My Summer Goals

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A few goals I have for the summer.

A few goals I have for the summer.
Last week, I posted a free Summer Goals printable card (+ digital files) for your memory keeping and summer goal keeping pleasure. In an effort to get myself back into a more regular blogging schedule, I thought I’d share some of my summer goals with you today, broken down by Professional and Personal categories.

• I am working on a new class called Scrapbook Your Year, how to document your year in 30 photos a less per month and not lose your mind or motivation in the process. I know that’s a mouthful of a title, and it might change, but after completing my year-long, Project Life-ish book last year, I decided I want to show people how do this, which is mostly just letting go of the pressure to Save It All. I am in the process of recording tons of videos for the class and then will be getting everything ready to launch. My goal is to launch it on August 1. Now that I put it out there, the pressure is on, right? Part of the class will be showing you how to start with nothing but photos and beginning the process of building your month-by-month record of life, regardless of how far behind you perceive yourself to be. Me? I have not started documenting this year, ergo, I am going to show you in real time how my system works.

• I am designing a brand new set of Christmas stamps for the 2016 holiday season. A few years back, I did my first set with Studio Calico and they sold out pretty quickly. I’m going to bring those back along with the new releases and I’m very likely going to open the preorders at the end of summer. Why? I figure, if you want them and you don’t want the hassle of a frantic ‘get ’em while they’re hot’ sale in November, then I will not create a scarcity situation. I’m ordering my samples next week to make sure I love them, and then more details on the Christmas stamps will be coming.

• I’m working on new concepts for my annual scrapbook project, 30 Days of Thankful. In the past I have hosted this on my blog, and I have more recently offered it as a workshop. And right now, I’m deciding how I want to approach this project. Because I know how to make stamps now, I’m leaning towards designing a new set with the goal of the project going back to a 4 x 4 mini album. If you have any thoughts about this, I’m all ears.

• I’m working on some concepts for a new planner for Scrapbook & Cards Today. I can’t say much about it just yet, but we might add a few fun changes to it!

• I’m needing time to create an online portfolio of my work. I feel a little behind the times in this modern era and if there are ever freelance jobs outside of this lovely scrapbook world that I want to apply for, I have no way of really showing prospective employers what I know how to do. I realize this isn’t really of interest to the general memory keeping audience, but if this scrapbooking job doesn’t pan out, I need a back up plan, people.

• I am planning to teach Cole to drive. I say planning, because I have only taken Cole driving in a parking lot a few times (in Stevie, mind you, which shall not happen heretofore because his skills made me hella nervous), and let’s just say I’d like to pass this onto Dan for a bit. Cole will be 17 in July (WHAT? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?) and truth be told, I’m not in a hurry for the increased insurance premiums or the increased worry. Plus, it’s not like he has a car at his disposal. Hell, Aidan didn’t get her license until she was 19. But still… it’s on the list of Summer Goals.

• We are planning to re-stain our lovely deck. I say we but I really mean Dan. But once “we” get this job done, I plan to turn my deck into a magical effing fairy land of magic. (Okay, I bought some string lights from Costco last summer and will find a way to put them up.)

• I would like to take some time off but I’m not sure if that’s in the cards. I hear it’s good for you.

• I would like to go up to our family cabin on a quiet weekend this summer.

• I would like to eat dinner at Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge because they serve the finest tater tots in all the land.

• I would like to give more to charity and spend less on stuff I don’t need.

• I would like to continue trying to be a better person and giving as much as I can to my family and to myself.

• I would also like to refrain from ever doing peace-sign selfies in the future. I mean, I’m a hip 50 year old, but that’s simply not necessary.

So those are a few of my summer goals. If you have any you feel compelled to share, or any other comments, by all means, do.

Cathy ZielskeMy Summer Goals

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    A great list on the professional and personal side. I wish you nothing but success with it all. Re 30 days of thankful, can I put in a bid for a 4×6 option please as, no doubt like others, I’m putting multiple years in a 4×6 album inspired by one of your earlier years. Have a truly wonderful summer and I hope you do give yourself some time off. We will all still be here when you return.

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    Lara Read is the best web site invented it searches you email for email list, list them, then you can check which ones you want to unsubscribe or roll up into one daily odor weekly email. Love it!

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    Kay Gregory-Clark

    I’m also trying to get off of a lot of e-mail lists & will check out I spend waaaay too much time on these, but if they come I have to check them out (!). Good luck with the driving project, Cathy! A mom teaching her teenage son to drive is really one of life’s cruel activities. You didn’t ask, but here’s my 2 cents’ worth on the SCT planner: I’d so love to have one that’s 6×8″. That’s the size I’ve been using for my journal/planner for a few years now & I find the large size doesn’t fit my workflow. I have a beautiful leather binder my husband made me & I’ve been purchasing planner sets for it. I’d love to have one from SCT that size.

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    Very excited about the Christmas stamps!! Is there any way you would ever consider doing a Halloween set? You rock Halloween like no one else and I was hoping that you would be coming out with a Halloween stamp set. Please please please. Pretty please?

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    Great list! Truly. And I say that because I saw me benefitting from several of the things listed. Getting off E-mail lists is brilliant. My main E-mail is crazily bogged down with junk. Between you and Ali E., I have been given the skill (and its freedom) to choose pics wisely and tell the damn story (Maybe that can be a class title option? Tell the Damn Story Already) instead of worrying about an abundance of pictures and ephemera. I thank you for that, and I think a class would be fabulous. Keep those CZ stamps coming!

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      “tell the damn story already” is perfectly brilliant. as a long time procrastinator it resonates. thanks for the monday morning smile.

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    Yes!! Psycho Suzi’s for the win!! Went there earlier this season and had the tator tots AND cheese curds and I highly recommend both!!!

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    New class? Sign me up. New Christmas stamps? Sign me up. New 30 Days of Thankful? Sign me up. Enough said. Enjoy your summer!

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    Kim Smith

    I am excited about the new class and I love the suggested alternative name (Tell the Damn Story Already), lol! Sign me up for all the classes, you know I love them!

    Hoping you get to spend a couple of weekends at the lake just relaxing!

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    Lovin “Tell the Damm Story Already”!

    Relaxing / time off to reflect is really important 🙂

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    You had a thankful for ….list many years ago and it’s still one of my favorite craft things I made

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    Can’t wait for your stamps and the class on documenting a year. I love your style. Hope you go to the cabin. Just do it!

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    I got a little survey about the Scrapbook & Cards Today’s planner. I love the 2016 planner and am very excited what’s in store for the 2017 version. So glad that you’re involved.

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    Christine K.

    So jealous. Psycho Suzi’s sounds like a place I want to visit. The food sounds amazing. I love their website. I wondering if there is a Seattle equivalent.

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    Michelle t

    I love those Studio Calico Christmas stamps, one of my favorite sets ever. And I also wanted to say thanks for your SCT freebies. I have some of your flag png stamps from Designer Digitals that I put on a word document (I just figured out how to change the colors, too), and these from SCT are so nice. Thanks. My boys will be 17 in July too. One is driving, since April. It’s incredibly hard to see him behind the wheel when I swear I brought those two home from the hospital last week. 🙂 Have a great summer. Michelle t

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    Laura G.

    i’m looking forward to the Christmas stamps!! also i don’t think you really need to worry about this scrapbooking gig working out…but looking for jobs outside of scrapbooking might fuel your creativity! i can just see Cathy Z. home accessories at Target !!! 🙂 I also want to beautify my deck…actually it’s a patio…but it’s the same idea…first i have to clean it off…as in declutter….then go from there…hey! am thinking Cathy Z. patio furniture and accessories…you’ve inspired me to make a list and i hope i’ve inspired you to look outside the page…have a GREAT summer!!!

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    Love 4×4 photos. Great way to fill the shot with your subject and not background. Also love 6×8 planners. I hope you reach your goals.

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    As you are trying to decide on how to move forward with your scrapbooking business activity, I thought if fitting to mention that you are one of the best class instructors in this business. I would bet that you would have a huge enrollment for every active online class that you conduct. Personally I have really missed the 3 month “For Experts” in depth classes that Big Picture Classes used to have. And yours was the best of them all. Would love to have another in depth digital class or hybrid class from you if you are interested. I’m sure you will find your groove, whatever it is.

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