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Turning a horrible old table into a perfect summer table.

Turning a horrible old table into a perfect summer table.
First things first: no saws were used in this particular summer project and yes, those are Dan’s real clothes.

The first big summer project of 2016 was all about re-staining the deck, something we desperately needed to do, and by ‘we’ I mean Dan.

Turning a horrible old table into a perfect summer table.
We have a lovely deck. But its first coat of stain went on in 2011 and considering the harsh extremes of Minnesota seasons, it was a bit overdue. So Dan borrowed my brother-in-law’s power washer and with Cole’s help, they re-stained both the front porch and the back deck.

Next up, we brought this old table out from our garage. We normally just pile stuff on it but it works great in a pinch as a large gathering table. Only problem? It had the most awful, rusty legs you’ve ever seen (sorry, no before photo, here) so I said to Dan, “Let’s paint ’em gold!”

Turning a horrible old table into a perfect summer table.
So we did. And then we stuck some sliders on the bottom of the legs and voila, one new table cloth and a gathering place was created.

Turning a horrible old table into a perfect summer table.
That is what I call a good use of gold spray paint. And it will suffice until I can truly afford my dream deck table. Next summer, perhaps.

Stay tuned for more summer projects.

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Cathy ZielskeA summer project

6 Comments on “A summer project”

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    Your dream table really is dreamy…I miss having a deck. We have a wrap around porch and a paver patio now and it’s just not the same.

    It was project weekend over here too! Working on finishing our porch bed swing, cleaning up the totally weed infested garden (thanks business travel for allowing the thistle and purslane to flourish), making new curtains for the living room, cleaning out the chest freezer, painting the stairs into the house from the garage (looooong over due), and a bit of fun thrown in (Secret Life of Pets, a campfire, golf for the hubby and kids, couple workouts for me, celebrating National Ice Cream Day, and picking raspberries with friends).

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    Love it! You’ll have to do an Ali-inspired layout about “the stories this table could tell” cuz it certainly looks like they’d be good ones!

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    A few things: Dan? How does he keep a straight face – too funny! Your dream deck table = my dream deck table. The only thing I’ve got that you haven’t? A sweet husband who is also a carpenter (sorry!). New class info? You’re killing me here.

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    Jennifer O

    Did the Lake Life stamp set sell out? I looked for it both yesterday and today and did not see it. Hope I didn’t miss my chance.

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