Make a Page Monday (on Friday!) featuring my new stamp set, Everett. (Preorders start today!)

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Make a Page Monday is back, and this installment features my new stamp set, Everett.
STORY OF THE PAGE: Aidan was home over Easter weekend and when I have my two children within roughly 50 feet of one another, I like to coax them into a sibling photo. I guess you can kind of tell by Cole’s expression, he likes these photos very much.
DESIGN STUFF: A simple slightly asymmetrical balance is the base for this single 6 x 4 photo page. But the fun for me is in the repeating details. The red chipboard hearts and the stamped title and date serve to unify the design. And speaking of stamps, this page features my brand new collection of clear stamps. Meet Everett.

Everett is the perfect sans serif stamp for any and all projects. From card making to scrapbooking to planner play, you can use the clean and friendly stamp set for whatever strikes your fancy. Everett was created using one of my new favorite sans serif fonts, Gotham, which I just treated myself to for my birthday. Mmmm. Birthday fonts.

The Everett stamps measure a hair over 3/4 of an inch on the tallest letter forms (the ones with the ascenders and descenders.) These two sets (alphas and numbers) are available for preorder beginning today! The preorders will close on Friday, April 7th at 8 a.m. The stamps will ship out the week of April 25th. (Note: you will be billed at the time of placing your preorder.)


If you want this set, please be sure to place your preorder so I can guarantee you’ll get one! Preorders for my first font sets (Fave Slab Serif Alphas and Numbers) went off with almost nary a hitch! I appreciate your enthusiasm and response.

I have been asked if I will be restocking the Fave Slab sets and the answer is, “I think so… hopefully!” I’m working to figure out the best way to manage this new online shop venture and you will be the first to know if those sets are restocked. Please subscribe to my newsletter to stay in the loop.

Everett Alpa Stamps
Everett Number Stamps
Simple StoriesΒ (You Are Here Collection)
Other: Studio Calico


Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday (on Friday!) featuring my new stamp set, Everett. (Preorders start today!)

22 Comments on “Make a Page Monday (on Friday!) featuring my new stamp set, Everett. (Preorders start today!)”

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    Helen High

    Hey Cathy!

    I would be interested in the Everett set. Can you tell me how large the letters and numbers are? I have a Carpe Diem planner and it does not have dates on the monthly spreads and I was thinking the Everett set could work if it is small enough.


    1. #1.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Helen, yes! I’m a ding dong for not listing that in the post. They are just a hair over 3/4 of an inch tall on the taller letter forms (the “l” “d” “f”) etc.

      Same with the numbers. πŸ™‚

      I try to list the size on the products pages, too. But forgot to put them here! The post above has been updated.

  2. #4

    Cathy, love Everet! My sweet spots are the slabs but I love this very clean look! You go girl! I have a request though. I’m at war with BH and others (just kidding) who are releasing handwritten fonts for digital and app, very cute, but without any accents.
    I know! Steve Jobs would shake his head in disbelief. After all he went through to give us the opportunity to have beautiful fonts on our devices for every language possible, people are releasing fonts without the essentials.

    Europeans will need those! If only the accent accute, grave, circumflex, (France, Belgium and Netherlands), umlaut(Germany) and the tilde(Spanish).
    When I scrap in Dutch about my kids I often am in trouble if I want to use one of those fonts that suddenly has no accents. Dutch still has a lot of French words in it from the time Napoleon ruled.
    My son in law’s name is RenΓ© with the accent accute on the end. I know Germans can’t live without the umlaut. And it’s used in Dutch many times as well.

    Would you be the first and do groundbreaking work and include these basic accents?
    It would only have to be on one font, no need to do them for each font. It would be so great if we only had one set.

      1. #4.1.1
        Cathy Zielske

        Duly noted. It’s tricky, when you are trying to maximize the font size on a given space (4 x 6) and trying to squeeze in extra marks. I will keep this in mind for the future!

        1. #

          Yup, I saw that problem right away, looking at the font and thinking ‘where would she put that?’. But asked it anyway. Thanks for thinking about it!

  3. #5

    Can I just say….. Love how you are so responsive to your customers! And even if something doesn’t work, love how you at least consider it (just noted the wee convo re accents).

    You are just awesomeness personified ??

    1. #5.1

      Totally agree with Kelly! I have the feeling I can ask you anything without any fear of being snubbed or embarrassed. And it’s not just Cathy, it’s her customers/fans also. I noticed that sometimes when I post a question somewhere else, other customers/fans jump right on me because they see what is asked as an attack.
      It never happens here, I feel free to ask or comment without the fear of being bullied.
      Thank you all and thank you Cathy for creating such an awesome community!

      1. #5.1.1
        Cathy Zielske

        πŸ™‚ Tink, I know that you have good ideas and you make me think. Just because I don’t come up with an idea doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it or consider it! πŸ™‚

    2. #5.2
      Cathy Zielske

      Well Kelly, my customers are the reason I am still able to be in business for myself. You all are the reason I can still do what I love and support my family in the process. And I so appreciate you all.

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    Love how the paper is cut away under the “g”. How do you keep all the letters in such a straight line? thx!

    1. #6.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Liz! That’s my favorite little detail, too! I use a clear block for stamping, so I can see through perfectly and line stuff up. Plus, I had the photo there as a guide!

      1. #6.1.1

        I had a relapse in my illness and my muscles are in a constant state of spasm/cramp even my fingers or they have something call muscle exhaustion which makes them all shaky. I get a new IV every week that my husband’ administers very bravely and maybe it’s a side effect that will go away again, we don’t know. What I do know is that it’s hell to get those stamps lined up and not make it looks like the work of a 4 year old. πŸ™‚

        So when send me an email that they had this awesome gadget to line up your stamps I jumped on it. At first I had this conversation with myself like, it’s not cheap, would it be worth it? But than heck yes it’s a tool that makes my creative life so much more easier, so I ordered it.

        It arrived a few days ago and I have not tried it out yet but hope the stars will line up so that I sit up can use it.

        It’s a plastic case with magnets in it, it’s so simple it’s brilliant. I can’t explain it very well you have to see the video. There are two sizes, I ordered the large one so I can make wall art work
        It’s called the Misti.

        I have no financial gain with this, just wanted to share.

        1. #

          I don’t know why it has a large black image in my comment. I’m sorry, hope you can figure it out. I clicked the link and that seems to work.

          1. #…
            Cathy Zielske

            Weird. I have no idea what that is, but yes… the link worked. You weren’t kidding! That thing is pricey! lol! πŸ™‚

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    It was putting the stamps away or splurging on the gadget. I picked splurging. I told myself that I don’t buy new clothes, or shoes, or make up, handbags( oh how I loved those!) because I don’t leave this bed. I gave myself permission to splurge on a helpful tool for me. But I can certainly see the hesitation in the public who do not really need it.
    Cathy feel free to delete that monsterous posting with the black image that is ruining your beautiful designed page.

  6. #8
    Jennifer O

    I have a 23 year old son and 21 and 18 year old daughters. My son is finally beginning to understand how much it means to me to have pictures and if he just cooperates, it will all be over quickly!

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