Bee Dance—2016

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I knew it the minute I pictured a tricorn hat with antennae that the 2016 Bee Dance had to be Hamilton-themed. Not only is Hamilton my favorite musical soundtrack of all time (and no, I haven’t seen the actual stage show), but it just so happens that my girl was slightly obsessed with it as well.

Because it’s only going to get harder to top this thing every year, I thought it best to invite someone else into the room where it happens.

For those of you who are Hamilton fans, you’re going to like this.

Even if you’re not, you’ll still get to see a mother-daughter joint production that neither of us will ever forget.

I mean, the internet’s forever.

I can’t stress enough what a magical piece of art this soundtrack is. If you don’t know it, check it out.

Seriously. How lucky we are to bee alive right now, indeed.

Enjoy! And Lin-Manuel Miranda and the entire cast, thank you for this gift of art that is truly for the ages.

Note: watch it here or just click on the “2016 Bee Dance” title in the upper left to view on YouTube, and use the theater mode. I mean, you know, it’ll bee worth it.

Also: Happy Hamilween, y’all.

Cathy ZielskeBee Dance—2016

96 Comments on “Bee Dance—2016”

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    Only a cameo by Lin himself could have made this any better!! what a way to start my day!!!❤️The ??!!!!

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    As always this was awesome! I love that you do this and it was so cool to see your daughter this year! You all rocked it!

  3. #18

    The COOLEST!! Besides the brilliant dancing, rapping, and attitude, I loved all the headpiece changes – awesome!

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    LOVE it! Love the entire “show”. The hat changes, the unbelievable talent of lip singing . . . you two are the best!

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    I look forward to it also – loved that your daughter got involved this year! Sitting at my desk with a big grin on my face:)

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    I’ve only caught bits and pieces of Hamilton and I LOVED THIS! Ya’ll could win a lip sync battle any day of the week!

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    Love this so much. Can’t wait to share it with my husband and daughter tonight; I showed them the preview last night. You and Aidan rock!

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    cynthia k

    Love it your daughter is beautiful. You did that right! That had to some time and effort Thank you I look forward to the Bee Dance every year.

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    Have you posted this to Lin’s FB/twitter page yet? Because you.should. (And if you don’t, I will.) I’ll show it to my kids tonight after scouts. My son’s fave song on the whole album is Guns and Ships.

    Did I tell you? We went to NYC a little over a week ago. The Rogers Theater was STEPS out the door of our hotel. (Hotel Edison – awesome place. Highly recommended. You could stay up and watch the actors exit after the show. You knew when they left by the screams from the folks swarming the stage door.) And yet…I did not win the lottery any of the 4 days we had (3 of us entered daily). Nor could I bear to part with $400+ per ticket to actually attend. (We took the kids to Lion King instead. All four of us for less than the price of 1 Ham ticket.) I did run into the popup store and bought myself a pin and some postcards (to frame). Guess I shall continue to wait for it. 😉 (Chicago…Christmas…)

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    Oh it isn’t Halloween til the bee hast danced! Another triumph in black and gold Cathy (and Aiden!)

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    Amazing!-Still go back to the bee dance 2013-my favorite! Thanks for sharing early and making me smile!!
    Shared with my daughter who loves Hamilton!!

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    Oh you clever, clever little bees! Nice work. I think Aidan’s got a future in performance. You ain’t too shabby yourself, Queen Bee! Haha

  13. #48

    That was Fantastic!! I’m not at all familiar with Hamilton but now I want to go figure out what that even is!!

    You and Aiden are an amazing mother/daughter team!! Thank you for continuing the Bee dances!!

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    Carole J.

    I loved it & I know Lin would too!! I’ve been obsessed with this soundtrack since the summer & love how you & Aidan pulled this off. My favorite Bee Dance since Breaking Bad. Well done ladies!!

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    Today I treated myself to a manicure/pedicure after leaving work. Little did I know that would not be the highlight of my evening! Bravo!

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    Absolutely amazing!!! I love Hamilton too but this has to be one of the most enjoyable scenes for me now!! Well done to you both.

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    You are the true Queen Bee! Or Zee! or Queen ZeeBee! WHat ever- You and Aidan rocked it out of the park!
    Well done!

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    Tracie H

    Ha! Loved it. Also, FYI, PBS is running a documentary on the making of Hamilton. My local station is showing it Friday night! I will be parked in front of my TV and DVRing it for repeat viewings until I can actually see the show!!

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    Cindy E.

    That was EPIC!!!!!!!!!! And looks like you both had so much fun! Don’t know how you’re going to top that one.

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    Joan Abraham

    This was beyond fabulous! I showed it to some students at school and they sang along! Thanks for sharing!

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    Leanne in Cali

    Always love the Bee Dance and this year is exceptionally good with your daughter in it as well! Love it!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  22. #84

    OH MY GOD!!! I am so late to the party, but you and your girlie totally R O C K E D I T ! ! !
    Simply amazing with the on-point lip-syncing, head-dress changes, and that in-your-face attitude. You are SO on the right track, and I can’t wait for next October!!! Happy Halloweenie to you and yours 😀

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