Download my free summer goals printable card + digital stamp

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It’s summer. Do you have goals? If yes, download the card and write ’em out.

Click the image above to download the digital package.

And here’s to summer!

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: For those of you who said, “Hey Cathy, I like the Lake Set, but I would love to have one for the cabin…

CZ_TypesetsCabinLifeNo02PREVFind this set on sale here.

Cathy ZielskeDownload my free summer goals printable card + digital stamp

13 Comments on “Download my free summer goals printable card + digital stamp”

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      Cathy Zielske

      You can tell when someone is land locked, can’t you? lol! Let me see what I can do for Beach Life. 🙂

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    Thank you for the Summer Goal card. I appreciate it! I purchased the Lake set since its release was perfectly timed with me coming home from “the lake.” I agree with Kim above – I would love a Beach Life set, too. Thanks again.

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    LOVE these Cathy and really appreciate the freebies too! Will these new Lake/Cabin stamps be available in physical format?

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    I don’t have a cabin but I love the canoes. We go Canoeing at my near my sister’s home in WI. If you ever have them separate for fun on the water, I would love them! Still very cool even though I don’t go to a cabin.

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