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Today I take this young woman back to school for her junior year. It’s much less bittersweet as a) we’ve done this before and b) she loves where she goes to school. Oh, and c) she’s only an hour away.

I was looking at her the other day and trying to remember what it was like when she was in 5th grade. As you know, Dan is about to spend his year with a group of wonderful 5th graders. All that energy. All that potential.

The energy shifts when someone leaves your nest. All I can say is thank God for SnapChat.

Here’s to a great junior year, baby girl. We are so freaking proud of you.

I upgraded my website and my CZ Classes site to a new server yesterday. The goal was to have a speedier end result for you, the users of my site. I may or may not have called tech support 8 times yesterday and poured my first glass of wine just shy of 4 p.m. I love being self-employed. I love not having to wear a bra. But trying to understand some of this web stuff? Let’s just say I was maxed out at day’s end. Hopefully, it will be smooth sailing for a while. As always, thanks for your patience.


Cathy ZielskeBack to school

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    Junior year!!! Wow! I loved my junior year, I hoping eyes a great year! I have a 5th grader and agree, they are energetic little sponges. I hope Dan has a stellar first year!

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    YAY for back to school & being proud of your family! πŸ™‚ Good luck to all!
    Also, good job getting to 4pm before wine yesterday, and YAY for faster (but more importantly more reliable in your eyes) server(s)!

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    Aidan is such a doll! Good luck to her back at college! It’s an exciting time. And thanks for the freebie!

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    What is she studying? I can’t remember you mentioning that. Best wishes, Aidan! Go be amazing!

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