Announcing the launch of my Crap-Free Scrapbooking Resource Library

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Subscribe to my newsletter for instant access to my Crap-Free Scrapbooking Resource Library.

Subscribe to my newsletter for instant access to my Crap-Free Scrapbooking Resource Library.
In an effort to bring more content value to my newsletter subscribers (man, I sound SUPER corporate right now), I’ve created what I’m calling my Crap-Free Resource Library. This is a collection of exclusive goodies for my newsletter subscribers. I’m launching it with articles, free templates, printable journal cards and the tools to make a visual reference for all of your digital products. And that’s just the beginning.

I plan to add to this collection every month and subscribers will be notified when new stuff is available.

I appreciate being able to visit your inbox. I don’t think I overdo the whole email thing, but if I have new stuff, or classes, or just things I want to share, it’s a much more direct way to do it.

If you’re already a subscriber, you should have gotten an email from me earlier in the week with the link and the password to access the content. (If not, email me and I can hook you up!)

To sign up, click below and you’ll get an email from me confirming your subscription along with the details for accessing the library. Enjoy!

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Cathy ZielskeAnnouncing the launch of my Crap-Free Scrapbooking Resource Library

12 Comments on “Announcing the launch of my Crap-Free Scrapbooking Resource Library”

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    Abby P

    SHIT! I went on an e-mail-spring-cleaning-rampage and accidentally deleted my newsletter containing the password. Then I tried to email you, and my pc crashed. Thank GOD I’ve got good back-up, cuz I think my pc’s a-talkin’ to me, and it’s NOT sweet-nuthin’s I hear 🙁 When you get a moment, could you sent me that link? Thanks CZ – and I’m lovin’ the new look of the ole blog!

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    Thank you soooo much for sharing the “how to” for the digital resource binder! I needed someway to be able to see all my options. I asked for this this and you delivered! Thanks! #czisawesome

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    Thank you so much for these resources. I enjoyed looking at them yesterday. Love the Product Binder idea. Will be such a big help! I love to organize.

  4. #6

    I can’t seem to find my way back to the resource library! As a current newsletter subscriber, I received my password and was in there the other day, but everything I click this morning asks me to sign up for the newsletter again. Please guide me back to Nirvana!

  5. #7

    Yep, signed up! I really want to get back into scrapbooking and feel a little rusty:) Can’t for some CathyZ. Inspo in my inbox:) thank you!

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    Hi Cathy

    I haven’t seen an email with a password in it yet. I have been a subscriber for a while now. Can you please send me my password?
    Thanks, Becky

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    Debbie Greene

    I got my letter with the password but I can’t seem to access the library. It keeps asking me to sign up again. Help please!

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    Blayne White

    hello-I’m having the same problem. Signed up for newsletter to gain access to Resource Library but every time I click it, it tells me to sign up. If I try to sign up again, it tells me I’m already signed up. Please advise. I am enjoying all the emails, though. 🙂 I just really would like to access the Digital Product binder Template

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