My Clean & Simple Scrapbook books are now back in stock in limited supply

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My two books are now back in stock for a limited time. If you missed out the first time, why not snag one today?

My two books are now back in stock for a limited time. If you missed out the first time, why not snag one today?

Not so many moons ago, I wrote two books on scrapbooking. For many of you, that’s actually how you know about me.

Clean & Simple Scrapbooking and the creatively titled Clean & Simple Scrapbooking: The Sequel, are largely considered the magnum opus of my career. (Okay, no one has actually said that. I said that. Just now.) But the fact is, they represent my memory keeping philosophy distilled into a collection of layouts and albums. They cover journaling, design, photography and ideology.

Published in 2004 and 2006 respectively, these books may feature much younger versions of me and my family as well as products long since off the store shelves, but they are as vital to how I create and approach this craft as ever. The fact is that I haven’t really changed my approach since I started back in 2002. This is what I really believe about the hobby.

Last week, when I was without a computer I decided to clean my office closet and I found four boxes of my books. I had purchased them when the publisher went out of business. I thought, “I’ll do something with these some day!” and then literally forgot I had them.

Today, I’m doing something with them. I’m adding them to my shop for purchase. Originally they sold for $19.99 and I will sell them for $16.99 and sign them for you. If you want a more personal note, tell me what you want me to say in the notes area when you purchase the book. I’ll write anything you like! I’m easy.

I have about 100 books total. After that, they really are gone, baby. (Well, you can buy them used on Amazon, too. I need to tell you that because I’ve seen them as low as .01 cents and as high as $42.)

I will be shipping them via Media Mail to save you money. I’m only shipping to U.S. customers at this time.

Maybe it’s high time I write a new book, huh? I’m sure layouts about menopause would shake this industry to its core.



Cathy ZielskeMy Clean & Simple Scrapbook books are now back in stock in limited supply

24 Comments on “My Clean & Simple Scrapbook books are now back in stock in limited supply”

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    I love these. They were my inspiration when I did my kids books and I still love how
    my kids books turned out. Your style is open and classic. Clean and timeless. I don’t look at their books and regret tons of outdated “product” so I say thank you!

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    I’ve had these two books for years. Books come and go in my house but if I end up with only two books on scrapbooking, these are the ones that will stay.

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    Kimberly O.

    I think layouts about menopause would be AWESOME!!! Seriously. Lots of women would be able to relate. 🙂 I have both of your books. In fact, just last night my eyes lit on them in our bookcase in the living room.

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    I was fortunate enough to find & purchase both your books at a scrap sale & it required no girl on girl wrestling to grab both before anyone else!

    I think any adult topic scrap layout ideas would have the WOW factor, especially with your perspective & humour,; yes even a page about the 7 companions of menopause.

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    I LOVE THOSE BOOKS. Just sayin’. It is because of your books that I have a blog. I’ve always had a fondness for a clean, minimalist approach to design and to life (without knowing what a “minimalist” was). It was your books that opened my eyes to how pretty, simple, and organized a layout could be on a page, and then that knowledge jumped off the pages into my life and inspired me to start a blog of interiors/details that caught my eye. Your books are amazing! I highly recommend them AND any books you would care to write (hint hint). 🙂

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    Helen High

    Hey Cathy-

    Of course I have both these books and loved them when I got them and love them still.

    It would be awesome if you wrote a new one. . .you’ve done so many cool things since those books–it’s time you do it again! I’m sure I’m among the many that would buy it.

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    Your books are sitting proudly on my shelves, never to be tossed. And, I actually use them quite often. Your simple style never will go out of style and I refer to them often when I am in a quandary as to what to do. I would absolutely love it if you wrote another book!

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    I have the second book (blue cover) but not the first. I’m only half kidding when I say that you do a service when you do write about menopause, but can understand if you don’t want that to exactly be your brand. lol Lots of folks blog about pregnancy and motherhood, and exactly no one writes anything about some of the less picturesque aspects of womanhood or even growing older. Our culture is so youth-obsessed.

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    These books changed my scrapbooking forever. I will never part with them.
    omg……please write a new book!

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    I have one of your books and I scraplifted many pages!! Love your style !!
    I would totally be able to relate to layouts about menopause?

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    These are the only two books I have kept about scrapbooking. And I have gone through a lot of them. I would LOVE to see a new book with ideas for scrapbooking with older kids (two seniors and a sophomore here, so my days of scrapping kids are limited). And if a few layouts about menopause made their way in there, or the approaching empty nest years, you would have no complaints from me!

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    *sigh* I would love these books, but alas I’m in Australia. If you change your mind about postage I’d love to know!

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    Love both of your books, and you are spot on…time to do another one! Would LOVE that. Good classic design, never goes out of style….your books, and your style are timeless.

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    Oh, Cathy! I decided to swing by… It has been awhile since I read your blog after moving to Austin, Texas. I am thrilled that you found this stash of your books. They truly changed my creative life forever and will always hold a special place on my book shelf and heart! So, anyone reading this comment and on the fence about buying them. Don’t think twice more about it! The best 40 bucks I spent investing in creativity and storytelling!

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    I have both your books. Love them!
    Will patiently be waiting, to purchase Simple Scrapbooks – The Menopause Years. LOL! Seriously though, you should write another one.
    Best Regards, Barbie

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    LOVE your books Cathy! I have had both since they were first published and still refer to them. At the time someone on a message board recommended taking them to Kinkos to have a spiral bind put on them. I did that and find it makes them easier to use.
    I am oh so tempted to buy another one just to get it signed!!
    Time to write another book????

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    Heidi Tressler

    I am on the bandwagon of saying how I love your 1st two books and you should write another. I looked at things differently after reading them. Paper towels now come in select a size which is genius! When you do write that book please please offer a signing. I will drive up from Iowa with my best friend and we will be giddy from excitement. I could also tell stories of my personal tropical mini vacations (hot flashes).

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    Cheri Andrews

    If I didn’t already own both books (among the precious few that have earned a spot in my minimalist permanent library), I’d buy them! To your readers that don’t own them… grab them while you can!

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