Sports are awesome

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I spent the weekend at the final ultimate tournament of the season up in glorious Blaine, Minnesota. You might know that both of my children play ultimate and it is truly a privilege to watch them play.

I rented my big assed lens (a Canon 100-400mm) for $60 (3-day rental) and had some fun shooting my son’s team, the 19 and under mixed Minnesota Superior team. (Mixed is men and women playing together.)

This team had a phenomenal coaching team for the summer and by all accounts, Cole loved his experience with this team. So grateful for the men and women who volunteer their time and passion as coaches.

I am keenly aware of the preciousness of this time in life. Cole will be a junior in high school this fall. My daughter, a junior in college. Time… I tell ya.

I am also just lucky that I get to watch them play and do something they love. That is all.

That is everything.

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Cathy ZielskeSports are awesome

8 Comments on “Sports are awesome”

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    It’s wonderful that you “get it”. These days are truly fleeting. Savor them, as I know you do! Fall, is such a reminder that change always happens… we might as well embrace it, documenting it along the way. I guess the start of a new school year is always melancholy for beginnings, new goals, yet the passing of precious time.

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    Great shot! Loved watching your kids grow up (as I’m sure your other followers have as well). Damn, time flies!

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    Carol Anne

    Both of my daughters are no longer in gymnastics, and I am a sad mama. I miss going to their meets, watching them perform and taking pictures. I am hoping my youngest takes up another sport in high school. Enjoy your Ultimate days.

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    Helen High

    Time is forever constant and sadly does not slow down. That’s why it’s so awesome that you do what you do and that you share it with us. Said this before and will continue to say it. . . thank you CZ. Thank you for what you do!

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