Make a Page Monday—Classic Edition (plus a video peek at my new workshop!)

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The design behind a classic hybrid layout from CZ Design.

The design behind a classic hybrid layout from CZ Design.
STORY OF THE PAGE: I made this layout a number of years ago to celebrate a single photo. This layout was featured in my first book, Clean & Simple Scrapbooking. This photo… I tell ya, it kept me swooning for months while I was finishing up my life in Texas not really knowing at that point that this handsome young man would be The One. (Well, I probably did know on some level and as luck would have it, it worked out that way.) Regardless of the fact that being with The One still takes work and isn’t just a magical fairy ride of marriage, I would do it all over again. Maybe I would change a few things, but those things would be changes about myself. Still working on that stuff today. As always.

Make a Page Monday, the Classic Edition. Come see the design behind classic scrapbook pages from my personal vault of awesome.
DESIGN STUFF: The balance on this page is asymmetrical. There’s a definite 2/3 to 1/3 vertical set up which shifts the bulk of the weight (photo + journal block) to the right. With a simple, one photo page, asymmetry can bring a bit more energy to the design. There is font harmony here, as well. I used just one font, good old Times New Roman, in varying sizes for the title, the journaling and the little ‘d’ embellishment. Using a single font lends a certain subtleness to the page, letting the focus remain on the photo. Last, I pulled the colors from that old Chatterbox paper (remember them?!) and found matching cardstock colors. I picked up those colors with the ribbon, too. Overall, a very simple design. But note the even margin space around the photo and the journal block—that, too, lends to a very finished, clean feel.

TECHNICAL SHIT: This page was made using InDesign by first creating a digital sketch that included the photo and the journaling + title, and then printing all of the pieces out separately onto the various pieces of cardstock. This is a true hybrid process, one that marries traditional scrapbook elements with digital production techniques. I’m working on a new class concept to teach my hybrid process and hope to have more ready on this in the coming months. It’s a process you can learn and it has always been my favorite way to scrapbook.

SENTIMENTAL SHIT: I still look at this photo and swoon. Maybe we were a bit neurotically matched over the years (thank you for that info, therapy) but I really would do it all over again.

Coming soon to CZ Classes!
REGISTRATION OPENS THIS FRIDAY! My brand new workshop, Scrapbook Your Year, opens for registration this week! I will have a complete launch post on Friday, complete with all the information you’ll need to decide if this self-paced e-course would be a good fit to help you save the stories from your year in a simpler, more streamlined process. Whether you are a digital or traditional scrapbooker, my approach will guide you to making a monthly record of your life in roughly 30 photos—or more, or less—at a time. I can’t wait to share this course with you because it’s everything I am doing with saving the stories from my life in a way that makes me happy, but also is a very sustainable, do-able process! Watch my blog and newsletter for more info! I will be launching this e-course for a special introductory rate of 10% off the course price. For now, here’s my quick video preview of the class:

Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday—Classic Edition (plus a video peek at my new workshop!)

21 Comments on “Make a Page Monday—Classic Edition (plus a video peek at my new workshop!)”

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    Awesome! I can’t wait to sign up for that class. I have been struggling with documenting our life. My son was born last June and I thought I would do his first six months in one book and then after that, do a yearly book for our family. BUT. We also travel a lot because we moved to Germany this year. So I’m thinking maybe I could do one book of everyday life and another of travel? I like big travel books and I cannot lie! Ha ha. Excited to see what you have in store for us!

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    The new workshop looks amazing! What a great and helpful concept. Will templates come with the class? If so, in both InDesign and PS formats? Thank you!

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    Leslie B

    Very excited about the new class! I skipped doing PL for a few years and I’m planning on using your approach to help me fill in the blanks. I’ve got the pics all organized…just haven’t had the energy to dive into 100% ‘traditional PL mode.’

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      Cathy Zielske

      I’m excited, too! And the monthly approach has been such a fun way for me to save our stories and maintain my motivation to complete a project like this!

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    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Cathy, will class materials work with PS Elements (11)? What will the fee be? And, it is self-paced, right? I don’t have time right now, but definitely want to do it!

    1. #4.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yes! They absolutely will. I’m also including all printable PDFs for non-digital folks who would like to create their own monthly version in a non digital form.

      The class price is $31 and will launch at 10% off for the first month, then go up to full price. And yes, you can access it at your leisure. The crazy thing is that I had done ZERO monthly pages before starting to work on this class. I needed to prove to myself that my system would let me get caught up quickly with results I loved. And, it worked! I did six months worth of pages in about 6 hours. 🙂

      1. #4.1.1
        Kay Gregory-Clark

        In the back of my mind has been last year’s attempt to document life. I got about 6 months done, but never printed. I love the 6×8 format & have all your templates in that size, so I’ll probably continue with it. I tend to print my own pages and insert them in binders (bought a lot of Simple Stories). Sounds like I don’t need your class, maybe? WRONG! I need your system! And your wonderfully inspiring words & examples! I get bogged down in trying to pare down my photos—I’m one who wants to include everything. That’s so hard for me. I am so excited about the class even though I won’t be able to use it for a while. My son & family are coming to visit next week, & then 2 big trips. (More to document, right?) But since the class is self-paced, I will always have it handy. Can’t wait!!

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    My biggest hurdle to taking this class is the “letting go of saving everything.” I have a three year old and there are so many milestones, firsts, etc. that I compel me to want to document everything. Sigh. Does it get easier to let go as kids get older? I love your approach, but I just honestly don’t think I have it in me to really “let go” of everything and streamline at this point in my life. Any thoughts?

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    Super excited! I’ve fallen off the scrappin’ bandwagon (sadly), what with life happening and all, lol. Sooooo…this method is superly duperly appealing to me right now! And coming from you?…..well, that just makes it SuperFantabulous! Come on Friday!
    (And by then we’ll have added 3 growing piggies to our menagerie. One that’s preggers, for the love of Pete). ?! Have to say that when we started ‘farming’ three months ago, I didn’t think I’d be tending pregnant pigs as of yet. So….super easy life documenting is rather necessary for me right now. I can’t wait!

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    Sandra L.

    Don’t know if I can let go of the need/want to save it all but i’m going to give it a try! Looking forward to taking this class.

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    I remember Chatterbox. Even after my last big purge a couple months ago I still have some Chatterbox paper left in my paper stash (small patterned 12 x 12 papers for cards because I only scrap digital now, but I still make cards). That’s crazy thinking about it.

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