Can we talk Instant Pot?

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An Instant Pot newb seeks recipes.

An Instant Pot newb seeks recipes.
(Wait, how’d that photo get in here? Oh, riiiight… that made USING the Instant Pot less stressful.)

I did it. I bought me an Instant Pot.

I first heard about it from a neighbor a number of months back and I thought to myself, “Hmmm.”

Then I heard all about on Amazon Prime Day  (yes, we have a new national holiday, people!) and thought, “Hmmm.”

Then I heard about it from my friend Stephanie who said, “Y’all won’t regret this purchase!” and thought, “Alright already!”

An Instant Pot newb seeks recipes.
That was a few weeks ago and so far, I’ve made the following things:

Tikka Masala (on Stephanie’s recommendation and it was delicious.)

Mississippi Roast (it was decent but no where near as tasty as the original crock pot version).

Hard boiled eggs and potatoes (I did my potatoes a la this recipe) to make this classic potato salad and the resulting eggs and potatoes were perfection. Note: next time I’m going to try the complete pressure cooker recipe as my salad last night was a bit heavy on the mayo, plus I added sweet pickles to mine and Tara told me that was a move only Satan would do.

In fact, the speed at which it boiled potatoes was pretty amazing. This is my first foray into pressure cooking and there is so much info out there. At one point, when it was bubbling and making its noises, I stood behind a little wall that borders my kitchen, just in case there were any exploding potatoes.

No potatoes exploded.

I got my Instant Pot on sale for $69.99 so I know they go one sale from time to time.

My question for you today is, who among you is a Pot Head? (Yes, I saw that term on the Instant Pot Facebook Community and had to chuckle.)

This newbie would love to know what you love to make in your pot.

Cathy ZielskeCan we talk Instant Pot?

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    hmmm I am intrigued by this and I am sorry but I think I agree with Tara about the pickles lol

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    Kimberly O.

    I have a Cuisinart electric pressure cooker and it is awesome! I don’t think I’ve made a “bad” meal in it. I even made a mean macaroni and cheese! 20 minutes to cook a whole chicken? What?!!! 🙂

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    I use my pressure cook every day! I’m hooked. Try macaroni and cheese, any soup or stew…even flan! You can even make chicken stock with the leftovers of a grocery rotisserie chicken. Watch Wolfgang Puck’s videos on HSN for killer ideas and tips! Good luck!

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    Deborah P

    Well, obviously the devil loves the South because in my part of Alabama there are many varieties of potato salad and one of them definitely has sweet pickles in it! I’m not a Pot Head. I’m the stand behind the wall in case of an explosion type of gal. While I KNOW the mishaps with pressure cookers are usually things like nicked or otherwise faulty gaskets, I don’t trust that I would notice a minute nick in a gasket. So really, I’m protecting myself from myself by not owning one. Now, if the Instant Pot has somehow managed to overcome that problem, I could be a convert!

    1. #5.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Ha! I must have a little southern left in me from my days in Dallas. 😉 I like the sweet pickles in it!

    2. #5.3
      Jenny B.

      Another Southern girl here, and I agree! I was thinking, “What’s wrong with sweet pickles in the potato salad? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?” 🙂

    3. #5.4

      IP has overcome this problem! There are TEN failsafes for the IP! I’m terrified of stove top pressure cookers, but I love my IP. Dump stuff in, set it and walk away!

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    Jori Maguire

    I use mine at least 2-3 times a week. Always for rice. I stick a frozen pork sirloin roast in there (3-4 lbs) with a couple tablespoons of bbq seasoning/rib rub and in 4 hours you have a great, if totally inauthentic, pulled pork all ready for sauce. Or frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts and taco seasoning.

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    I use mine a couple of times a week and love it! I grew up watching my mom use her pressure cooker with the jiggling weight on top hissing and spewing steam. Scared the crap outta me. But then I left the tv on and it showed an infomercial on the damn things. I bought one and have never looked back. In fact, I bought each of my daughters one for Christmas last year.

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    Just ordered mine, looking for great recipes to begin with, commenters pls post links to your favorite recipes. Cant wait to try it out!

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    Mary Kay

    I’ve been an avid pressure cooker since I got a stovetop Fagor for my wedding 21 years ago. It had no jiggling weight; it was safe and miraculous. I replaced my slow cooker and my pressure cooker (whose indicator valve had finally failed) with an InstantPot a year or two ago. I don’t eat meat so Incant speak to that, but it’s brilliant for brown rice and, especially, dried beans. I made a seitan (“wheat meat”) “pot roast” with veggies on the slow cook mode and it was delicious. I’m certain a real pot roast would come out great, too, cooked on a bed of potatoes, carrots and turnips.

    1. #10.1

      I need that recipe (or at least a simple guidline), please! That sounds amazing and I have some wheat gluten that needs using up. ☺

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    I’ve been considering a pot, so glad you brought it up! My worry has been – does everything just end up mush and tasting the same like a crock pot?

    1. #11.2

      Teal- I have not found anything to get mushy that you don’t want to be (potatoes to mash, for instance) I followed a recipe included with the unit for roasted baby potatoes and they turned out perfect as if I had actually used the oven to roast. I hate crock pots as I seem to just make a flavorless lump of ingredients in a soupy mess when I use one. I am much better with my Dutch oven than the crock pot but now we are using the instant pot for most things!

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    I just heard about the Instant Pot from Becky Higgins on her FB page. So it was great to have another endorsement for using it as I am on the fence about whether to purchase. I have never used a pressure cooker because let’s face it. They intimidate me. I am afraid I won’t do it right and it will explode. Who needs that? So I am right with you behind that wall. Lol. Thanks so much for your post!

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    I also heard about this gadget through Becky Higgins. I’m intrigued but scared. I’ve read through the reviews on Amazon and am still on the fence about owning one. That being said, I love my dutch oven and there’s no chance of an explosion! As far as being a “Pot Head”, I’m not gonna touch that….

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    Just started using it and love it – I made this recipe and it was delicious!

    I added 1/2 of the sugar called for and after the sauce was thickened, put it in a serving bowl, rinsed out the pot and added 1 cup of water with broccoli florets and baby carrots. Manual high pressure for 0 minutes. Quick pressure release. drain the water from the vegetables and mix the vegetables in with the meat and sauce. Even my 9 year old who hates beef ate 2 helpings. In fact, the next time I make it I will double the recipe so there will be some leftovers!

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    Currently kicking myself that I didn’t get it on Prime Day. Enjoy yours and i am anxious to see the recipes that get recommended.

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    Karen S

    I got mine on Prime Day. It’s out of the box, but I haven’t used it yet. Hoping to get up the courage to do so. Since I read the instruction manual, I’ve been scared of blowing up the kitchen!

  15. #17

    Game changer!! I purchased mine on prime day too and have made rice, creamy chicken soup, and chicken parmesan. The best part? You can throw frozen chicken in that puppy and still have a perfectly cooked meal in 1/2 hour. Each time I’m like, it can’t possibly be done… Yep, done!!

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    As a commenter above stated … “I grew up watching my mom use her pressure cooker with the jiggling weight on top hissing and spewing steam. Scared the crap outta me!” Yep, me too! I will admit that the pork and sauerkraut she cooks in that beastly machine was/is incredible though (she still uses that same pot!).

    We crock pot cook quite often (using a crock pot given to my parents in 1964 as a wedding gift!). I may have to look into this pressure cooking thing. Is it popular because it cooks faster than a crock pot? I am not a fan of the possibility of exploding things in my kitchen, so this kind of scares me a bit. What’s the big appeal? Please enlighten me!

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    I got my Instant Pot on Prime Day! Love this thing!
    Most recently I made a flank steak in ours. I put about two inches of thinly sliced onions on the bottom of the pot, turn it on to salute and add a touch of oil to it. While that starts I grab the meat (it was about 3lbs worth) and lay it in there right on top of the onions and up each side (I was too lazy to bother trimming it) I then sprinkled taco seasoning liberally over the exposed portion of meat and added a whole can of black chili beans and Rotel juice and all from both cans. Then add your lid and switch over to the meat setting and go for 35 minutes. It falls apart when you take it out! I removed the meat then added cream cheese to the remaining liquid and beans. Turn on to saute again and used my stick blender to puree the cream cheese, beans, rotel and onions together. We then ate the meat alongside corn chips and dipped both into the cream cheese dip. Super yummy!

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    Got one of these from Mom last Xmas, thought she was nuts since I already have every appliance known to man. But man do I use the $hit out of my Instant Pot. Love the dang thing. Rice once a week. Dried beans in an hour! Chicken breasts in 10 minutes! Artichokes in 15! Endless what this little miracle does..Love it

  19. #21

    I’ve had mine a few years and love it!! I gave one as a wedding gift to my niece, because every new bride needs one!!!

  20. #22

    I’m with Maureen and Lorna…I have used a “rocker” type pressure canner for years and honestly, they scare me. I’ve had a few close calls. Am I to understand, this pot doesn’t need tons of time to cool down on its own, or is safer?

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    Amanda Maddox

    My mom bought us the Cuisinart-brand cooker. We’ve had it for a little over a year now – and we love it! We make sticky rice in it. We make potatoes in it. We’ve put a whole chicken with all the veggies in it ~ and it came out perfect! It makes our busy lives just a little less stressful when it comes time to making dinner.

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    No instant pot, but I have an old-fashioned pressure cooker that I use now and again to make roasts. I don’t let anyone in the kitchen with me when I’m using it.

    I’m with you though … gotta have some pickle relish in potato salad. My father hates cucumbers and pickles, so my sneaky mom just added pickle JUICE. 🙂

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    I had a T-Fal pressure cooker when we were first married – gave it away because I was terrified of it! However, I grew up with both a grandma and mom who lived and died by their old fashion pressure cookers! That little sound of the bouncing valve top will always be a childhood memory! With that in mind, I’m really intrigued by the Instant Pot. I’m off to check it out!! Also….Mississippi girl here…. toss in those sweet pickles my friend!! 🙂

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    LauraC - Michigan

    I bought an Instant Pot about 2 weeks ago on the Deal of the Day $69.99. Have tried 2 of our own recipes but had a hard time converting how much time to use to make the homemade spaghetti sauce and did an “all right” version of our chicken and dumplings. Hoping to find a site for great recipe (not weird seasonings, etc.) or a good recommendation for a cookbook. The recipes that come with the Instant Pot are outside our realm of eating

    1. #26.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Pinterest is definitely a good place to look for recipes, or so I have been told! 🙂

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    Sara Mitchell

    I have been seeing talk of the instapot a lot recently and am intrigued. I really love my slow cooker, but could this be a new obsession to take the hassle out of dinners? hhhmm

  26. #29

    Iiiiinteresting…. so if you have one of these pots then would you not use your crockpot? I brown my meat before putting in crock pot, would you do the same for this thing? Inquiring minds want to know.

  27. #30

    For potato salad I cube my potatoes and cook ’em for 10 min or so. (Almost) instant potato salad. 😉

  28. #31
    kris weber

    I bought one on prime day, and it’s not out of the box yet. Also bought a Ninja blender. But we use the stovetop pressure cooker all the time for canning, it’s not so intimidating after using it to can beans, pickles, beef, peaches and pears this summer. Okay so I had a helper that knows what to do with one. Excited to use the instant pot to make chicken and roast in it. I’ve made a peach crisp in the crockpot before and it was yummy.

  29. #32

    I love mine so much that I got one for our son and for our daughter, and we love them!! I made the best corn on the cob I’ve ever had! We make dinner in about 35 minutes every night!

  30. #33
    Cindy Lee

    Search “flo lum instant pot” on YouTube and then filter by view count. I see a lot of talk about her IP recipes on the FB IP group! So far I’ve tried “Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Zuppa Toscana” and it was really good. Or you can go right to her blog for the recipe: I think in the video she forgets to put the bacon in but the blog says to put it in at the end.

  31. #34
    S J

    Hi! Will the instant pot restart from the point where it stopped when the power /electric supply goes off. Like in a washing machine where it restarts automatically from the point it stopped when the power goes off .

  32. #39
    Tina Shepherd

    Bacon, potatoes, boiled eggs, mustard, vinegar, mayo and seasonings are the only things needed for the best potato salad ever!!
    I’m pretty sure an instant pot is on my list for Christmas!!

  33. #40

    Cathy- if you like ménage a trois – you’ll also love “3 girls” — I get it at world market and it’s crazy delicious.

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