first order, but I would absolutely pre-order the matching numbers set and pay up front for it. That way, no stress about not getting it and it selling out before anyone who wanted it could get to it. Thanks so much for asking for our input! Have a fabulous day!!

  26. #57
    Karen Hobbs

    I would not have any problem with the pre-order system. And I do really like both sets that you have now.

  27. #63
    Linda Richardson

    Preorder sounds good to me. I’m not sure how much I would use the numbers but I would probably preorder them, just in case.

  28. #64
    Jill B

    I’m one of the lucky ones and got to order my alphas and yes I would preorder with early payment. Yeah for small business women. I’m in.

  29. #67

    First, congratulations on the successful launch of your stamps! Second, YES I would be interested in the pre-order option for both the alphas and the number sets! Thanks for requesting feedback.

  30. #68
    Nicole H.

    Yes, I’m interested in the letter set for sure, numbers will depend on price. Some of us have to wait for payday…..

  31. #71

    Yes, please! I’d like to preorder both the alphabet and numbers and ideally have them ship together. Hope punctuation is also in the works.

  32. #73

    Received my letters on Saturday. The packaging was so clean and simple! Love the,. And YES I am interested in pre-ordering the number stamps and planner stamps when you have them.

  33. #82
    Helen High

    Oh my goodness!! I missed the launch??? I’m so sad, but “good feeling” back with the re-order.

    Yes, please and thank you. I would like to have this set. . .numbers too!

  34. #86

    I got the letters (just waiting for them to come in the mail) and I would love to preorder the numbers.

  35. #88
    Kathleen S

    Yes, pre-order is the way to go! The ‘sold out’ sign on other sites is frustrating. If it’s sold out, take it off. Eight hours is fantastic!

  36. #90
    Kim J.

    I would love the option to pre-order both sets!! That way, I know I’ll get the sets and they will ship when ready. Thank you so much for letting us provide feedback for you!

  37. #91
    Jen H

    If it’s something I want to buy and you offer pre-orders I’ll definitely pre-order so that I make sure I get it. Thanks! Excited to see what you stock next!

  38. #95

    I would like the option of pre-ordering the numbers, and to pre-order future sets. I find it very annoying to have to stalk a site to make orders. This sounds like a great alternative.

  39. #97
    Della Kapocius

    Yes. I like the preorder option. And you can count me in for both letters and numbers. I’ll be watching my email!

  40. #99
    Raegan L.

    Yes to pre-order of numbers. I too was lucky enough to get the first release, I hope they are waiting for me in the mail today when I get off work. Cathy, I am so excited about this new venture you are on! You have always been at the top of my inspiration list when it comes to scrapbooking! Keep up the great work!

  41. #101

    i would love to preorder the alpha and the the numbers! both sets look great! i’d hate to miss out! i was so busy with my daughter being off school last week, that by the time i saw the email that the shop had gone live- the alphas were gone- lol! i’m thrilled & excited for you- but we all knew they’d be a giant hit!! super cool! πŸ™‚

  42. #102

    Yes to preorders! I got the ABC’s in the first go around but would love the 123’s as a preorder and also for any upcoming sets too.

  43. #105

    Yes to number stamps and yes to pre-order. Looking forward to the arrival of my ABC’s. Congrats on your new venture!

  44. #111

    Yes please to pre-ordering. I happened to be online when the first set went up and ordered immediately so mine is on it’s way (big smile!!), but it drives me crazy to have to pounce in order to get something (Studio Calico, for instance–love their stuff, HATE their system). I’d order the numbers in a second!

  45. #113

    I like the pre-order option. I really like the idea that was suggested for a discount on pre-orders. Ali Edwards has kind of done this with her Story Kits – that’s kind of her model, although you’re committing for a period of time with deeper discounts for the longer you subscribe, rather than a product. I think this would be a win-win for everyone.

  46. #115

    Yes Cathy pre-order for me too all the way. I don’t mind paying ahead if that takes away the anxiety of being in time to order. We west-coaster sometimes have to set alarms on ungodly hours just to order supplies you want otherwise you get the dreaded ‘sold out’! Would love pre-order!
    You go girl! This will be awesome!

  47. #118

    I would love to pre order both alpha and number sets. I do not mind shopping with pre-orders. Thanks for asking!

  48. #119
    JoAnn Johnson


    Yes, I would love to have the option to preorder. I checked my email in the afternoon and missed out on the letters. I am also interested in the numbers. You are one of my favorite blog sights.

  49. #120

    Yes, I’d like the option to preorder, both letters and numbers. Charging and then shipping in a couple of weeks sounds reasonable to me and like you said – we both win!

  50. #122

    Preorder would be great and shipping together as I’m far far away in France…I can wait for the second one to be ready to get both of them at the same time.

  51. #126

    I’m happy to pre order as well. I was holding off ordering the letters set as I wanted to combine shipping of the numbers stamps as well. Shipping internationally can be expensive but i don’t want to miss out!! Wishing you all the best for this business venture Cathy πŸ™‚

  52. #127
    Carol Labuski

    Going forward with any new sets you may have available that I’m interested in, I’d love a pre-order/pre-pay option. Wishing you much luck in your new venture! πŸ˜‰

  53. #128

    I was also a lucky one and got a set of the alpha’s. Yes would love a pre-order option on the numbers and any upcoming sets you release.

  54. #129

    Hi Cathy, I purchased the fitness set before it sold out. Would love the preorder option. Shipping to Australia, and the $ conversion was expensive but I’m looking forward to receiving my stamps. Cheers.

  55. #134

    I would love to pre-order both the alpha and the numbers! Thanks for thinking of pre-order as an option!

  56. #135

    Yes to the pre-order of both the alpha and the numbers! Sad that I missed out on the chance to buy the alpha, so thanks for offering it again!

  57. #136

    Pre-order would be great…:) . Thanks for exploring the option!

    Were your ears burning this weekend? Quite a few of us were talking about you and saying how much we would LOVE to see you at a Markham or Cornwall Crop & Create event.

  58. #137

    In a seemingly differing opinion… YES on pre-order… ha. That’s a reasonably short turnaround time and, as one who missed the first few rounds of the “Fit” stamps, it’s nice to just order and not have to have any order timing mojo. Love the numbers and would likely order both alpha and the numbers… thanks, Cathy!

  59. #138

    Thanks to a case of insomnia, I was awake and able to snag the letters but I would for sure pre-order numbers and anything else you decide to do.

  60. #141
    Therese H

    Yes preorder and I want both stamp sets. Thanks for asking for our input. Good luck with this new venture.

  61. #142
    Kathryn Benfiet

    Yes, I would love pre-order and like others have stated, would order the set (numbers and letters), particularly if they coj,d ship together and save on postage. A small discount for those of us willing to prepay would be nice also.

  62. #143

    Yes, I would definitely do the pre-order thing. I’ve been doing it for years with Ali Edwards week-in-the-life, December daily, and other kits and stamps.

  63. #147

    I like the idea of preorder. I don’t use too many alpha stamps but I saw that you are working on Christmas and planner stamps and can’t wait to see them! Congratulations on your new venture!

  64. #148

    Yes to both sets……………I was really surprised to see that the alphabet stamps were all sold out by the time I got home and opened the e-mail. Sure can’t sleep around here (although I was actually at work and I don’t read my emails from work, generally).

    CONGRATs on your new venture!!

  65. #155

    Yes please preorder the numbers and the fit stamps for me please.
    I’m so happy for you that this adventure was a great one. Or is a great one!

  66. #160

    Question 1-yes I would like to preorder your alphabet stamps.
    Question 2-yes I would like to preorder numbers as well.
    Comment-yes I would preorder stamps from you.

  67. #161

    I don’t want an alphabet but would definitely be up for pre orders on other items you come up with–especially some of your quirky phrases that only you can pull off.

  68. #163

    I received my set today, so excited to start using them. I too would like the number set and would be more than willing to place my order by way of pre sale to help you with forecasting.

  69. #164

    Yes, I would pre-order both sets, preferably to ship together. I also would be interested in other planner/Project Life types of stamps.

  70. #167

    My letter stamps arrived today and I am IN LOVE! I also LOVE the packaging.

    And yes, I would be totally down with pre-ordering the matching numbers.



  71. #168

    Even though it looks like the overwhelming majority is saying yes to both and you don’t really need my yes I will add it to the pile anyway. So yes to both numbers and preorder. Jumping on the band wagon.

  72. #170
    Kimberly Ann

    I would definitely pre-order the letters and numbers! I don’t mind the billing ahead of time.

  73. #171

    Yes, I definitely like the idea of doing a bundled pre-order for both sets as that would save on shipping.

  74. #172

    yes happy to pre-order anything. Missed out on the word set and really like it. Can you order more of them. I am sure they will be snatched up because so many people love your style.

  75. #174
    Ann Marshall Grigsby

    Pre-ordering works just fine for me. I’ve been out of state and apparently missed out on your initial offering. I don’t need numbers, but I’d be up for the letters if the price isn’t outrageous. I’m also interested in what you think up to offer next (love that you’re always full of surprises).

  76. #175
    Jennifer Larson

    I would preorder both letters and numbers. Because I teach, I don’t get a chance to capture the most popular items online right when they go on sale. These are divine.

  77. #177
    Christine K.

    WOW! My stamps arrived today in the mail and they are fabulous. You have knocked this one out of the park. Congratulations.

  78. #178

    yes, I would like to preorder the ABC and think it would be a great option. Numbers are not quite my thing, but a pre-order function would still be great. I actually think I am going to order these numbers.

  79. #180
    Charlotte Elvedal

    I have planned this as a reward for myself for Fit, so maybe I will not preorder, but I really, really hope you will stock some for us who don’t preorder. just love this apha! And the numbers:-)

  80. #181
    Missus Wookie

    Another saying that yes, I’d order knowing that it will take 8-10 days for the order to be ready to ship. Shipping to the UK will add about that on again anyhow…. We’re used to being patient πŸ˜‰

  81. #182

    I was lucky enough to get a set already and LOVE them! I am all in for Pre Orders – like to know that I am on the LIST , ready and waiting for the release and of course, realize it gives the seller a clue on volume needed. So, in the future, I sure vote YES for the pre order option.

  82. #185

    I would be interested in a pre-order, especially if there’s a way to order more than one stamp set at a time. Even though your set is very reasonably priced, with the shipping and exchange rate (things that are out of your control), my final price was too high, and I couldn’t justify ordering. However, if I could pre-order two (or more) sets and combine shipping, it may be more affordable. Do you plan to have the sets for a limited time only, or is it possible that the Favorite Slab Serif set would be something I could order in a few months if you’ve release other sets?

    1. #185.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Lynn, I’m not sure. I would like to see how it all shakes out! πŸ™‚ Because I don’t plan to release a crazy number of sets, I might like to keep some of the classics in stock, like this first release.

  83. #186
    Andrea D.

    Hey Cathy…I just wanted you to know that I received my stamp set yesterday, and it is absolutely fantastic! I, too, would definitely be interested in pre-ordering the numbers set to match.

    Have you given any thought to your angel policy regarding your stamp sets? The set is so versatile, that I can’t wait to make some cards.

  84. #189

    I would love to have a pre-order system, then you can order and forget it.
    Too many times stamps are put out there, they are out of stock, you are ready to place an order and then you have to wait until your items are re-stocked and on and on, so if it is out of stock, I usually don’t bother with it and find something else. Some companies don’t put your order in pending until the item you want comes in and ship it all at once. If there is too much hassle factor, I move on unless it is something I HAVE to have which is rare. Also, one item may come in and then another is out of stock. Sometimes you have something in your cart and while you finish your order, it is no longer in stock at check out. So I think you are smart to do a pre-order and then have a small supply of extras that might have missed the notice. No sense in you having overhead, when a pre-order makes more sense. Good luck with this new venture.

  85. #190
    Jeanne M

    Preorder is totally the way to go. Certain other companies ramp up the “limited edition” aspect, causing stress for no good reason. Thanks for being logical!

  86. #193
    Sue Triggs-Rhuda

    Congrats on the new biz venture! Yay for you for taking the leap! Yes, I’d like to pre-order both sets….Pre-order is awesome because if you’re like me, you forget you ordered it and it shows up as a surprise ! πŸ˜‰

  87. #194

    You rock, Cathy! I want to preorder the numbers set since I already bought the alpha set. I believe preordering is good for us too since we don’t need to worry about missing the product. Thanks for the option!

  88. #196
    Paula DeVoy

    Yes, please! I was so disappointed to miss out on the alpha set. My time I got off work, it was sold out! A pre-order would take care of that for me. I’d pre-order both the alpha and the numbers set.

  89. #197
    Maureen Wildauer

    Yes I would love to preorder the pair. Can’t wait to start using them. Congrats on all the success. I look forward to what you come up with next.

  90. #198
    MK cullen

    Abc 123 for me.
    I’d preorder anything from you Cathy. I’d rather pledge monthly to you than NPR. But I really do love me some NPR.

  91. #199
    Gina Nathan

    Hi Cathy. I would pre-order both sets.Would it make international postage more viable? It gets pricey to order single sets.

  92. #200
    Lyn Lovell

    Definitely in favour of a pre-order option. Would hate to miss out on your stamps sets in the future.

  93. #204

    Definitely like the pre-order option since I don’t look at email or even my pc everyday. And, yes to pre-ordering the set also!

  94. #205

    I would love to preorder, I am on your subscriber list but I don’t have any email about preorders opening. I was very dissapointed that I was not able to purchase this stamp set before it sold out.

    1. #205.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Preorders are coming! Beth, you are in fact on my sub list. Is it possible that my email went to your junk mail folder?

  95. #207

    I realize I am very late to the game here, but just saw these stamps today on another blog. I see I can order the letters but the numbers are sold out. Will you be reordering these? Do we need to sign up or pre-order? I signed up for the newsletter today. Thanks!

    1. #207.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hi Machelle,

      The preorder launched earlier this month and has since closed. Watch my newsletter for any more info on this set! πŸ™‚

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