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Week in the Life is a project created by my dear friend Ali Edwards. I'm joining in this year in a very stripped down, minimal way. Click through to see my Thursday pages.

Week in the Life is a project created by my dear friend Ali Edwards. I'm joining in this year in a very stripped down, minimal way. Click through to see my Thursday pages.
Each day thus far, I’ve taken less than 25 photos and many of them are really of questionable quality.

And you know what? It’s no big deal.

I’m still finding little stories to tell each day. True, I could probably be looking harder for them, but honestly, this is fitting with my schedule and desire level in the here and now.

Week in the Life is a project created by my dear friend Ali Edwards. I'm joining in this year in a very stripped down, minimal way. Click through to see my Thursday pages.


And that’s a snap shot of Thursday! I’ll be back Monday with the remaining days of the week.

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Cathy ZielskeWeek in the Life 2016 | My Pages for Thursday

11 Comments on “Week in the Life 2016 | My Pages for Thursday”

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    Carol Labuski

    You captured your day so they’re all great shots, Cathy! I love the template with the numbers – I have it in fact – but have not figured out how to keep the numbers from getting covered up when I add the photos. I might add that I really, really suck at PS and PSE, both of which I have on my computer, because I just get so frustrated trying to figure it all out so I give up! Your videos have taught me some things but others I just don’t get! Grrr!!

    1. #1.1

      Carol! You have to clip the photos INTO the layer mask in order to be able to see those number. Position your photo over the layer called PHOTO directly in the layers palette, and then hit command or control + G to clip it into the layer mask.

      1. #1.1.2
        Carol Labuski

        Still can’t figure it out, Cathy! I am so challenged when it comes to PS and I just don’t have the patience. Grrr!!! Don’t know if I’ll ever figure it out!

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    Cathy, I LOVE that cover shot “Big things happen one day at a time”. How did you make that round whatchamacallit? It is gorgeous!

    Going to check out your magazine!!

    Have a great weekend.

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    I feel really inadequate next to you. This is the second time you mention you took less tha 25 photos a day. Less 25 photos a day!!!
    The first time I read it it really gave me a shock, are you suppose to take more than 25 a day? I thought 25 were a lot, really a lot.
    Now of course I’m less mobile than you are but I was proud if I could take 5-10 a day in WITL. I have no freakin idea where I should take an additional 20 pics off. More or the dog and cat? And what about tomorrow than?
    Really I’m struggling with this, if you think 25 is in principle not enough than how much do you think it should be, or how much did you take other years?

    I try very hard not to compare myself with anyone, you know, comparison is the thief of joy, and that’s so true and just tell my story.
    No WITL for me this year. Because I do compare and it’s too painful.

    1. #4.1

      Tink, honey… In past years I’ve taken SOOOO many photos in a day of everything I could think of and the key here is this: MULTIPLE shots of the same thing. πŸ™‚ So when I say 25 or less (and it’s actually closer to 15 on Monday; 18 on Tuesday; 13 on Wednesday), that does seem like less than past years for me. πŸ™‚

      I feel like from Monday to Thursday I was getting so tired of the photos I was taking. My house is not all bright and charming and how many selfies do I really need in this project, right?

      And here is the biggest kicker on this of all: there is no ‘supposed to’ in this project. Ali would back me up 1000 percent on this. Absolutely. And you know, the pages I’m showing feature a grand total of 9 photos for each day. That sounds about right to me and how I’m doing this project. I’m only reporting how I’m approaching it, which I think is a much more scaled back way than I’ve done it in past years.

      It’s hard not to compare. I work in a business that tells women it’s all good however they choose to do it, and yet I’m also pushing good design as part of what I do.

      The ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ is a very true statement. I struggle with that myself at times. Hope this helps a little. Sending you some virtual love this morning.

    2. #4.2
      Jenny B.

      Tink, I echo Cathy’s response, and just want to give you another word of encouragement. πŸ™‚ Everyone is different, and you want to document YOUR life, not anyone else’s. If that is just one photo a day, then that is perfect! I have struggled in the past with taking too many photos — so many that I felt overwhelmed and paralyzed by too many choices when I tried to put together an album. I think that is why Cathy said she “only” took 25. There is no right or wrong number, and often less is more. The important thing is to record your memories, whether that be with 5 photos or 50. I promise, no matter what you end up with, you will appreciate looking back on it in years to come. And, if it just doesn’t come together this year, that is OK too! πŸ™‚

    3. #4.3

      I have to agree with the other ladies here, don’t be discouraged! Sometimes I look at my pages and think about how much better they could be…..but they’re done and the memories are preserved. I’d rather that than ‘perfect’ pages.
      Frankly, I think a WITL with one photo a day would be a great idea. Less photo’s – more stories. I believe Ali E even said than on day one of her WITL

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