The Present Participle List for October 2016

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It’s October, my favorite month of the year, and here are a few things that are going on right now:

Missing my girl after spending a weekend watching her play ultimate with her college team at a tournament not too far from home over the weekend. They are such an amazing group of young women and I’m so proud that Aidan is involved with this team and their project of empowering girls through sports this year as part of a St. Olaf College Honors House program. (Did I mention their blog yet? I did, but it never hurts to pitch it again. Good stuff for young women in sports! They have a Facebook page, too, and I would love it you could give it a like or a follow!)
Immersing myself in all things Halloween around the house. You know how some people complain about Christmas decorations coming out too soon, but how some people actually LOVE the fact that they come out so soon? That’s me, except swap Christmas with Halloween. This shit’s been out for a week and a half.

Planning my 2016 Bee Dance. I have to be rather tight lipped at this time, as I never actually know if I’m going to pull it off and even if I do pull it off, how will it ever top last year? The pressure… I can’t take the pressure… (actually, I can. It’s not real pressure. Let’s be real.) Suffice to say, there is a plan. I hope to execute it.

Celebrating 25 years of marriage this month. I will probably have more to say about this later. Our anniversary is the 19th. We have worked very hard to make this thing work and we continue to work on developing into two adults with much to give.

Watching Stranger Things for the second time. I convinced Dan he should check it out. He agreed. It’s everything I love in a good, scary TV series.

Savoring the glorious Fall weather we are having here in the upper Midwest. It is seriously my favorite season and I drink it in like a fine Merlot. I just don’t get quite as buzzed.

That’s what I’m up to. What is going on in your world?
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Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for October 2016

12 Comments on “The Present Participle List for October 2016”

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    Kimberly O.

    “Stranger Things”.. I watched it by myself the first time. The hubs just kind of scoffed at me. THEN.. he hears Leo LaPorte talking about it and all of a sudden he “has” to watch it. Sheeesh.. I watched it with him again. It’s definitely a show to be watched more than once. One of my podcasts I listened to was talking about all of the character names and other things referencing characters/movies from the 80s. (I can’t think that “quickly” nor can I remember most things that far back to pick up on anything though. I’m sure if I Googled it, I’d find many sites with info.)

    1. #1.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I am definitely picking up more things this time around. It’s still great, even on second viewing!

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    Ooooohhhhh – Looking forward to that dang Bee Dance! It’s so freaking funny. Congrats to you and Dan on your 25th. Something to be proud of for sure. Marriage is dang hard work! Keep being your most awesome self.

    Bee Dance…… 🙂

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    Kari B.

    I love your sense of humor. Seriously just had a hardy LOL. The part about drinking in the fall weather and Merlot THE BEST. ? I can so relate being that I am a fellow Fall lover and Minnesotan to boot.

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    Love your updates even though I don’t really “know” you. We just spent a weekend enjoying the company of college friends and now we are settling into the Pacific Northwest fall weather which can be lovely but right now isn’t. Since I am cheap we are resisting putting the furnace on which results in our family leaving the house (a good thing since we work at home) to find warmth!

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    Eek! I am loving Stranger Things again too. My daughter and I binge-watched it in 2-3 nights, so I am re-watching it again now and love feeling all of the 80s nostalgia. 🙂

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    LOL- our 24th anniversary was Monday the 3rd, we did the entire Halloween decorating of our walkway/porch/garage on the 30th ’cause we love it too, & we’re all huge Stranger Things fans around here ( Open-mouth Demogorgon mask building will commence next week) Cheers to fall and cooler temps! (((GIANT HUGS)))

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      PS- I’m thrilled for your daughter-as a fan, I have watched her grow up through your posts & I’m so proud of her too! & i’m super excited about your new 30days of Thankful mini class for this year 🙂

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